Top 10 Solo Board Games to Play When You're Feeling Sick -

Top 10 Solo Board Games to Play When You’re Feeling Sick

Totally Tabled
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I am feeling a little bit under the weather, which got me thinking about my favorite solo board games to play when I’m feeling sick. These are my comfort food games.

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00:00 Intro (11. Cafe)
00:32 10. On Tour
01:46 9. Tiny Towns
02:53 8. Maquis
03:55 7. For Northwood!
04:56 6. Dorfromantik
06:13 5. Cascadia
07:16 4. ROVE
08:20 3. Coffee Roaster
09:45 2. The Lost Expedition
10:52 1. At the Gates of Loyang
12:13 Outro (12. Hit Z Road)

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  1. When I’m sick I just like watching videos like this or watching board game play-throughs with themes like Fortune and Glory or Nemo’s War. Also, campaign games are another thing I watch on YouTube when I’m feeling under the weather. 😮‍💨

  2. I absolutely love these top lists of yours! Have you thought about doing more? Perhaps top 10 lunchtime games under an hour with teach or top 10 weeknight solo games? Just some ideas… clearly not specific at all 😂

  3. when im sick I play lacerda games, this way I dont know if my head pain is from the sickness or the games 😛

  4. Great list for sure, recently Fliptown has jumped to the top of my cozy simple solo games – would work for a sick day too!

  5. This is a great list idea! I really like ROVE too. It’s that perfect balance of thinky but contemplative. Plus the art style is really cool. I’m also playing The Royal Limited right now and Dale of Merchants with the BGG solo variation.

  6. Loving this idea to have a set of specific games you find comfort in on those days you need comfort ❤ Really good selection and quite a bit I haven't played. Some that I'd consider playing are; Orchard, Patchwork Doodle or Project L.

  7. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.
    I would suggest playing Explorers of the North Sea. If you don't have a headache then also try Terraforming Mars the Dice Game.
    Hope you start feeling better. Take care

  8. You should do a Hegemony solo play my friend😊😊😊

  9. Great list Shaggy. I like thinky but not too long games when not well – that sort of balance between not too much brain effort but enough to keep me well and truly immersed and distracted from whatever ailment it is. A good one for me is Blitzkrieg, that is a thinky game but fairly straight forward AI bot and 20-30 mins means a second game usually follows the first. The lost expedition is not for me, I have found that game the best at two players because you can laugh and talk about the memorable moments just failing at the end. Good game though. As for Loyang, yet to get for my collection as not available but definitely on the grail list.

  10. I recently got The Lord of the Rings: Adventure to Mount Doom. While the mechanics are incredibly simplistic, it still manages to retain the feeling of a grand adventure while making interesting choices. Also a very easy one to pick off the shelf when you have little energy left.

  11. I haven’t even watched yet but just love the concept of the video already!

  12. Great idea for a video. Subscribed! I’d probably play Ark Nova solo with a high starting appeal value so that I could just enjoy playing animals and filling out my zoo. Sick days mean I can get longer games to the table.

  13. I love the love for Loyang. The card manipulation on the solo is so satisfying.

  14. Great list I’m gonna go look a couple of them up.
    I would suggest Beacon Patrol I think as one that is perfect for a sick day.

  15. Your timing for this video couldn't have been better! When autumn comes I always feel the imperious need to rest and recover from the whole year. So right now I am just looking for all the comfort (food, games, blankets and any stuff really) that I can put my hands on.

    At the Gates of Loyang came as kind of a twist to me, but it's maybe because I never played it myself and the diversity of choices look a bit overwhelming from the outside. I 100% agree on Cascadia, For Northwood and Coffee Roaster!
    There are two more games that instantly pop in my mind when I think of days feeling sick:
    – Evergreen : it has the nature theme, and the game experience is so flowing it feels almost hypnotic, so it's perfect when your mind is not 100% available. Also it can be set up in seconds, and the dual-layer boards are of really good quality so you can safely play in your bed if you can't get up
    – Creature Comforts : although it is a bit heavier to set up, the theme and lightness of the game experience makes it really great when you're not feeling well. The box really needs an insert though to reduce the effort bringing it to the table.

