Top 10 Solo Board Games of All Time | Updated Ranking 2024 (+Amy tries them all!) -

Top 10 Solo Board Games of All Time | Updated Ranking 2024 (+Amy tries them all!)

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After two years and 500 games later, Maggie has updated her top 10 solo games of all time! And to make things interesting she’s also taught them all to me with mixed results. So join us while Maggie counts down her best board games to play alone while I try to comprehend playing a game with no witnesses. Lol.
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00:00 Introduction
01:30 Number 10
Video: Maggie’s 2 character playthrough

04:46 Number 9
06:56 Number 8
10:59 Number 7
15:30 Number 6
19:23 Number 5
Video: Maggie’s solo playthrough
26:19 Number 4
33:15 Number 3
40:16 Number 2
Video: Maggie’s ‘Completionist’ campaign variant
46:20 Number 1
51:41 Amy’s ranking of Maggie’s Top 10
1:00:24 Wrap up

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We’re an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game – Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the ‘world’ that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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  1. Great list! I haven't tried any of the games on your list but I'm very tempted to go game shopping right now. Thank you for sharing 🥰

  2. Can’t wait for For northwood to be available again. Bloody Inn is my favorite

  3. Great list! Big fan of For Northwood!, Imperium, and Feast for Odin.

    I’m definitely going to look into Sleeping Gods now

  4. Awesome list! Stardew Valley is such a great board game (it's currently my 3rd favorite solo game). I'll have to try your 5 year variant sometime as that sounds like an interesting way to change up the game

  5. Great video and I love Maggie's description of the Bloody Inn, "some of these people will be… murdered… by you…."
    Happy to see For Northwood! made it to this list – it's so good!

  6. The happiness in Maggie's face when her wife talks about liking Sleeping Gods Distant Skies solo is EVERYTHING 🙂 38:31

  7. Nusfjord is so good! I've never played it solo though.

  8. I came here for the games, I stayed for the hands!! 😍

  9. That's a Top 10 shirt for sure Maggie!!

  10. This was such a fun and charming video! Kudos to you, Amy, for sitting down and playing all of these games solo even when it's not your thing. And Maggie, what a list…I think there's something in there for everyone.) P.S. QUESTION: Would you ever consider doing a top five or top ten of best smaller box solo games? Asking for a friend…

    Just pulled out For Northwood! a couple of days ago to play again and will be getting some more games in this week. The gameplay, art, theme, and general whimsy of the game are so well integrated! You've also reminded me that I have yet to play Witchcraft! Perhaps this week… And finally, I'm curious about A Feast for Odon (solo). Thanks for posting!

  11. This is super interesting because a large percentage of the solo community prefers an automa. Cool to hear a different perspective.

  12. A bit off topic… but missing the banter is why I do not enjoy solo RPGs and cannot see why other people do like them but power to those that do.

    I too dislike automa so usually prefer Uwe games or coops solo. By empirically my favourite game of the last 4 years solo or otherwise must be Marvel Champions with hundreds of plays even though I'm not much of a Marvel fan. From the list my favourites are AFFO by a lot then GTW and Imperium. I've not tried Nusfjord solo though I love it MP and I've not tried any of the others.

  13. I absolutely loved and enjoyed this video. Mostly because I appreciate all the behind the scenes experiences you must have gone through to prepare for filming. Amy’s willingness to try something that means so much to Maggie. It shows so lovely in Maggie’s face during the video. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Love this community. P.S. the completionist campaign mode should become official option for Stardew valley. I can’t wait to try it (today! lol)

  14. I can't wait my Nusfjord big box to arrive! Had it for preorder for a year now, maybe this summer…

  15. Love Stardew, I've been tempted to try your variant, but I usually just play two handed. I play everything solo two handed- because I hate bots and like exploring two stategies at once. I thought I would love Imperium Classics, (I wont touch a Turzi solo mode with a ten foot pole) because I love a long, heavy game, but it is just so incremental I its feel. I ended up passing it on and picking up Cerebria in trade and absolutely falling in love with it playing the shaper variant two handed (another Turzi solo I'll never try.) Fun list. Someday I'll try A Feast for Odin.

  16. Nusfjord is definitely on my list! I really like the way solo works with Feast so it's awesome to hear it's similar.

  17. We have a lot of games that can be played solo, including some on your list! I need to make time to try them!

  18. Sadly "Spirit Island" and "Robinson Crusoe" did not get it into your list. Many Greetings from Germany.

  19. As I'm getting more into solo gaming I appreciate this list! Several on the list I'm hoping to try solo eventually. Can't wait for a restock of For Northwood!

    However, I'd also love to see a list for lighter solo games – the sort of games that are most accessible for solo play in limited time and/or space. I'm rarely able to set up heavier games for solo since I don't have a dedicated space to keep them set up between plays so anything I can set up, play, and put away in less than an hour (ideally 45 minutes) is the sweet spot for me.

