Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2023 -

Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2023

Totally Tabled
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Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2021:
Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022:

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00:00 Intro (The Castles of Burgundy )
01:13 10. Expedition
03:13 9. Cyberion
05:09 8. Legacy of Yu
07:34 7. Distilled
09:29 6. Tamashii
11:20 5. Darwin’s Journey
12:46 4. Oranienburger Kanal
14:42 3. Halls of Hegra
16:38 2. Earthborne Rangers
18:33 1. Voidfall
23:48 Outro (11. 20 Strong )

Thumbnail image is from the cover of the board game Voidfall by artist Ian O’Toole.

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  1. Timestamps have been fixed! Turns out when you prepare a video at 1am, you might make mistakes like forgetting to put in the correct timestamps. And by you I mean me. Hope everyone enjoys the video!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great list.
    I guessed your #1, especially after reading your recent post. Your comments about it, I've heard again and again from several solo players. Looking forward to your play through. I'm sure it will help me a lot, because I've now found a copy and ordered it. Given the ruleset it may be awhile before I get to it, but hopefully I'll table it this year.
    Oh, a couple of my favs for last year are Kinfire Chronicles and The White Castle.
    And, I agree about CoB. I have the KS version and it is awesome.

  3. These look like wicked fun! Legacy of Yu & Distilled especially!

  4. Oh boy, Voidfall keeps popping up on my radar, but long setup times isn’t exactly a match made in heaven with family life. At least it has solo, unlike my TI4 dust gatherer.

  5. Great list! My top 3 of 2023: Voidfall, Halls of Hegra, Heat.

    I found learning Voidfall much easier than learning Mage Knight. Icons are intuitive and there’s a flow guide you follow from turn to turn that makes sense. Yes, still a heavy learn… but I’m one of those people that thinks “it wasn’t that bad” haha

  6. Hit the nail on the head with your description for Voidfall. It lived on my table for over 2 months after arriving, and despite 25 plays since then (most solo), I struggle internally while picking a game to pull out, always wondering if it’s time to get voidfall back out 😂. There is a solo app available now on the BGG forums, it’ll help you get a solo Voidfall fix if you don’t have the time to fully table it yourself!

  7. Voidfall is so tempting as a solo board gamer but my favourite solo game of the year was Legacy of Yu BECAUSE it’s so east to get to the table!

  8. VOIDFALL… hum… I do like your other picks like Hall of Hegra, Distilled, Darwin's Journey, Legacy of Yu… and I was surprised to see Voidfall as your #1.. I know you like the puzzles and figuring out your turns but man oh man does this game seam like work… I have not played it because of the commitment so I can't comment on it but all I can say is that when you have a game as deep as Voidfall, with such a big learning curve I am getting to the point in my life where I just do not want to deal with that… Yeah it can be a great game and all but there are other great games that I can play instead of Voidfall and play them several times… Maybe someday but for now I will wait to see your playthrough and make a decision but right now its a hard pass for that even through its your #1… makes me sad to pass it up… but let's see how your playthrough inspires me… thanks for the list…

  9. Your videos are always so well produced and look amazing. Do you have a video that talks about your setup and the equiptment you use? Just Curious.

  10. Great list! Your tastes match mine. I think my top game would be Oranienburger Kanal by a mile. I just love the endlessly replayable and variable puzzle. I think it was one of my top played solo games last year.

  11. Are you going to check out Fractal? It has a great automata for solo

  12. Never would have thought Voidfall would be on 1. especially with the time it takes to set up… I guess it depends if you own a dedicated boardgame table…

  13. Good list! Halls of Hegra is on my list, everyone says it kicks ass (and kicks your ass too, haha). I've had Darwin's Journey on my shelf of opportunity unplayed since my pledge arrived…dunno why, but it intimidates me. lol My game of 2023 is definitely CoB Special Edition, love it! Have you checked out Unconscious Mind by Fantasia Games at all? Other than Fallen Land, I think I'm looking forward to playing that more than any other game this year.

  14. Great list.
    I'm just curious if you played, Mr. President?
    If you did, I would be surprised that it wouldn't be on your top 10 list.
    Take care.

  15. You mentioned Spirit Island solo here. Do you play it true solo or do you two hand it? I feel like the latter is too much, but who knows, that might be where the gold is.

    I think Distilled and Yu are the ones on my purchase list at the moment. I've been getting more into solo plays, but mostly the ones that get out of your way and let you play. I don't enjoy running AIs to much.

  16. Yesss I knew Voidfall was going to be a hit for you. Great list! There's a bit of crossover but you've also put some new ones on my radar. What would you say are some of your biggest blindspots from this past year – any games you haven't had a chance to play yet but think will rank highly with you?