    I hope you get better soon! 😉

  16. What a creative idea for a video! This is a solid list and it makes me want to get Maquis back to the table this week. Thanks for posting. (Hope you feel better soon!)

  17. love the list. I find myself wanting to dive into heavy games when I'm sick. maybe being sick is an excuse to have something like a lacerda set up on the table for days

  18. Pandemic Hot Zone. Super quick setup and gets the "feel" of the full game in a fraction of the time. Also Mini Rogue. It's just engaging enough without being overly stressful.

  19. Very good! One Deck Dungeon, Roller Rumble and Elder Sign are mine

  20. I half-expected Robinson Crusoe to be your number 1 after Lost Expedition appeared at 2 😉 Great idea for a video and hope you're feeling better soon!

  21. Great video – thanks. Hoping to knock up the print and play version of Maquis in the next week or so and can't wait to give it a try. My 'go to' Button Shy is Skulls of Sedlec (Solo Monstrance) – easier on the brain than Rove I think. Lost Expedition is great, but maybe not so much when you're felling a little under the weather. I agree that Cascadia is a really enjoyable relaxing play, as well as Trekking through History using the free to print Solo opponent 'the historian' which I have played a number of times. For Northwood is another great relaxing but challenging game I've recently printed out and given a go, the artwork makes it impossible not to enjoy.

  22. Nice list, you've got me interested in ROVE and Loyang. Get better soon. 👍🏼

  23. Maybe it's because I had a bad experience playing the game my first time, but Tiny Towns to me would never be a game I would play… even if I am at full mental capacity. And If I am sick, the last thing I want is to be frustrated by a game.

  24. Great list! A Gentle Rain is one on my "sick day" solo games list!

  25. My amusement at being recommended this today is inverse to how much I feel like absolute garbage right now

  26. What a great top 10 idea. I actually got Too Many Bones played solo after a minor surgery. It all fit on a foldout IKEA bed table lol. Speaking of Too Many Bones, have you played it? It’s an awesome solo game

  27. Great list. And a great idea. I’m not sure any of your friends will want to play your copy of At the Gate’s with you now if they’ve seen this video!! 😂🤧🤒😷

  28. I seriously can’t play anything when I am sick. Even when I am well but after a long day of work and children care I cannot play any game.

    But it is an interesting list to watch, so thanks!

  29. I hope you feel better soon! Some great choices here. I definitely agree with The Lost Expedition: so easy to set up and play, and also step away from for a minute if you need a nap!

  30. Video came at the perfect time. Sinus cold and luckily not Covid. I have been loving Eldritch Horror and setting that up on the table for a couple of days and just delving into the story to keep my mind off of how crappy I'm feeling. But love some of the picks that you mention.

  31. Thanks, very enjoyable. I hope you feel better soon.

  32. Every time I see that version of Coffee Roaster 🤩 Wish I could find it somewhere. Great list Shaggy!!

  33. My top 17, in no particular order. (Ironically, as I watch this, I am sick sick sick myself, so I'm not up to ranking them 😂 )
    Trails of Tucana
    Pocket Landship
    Tin Helm
    The Spirit of Eden
    Doom Machine
    House of Cats
    My City: Roll & Build
    The Guild of Merchant Explorers

  34. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you feel better soon Shaggy! My preference for everything (sick, happy, sad) is typically always board games ha ha. However, when I'm super sick or my brain just needs a break I catch up on some TV shows. Working in front of a computer all day though, just makes me crave the no screen life whenever possible, so my TV break is never very long. I love at the gates of loyang too 💕 Thank you for sharing your list, there are some great games here!

  35. I just spent the day sick and played Apiary, Hijacked, and Spell Book. Many of your seem intriguing, I just don’t have them

  36. Nice list, the Super-Skill Pinball series is also great for sick days

  37. Am I weird I wanted to play Mage Knight even if I'm sick? 😍

  38. Perfect timing, I'm sick and at home! Yesterday I tried Chakra solo, it's a nice game I must try to play with my wife. Today I'm planning to play Under Falling Skies and TFM: Ares Expedition. Nice list, I have to check out Maquis, The Lost Expedition and At the Gates of Loyang. Thanks for the inspirations and get well soon!

  39. Ah the timing of this. Literally going back to work today after being off with food poisoning.

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