  20. I started watching your channel about half a year ago and never expected to see Amy play a solo game, let alone so many! Had a lot of fun watching this.
    That Stardew Valley campaign mode sounds great! I haven't played the game solo yet, but I love it multiplayer, and this sounds like a great way to get more out of the game.
    Sadly For Northwood is not available here, but I was lucky to find out friends of mine made the print and play version of it. They were very sweet to let me borrow it and I got a couple of games in already. It's a lot of fun, and I haven't even started the campaign yet!

  21. Hey! Regarding Great Western Trail New Zealand, I'm assuming you would not extend the same compliments to the other GWT titles?

  22. What a great discussion and that bit about sharing your world at the end was delightful.

  23. Imperium series are tough to learn but once you learn it's a great game

  24. The whole meeting someone analogy for Mythwind was the best giggle of my day so thanks for that! Thanks for also including Mythwind on your top 10 solo games Maggie! (*The added giggles and facial expressions Amy had during that analogy was equally hilarious)

  25. Thank you sooo much for this top 10. This video answers a question I posted for you in another review you did so forget answering that. You have! As for my favorites on your list, I only currently own Feast for Odin and GWT 2d ed so Feast is my #1. Lately I've been soloing Expeditions which has a great bot but replayability is weak vs others. I spent a lot of hours soloing the first Pathfinder campaign game and really have good memories of that experience. Based on your review here I plan to purchase Nusfjord, GWT-NZ, Imperium Horizons, and Mythwind. Thanks again for your great reviews!

  26. Nice top 10, love it. Not very often can we see a top 10 on your channel, so always great (and I can't count 10, out of 10, obviously)! I am sort of glad I passed on Mythwind, I also don't like grind. Love the Sleeping Gods series. Witchcraft: the theme quite contrary to both of you makes me like Resist! Like Septima – no theme for me. Other games in my top 10 would be Gloom-or Frostheaven, my new 7th Citadel, the new campaign of Arnak and finally Final Girl.

  27. I love that Amy tried all of these solo!! And that she liked Sleeping Gods as much as she did. I have mostly played the original solo, often finishing campaigns that started off with my husband or a small group of friends. I played Primevil Peril and really enjoyed it. Haven’t gotten to Distant Skies yet, but maybe this week!

  28. Completely agree with Maggie's #1 in Feast for Odin. It's a lot to get out but what a joyful solo experience.

  29. Best Thinker Themer video yet?? I’m sure this was hours and hours of effort for Amy to play all these games. I really enjoyed this video and watching you two get to know each other a little better by playing these and sharing your experiences. I’ve never met you, but I love you both!

  30. Love the video, please share the next 10 games 🙂

  31. "I'll leave the room; yell out if you have any questions!" – Maggie, world's best exam moderator.

  32. Stardew Valley on no.2! What a big, pleasant surprise!!!

  33. Thanks for another wonderful, fun to watch video!! You're both so passionate, funny and engaging. I loved this and I don't even do solo gaming, lol. (Though maybe I'll try now!)

  34. One thing I find interesting about Nusfjord (a favorite) is that you could fully plan your first 12 (of 21) actions, since no new information is revealed until then. And by "you" I mean a person theoretically could, because I can't hold more than 3 turns in my head

  35. My favorite solo Uwe is Atiwa now. I love the solo scenarios. Have you played Garphill Games? Legacy of Yu solo is amazing. Hadrian's Wall is in my top ten solo. A few others from my top ten to solo: Obsession, Rococo Deluxe, Grand Austria Hotel, Shakespeare, Hamburg, Orleans (with Invasion), Lisboa, WIngspan…. Some notable new for me from last year: Rebuilding Seattle, Distilled, Planet Unknown, Wild Tiled West, Scholars of the South Tigris. For Northwood was great. Just got it. The Bloody Inn I have had for a while. Stardew Valley means well but is so difficult!

  36. Love StarDew Valley…and only play with Maggie's hack version. Super Fun! Fun video! And WTG Amy!

  37. My partner and I have played through both the original Sleeping Gods and distant skies by playing it as if we are playing solo but both playing together. We have really enjoyed doing it that way, cause we get the experience of playing together while having control over everything! Great too 10!

  38. I loved this! As a solo gamer this was really fun.

  39. Your best video ever!
    So much fun !
    Good company !
    Great games !

  40. Where is Mage Knight? Best solo game ever !

  41. Great video, and super cool to hear Amy's take! I wonder if there are any other games that Amy is now curious to try solo now that she has a better sense of the ways she can still enjoy a game despite the lack of player interaction?

  42. A great video.
    I’m just wondering if Maggie has had a chance to play Final Girl yet. I know you recently got a copy. It’s a little less strategic than most of the top 10, but I find it so wonderfully cinematic and thematic.

  43. Not really a solo player but love Bloody Inn multiplayer, especially with The Carnies expansion modules.

  44. The Bloodless Inn. From the makers of This Peace Of Mine.

  45. Love the list. In regard to Imperium, I like the practice solo mode and maybe Amy will like this as well. It plays very quickly and does not involve the Automa cards. I agree with her that with the cards it overstays it’s welcome.

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