Top 10 solo board games of all time - 2022 -

Top 10 solo board games of all time – 2022

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I decided to come up with my top 10 solo board games of all time. Let me know what your favorite solo board games are!

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  1. That’s a whole bunch of good games! You’re lucky I also love your 1 and 2, so you can be forgiven for your number 3 😂😂

  2. Good list man! I'm still not sold on Spirit Island. I may have to play the LoTR LCG more, but it was tough to get through. Good system though. I'm looking to grab a copy of Too Many Bones some time this summer. I want that game so bad!

  3. This top 10 has now made me look into Too Many Bones and reafirm the fact i need to buy physical Spirit island.

  4. Nice list, the only games I dont have are Sleeping Gods and LOTR.
    My top ten would be something like this (not sure about the order):
    1- Mage Knight Ultimate Edition
    2- Too Many Bones
    3- Aeon's End
    4- Gloom of Kilforth
    5- Sub Terra
    6- Helionox
    7- Dune: Imperium
    8- Shadows of Brimstone
    9- Lost Ruins of Arnak
    10- Goblivion
    Also, I guess Gloomhaven/Jaws of the lion could be up there, but I've played through Gloomhaven's campaign twice and Jaws too and I dont think I'll play again, that is why it is not on my list.

  5. Great list, Thank You for the inspiration. I like the idea of fully exploring a game before getting new ones. It's not always realistic with the continuous releases but that's what I'm currently trying to do by making the most of Spirit Island, Too many Bones and Gloomhaven. I read that we partially use the potential of our new technological tools, I have the impression that we do the same thing with our board games. Still, I'll have a lot of fun exploring Sleeping Gods and Dune imperium in the next few years.

  6. Great list! Sleeping Gods and Marvel Champions are two of my favorite games. Although I have a hard time playing sleeping gods solo I prefer it 2 players so that I'm experiencing and making decisions with someone other than myself.

  7. Great list man. Any of the lord of the Rings games you’d put as runners up?

  8. 10. Tainted Grail
    9. Dungeon Degenerates
    8. Hunters AD 2114
    7. Hostage Negotiator (Career)
    6. Machina Arcana
    5. Assassin's Creed
    4. Shadow of Kilforth
    3. Final Girl
    2. Fleet Commander: Nimitz (with Yamamoto expansion)
    1. Too Many Bones

    Notable honorable mentions: Veilwaith, Arkham Horror LCG, Folklore the Affliction, Gloomhaven, Etherfields, Waste Knights

  9. I would say my most played game is Marvel Champions. It sat on my shelf for a long time but the actual mechanics and high level of interaction got me hooked even though the IP is fine but not my favourite.

    The people working on it are very inventive however IMO were seeing a constant erosion of the viability of True Solo. So much so that some cards just don't make any sense such as side schemes with really high initial threat rather than using "per player" etc… I'd say the game needs some cards or new keywords keywords that are more powerful the lower the player count. Yes I understand that cards like Under Surveillance scale better the lower the count but I think we need a lot more IMO to help certain hero's and against some of the more group designed Villains.

    I agree Spirit Island is arguably better game on a design level but to me personally I don't care I enjoy them both and if I "lost" either game I'd replace them immediately. I like SI True Solo and Multi hand and it plays well either way.

    I bounced off Arkham Horror but will definitely give it another chance though I did just play it TS and it seems more aligned to multi hand solo?. I'm not a fan of Fail Forward generally and I really don''t enjoy the bag draw with an Auto fail possibility.. just makes it a bit like I can be punished even if I make the best play.

    Love TMB and all in on it… but I don't think it works TS. TS is just a learning mode and the Solo deck is too slim for lots of plays. Once you two hand plus then the combat mat makes sense and the Tyrants are not gimped of key defining skills/mechanics to allow them to be soloable.

    Cloudspire is really good solo but I found it a tough learn.. it's not too bad really just not well explained.. it;s significantly harder than TMB to learn IMO.

  10. Thank you for your list. My first experience in the heavier games was basically with LOTR LCG and didn't find it fun or engaging and sold it. But now a few years latter I thought of retrying with the new box that came out. Do you have any play through with it?

  11. Have you tried Aeons ENd that is a great game.

  12. Gaia Project
    Terraforming Mars
    Paladins of the West Kingdom
    Great Western Trail
    Kanban EV

  13. Great list. I like every one of the games that you mentioned, they just appear elsewhere on my list.

    For me..
    10. Solomon Kane
    9. Marvel Champions LCG
    8. Aeon's End
    7. Set a Watch
    6. Shadows of Kilforth
    5. Too Many Bones
    4. Lord of the Rings LCG
    3. Tainted Grail
    2. Arkham Horror LCG (2-handed solo)
    1. Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

  14. Multihand play does count? If so…
    10. Bios: Genesis
    09. Pax Renaissance (2p multihand)
    08. Mind MGMT (against the AI)
    07. Hadrian's Wall
    06. Pax Porfiriana (against the AI)
    05. Pax Pamir: Second Edition (against the Wakhan AI)
    04. Arkham Horror LCG (2p solo)
    03. Imperium: Classics & Legends
    02. High Frontier 4 All
    01. Origins: How We Became Human (2p multihand)

  15. 10. The Search for Planet X
    9. Obsession
    8. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
    7. Hallertau
    6. Ark Nova
    5. Nemo's War
    4. Gaia Project
    3. Gloomhaven
    2. Mage Knight
    1. Spirit Island
    Note: I have Final Girl on the way from the Series 2 Kickstarter and I suspect it'll be breaking into this list in short order.
    I was so excited for Too Many Bones and then it was a big let down for me because to me it's just too randomly punishing. Bad chips draw and/or roll? Ok, you will just die really quickly. But don't sweat it. We'll just make all of you future battles HARDER.

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