    My top ten solo for 2023 would be:

    10. Micro Cosmos
    9. Darwin's Journey
    8. Amritsar: The Golden Temple
    7. Expeditions
    6. Barcelona
    5. 3 Ring Circus
    4. Scholars of the South Tigris
    3. The White Castle
    2. Nucleum
    1. Voidfall

    And I'd say my biggest blindspot is Zhanguo: The First Empire. I plan on getting it soon and I think I will love it.

  17. I am waiting eagerly for the voidfall playthrough. Great list BTW

  18. i think you miss, europa universalis and mr. president. but no problem at all, cause this year so many great game like, septima, age of innovetion and nucleam. all great solo. that i dont have a change to play it, in my country very small community board game. malaysia. so it maybe slow to get a new game.

  19. Have you ever thought about trying Europa Universalis?

  20. I almost jumped for Earthborne Rangers. Had it in a cart and everything.
    A copy of Voidfall has been staring at me at my FLGS all year. I keep picking it up and putting it back.
    Then I see my favourite solo playthrough guy has them as his No 1 and 2 solo games of the year. AND he has a playthrough of Voidfall coming. Oh boy, am I in trouble now!

    Love your channel. Great list too.

  21. Very nice top 10.

    Voidfall has occupied one of my tables since it arrived last year. I haven't packed it away even once and there is daily interaction with it.This is the best euro, maybe the best board game in general, I have ever played.

    At the moment I have Vindication as a regular installment on the side. There is a lot to discover in true solo but also in a multi hand versus. Fascinating game.

  22. Woot. Thanks for your opinion before the second print campaign of earthborne rangers

  23. i know i bagged Expeditions. Some of stonemaier's rule books are so vague to me. but with your help i have mastered the rules. give me a Lacerda anyday. However, expeditions is a great! and is nice a quick.

  24. bloody voidfall! i fell for it alright. no regrets. but i have sooooo many other games i need to 'master' before i dive deep into it.

  25. So enjoy your channel! I started getting into board games a few years ago and have been more and more getting into solo games for the past year and some. Your channel far and away is the best specifically in the solo gaming space. Your play throughs always help me determine interest and help me learn games I do have interest in. Always look forward to these top 10 lists to see your thoughts. Keep up the great work!

  26. i find voidfall 110% easier to learn than Expeditions.

  27. I only bought 3 "solo" games this year:
    1 – Scholars of the South Tigris (Awesome)
    2 – Distilled (Great)
    3 – Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R. (For Trade)

  28. 100% agreed on Voidfall. Biggest surprise for me these past 3 years, excellent game, very heavy but extremely satisfying. I'm glad I spent a whole weekend understanding the rule without playing, just setting up, playing few rounds only, etc… I'm so glad to have the galactic box, I can't wait to play my next game because you never know what to expect, the asymetrical factions are so well done !

  29. Have you played Nucleum yet? It's high on my list haven't played it though. Also how is the replay value of Voidfall , can you infinitly play different scenarios like Cthully DMD for example or is it more in line with games like Gloomhaven , Oath Sworn ect.

  30. your captions are shown over the edited-in title banners, rendering both illegible.
    Maybe better to put those banners align to the top border of the videos.

  31. Earthborn Rangers second print goes up on Gamefund in a few hours, and I think it might be the first game I back!

    Saw your play through and the vibes of a laid back Sleeping Gods with characters that have a personality seems perfect! We have our second campaign of Sleeping Gods on the table right now and really loving it. So Distant Skies and Earthborn Rangers are definitely games that should enter our home in the future!

  32. Absolutely shared with Voidfall and Frostpunk as top games. I did get a competitive game of Voidfall in with people who already knew the game after I had a bunch of solo time in. It was still great.

  33. question for you… I don't see endless winter in this list… is there a reason.. I am thinking about getting that game as you rated it really well and talked about it highly but its make your top 10 list… so now I am worried its not as great a game as I was thinking….

  34. Another great video! You gave me a couple more ideas of games I would like to try. Thank you!

  35. Ooh surprised Sleeping Gods Distant Skies didn’t make the cut. Was it disqualified because it’s a reimplementation of a game from a previous year, or were you just not as thrilled with it as the other games? I just went all in on the Earthborne Rangers reprint. I’m really excited to play that as I think I’m going to love it.

  36. Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before. But thank you so much for the time stamps. There are some games I have zero interest in. With others, I want to go back and watch the review many times.

    Too many reviewers don’t use time stamps. That’s their right, of course. But I skip over those videos.

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