Top 10 Solo Games of 2023 - MvM and the Solo Community -

Top 10 Solo Games of 2023 – MvM and the Solo Community

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We are back party people with a new solo cooperative top 10 list. Of course I’ve invited a bunch of friends from the community to jopin in with their picks. This year’s theme….Action and Adventure games!

0:00 Opening @NotBoredGaming
02:50 #10 Honorable Mentions
05:45 #9 + @TheDungeonDive
10:02 #8 @TheBoardGameGarden
13:50 #7 @AlliesorEnemies
16:17 #6 @BeforeYouPlay
19:32 #5 @thedicetower @BoardGameOfficer
24:47 #4 @PurpleMoosePlays
28:15 #3 @TheBrokenMeeple
32:36 #2 @OneStopCoopShop @BoardGameCo
36:47 #1 @LearntoPlayGames

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  1. I'm playing Tales off the red dragon inn as my first solo game and both kinfire and earthborne are on the top of my list to get after I finish the campaign. Seems you have the same taste in games. I just subbed!

  2. Nice Collab! Good idea to solo some of these …maybe Fallen Land finally or Expeditions 🤔

  3. How on earth can Arham Horror lcg be your #1 least favorite game of all time when it's surely the most exciting game of all time?

  4. What a great video to watch on a snowy winters day. In fact, I immediately restarted it so I could watch it again (after I do some work around the house) and write down some of the games that peaked my interest for further research. The one dungeon crawler/adventure game I am most looking forward to playing this year when it arrives in the summer is Weirdwood Manor by Greyridge games. Technically it takes place in a mansion but you are still fighting monsters and rescuing people so I figure that's close enough to count. In keeping with the theme of this channel the game is co-op.

  5. Came from Jenna's channel! Love seeing small creators supporting each other. The life blood of YouTube. Really like your vibe. Will be back!

  6. Loved this video format with the other YouTubers giving their favorites, and LOVE to see Resident Evil being mentioned as it was my favorite game of 2023 as the series is among my very top, love what SFG has done with the games!

  7. Great list and awesome delivery, man! It was good to see some others tossed in there, including my main go-to, Alex. I've got Isofarian Guard coming in the next few months 🙂

  8. The Witcher Old World would have been my top vote from last year. Multi use cards that you cycle through often, adventuring in the form of encounter cards as well as movement around the map and a fast paced combat system using your same deck of cards. Deckbuilding is easy and impactful and the game is just tons of fun to play through.

  9. Very good video. But I’m a little confused. Title says “top solo games”, while in the video “top adventure/dungeoncrawler” is mentioned several times. Are we excluding genres from this list? (e.g. euro, abstract, … )

  10. You know why Steamforged Games delivered and Primal was so long in development? Because they are actually playtesting their games 🤣

  11. First, your hair is GREAT. That's definitely the style for you. Secondly, the two games that I just bought on your list are Fallen Lands (because I love Eldritch Horror and heard it's similar to that) and Deliverance. I had to get Deliverance because the angels vs demons theme is extremely relevant today. Lord knows just how many demonic human beings are being exposed in American society today! It's gonna be great playing as angels and smiting them back to the bowels of Hell. 🙂

  12. What did you mean exactly when you said you play "three-handed"?

  13. I own Isofarian Guard as well and man I love it!

  14. Thanks for the opportunity to share in your video!! It is fun to see all the different content creators and your top games!

  15. Good to see Mike delisio and you both having 20 strong on there. I hadn't played it enough when you were asking for videos but it is now my number one solo of the year. Probably in my top 3 for the year in general. Brilliant system and looking forward to the future as they expand and grow the available decks.

  16. Great to hear from so many people! Thx for compiling

  17. Interesting to see 20 Strong on so many lists. I haven't even played my copy because the majority of my dice had severe factory errors (chips, pitting, missing corners, missing paint) that it killed any desire to play it. I have recently been promised replacements, but who knows when that will happen. As my first Chip Theory Game purchase, it was not a good impression.

    I'll join the chorus lauding Deep Rock Galactic as an amazing board game at any player count. For solo or works well with true solo and running multiple characters. As an added bonus, it is a fantastic adaptation of the video game too!

  18. Hey Jeremy! Thanks for putting this together!

  19. Was a lot of fun joining the list this year, thanks again. Great choice @TheBoardGameGarden! Lots of great games in here and so many I haven't tried yet that I really need to get into. Great year for action/adventure games for sure!

  20. Thanks for doing this Jeremy and for including me. Some great games and a variety of tastes here.

  21. Thanks for sharing. Kinfire and EBR were two of my top games for 2023 too.
    Kinfire had a lot to like and I played the whole campaign, but I didn't care for the town visits. Having that aspect in decks of cards was difficult for me to work with.
    EBR is extremely unique and a lot of fun too. I finished the campaign, but the travel got old after awhile, especially when there was nothing new to learn.

  22. Wait! Has it been a year already since we last did this??? I need to switch to gateway games.

  23. Isofarian Guard and Earthborne Rangers are the two 2023 games that grabbed onto my gaming table and didn't let go for many hours.

  24. WOW! That is such a great news for CoD! We definitely worked hard to improve the game. Learning a lot on our end to keep moving forward. Let see how DANTE turns out.

  25. I really like how you include so many other YouTubers to be inclusive and build the community. A lot of people don’t do this because they are afraid of diluting their viewers but I really appreciate your views and content so I’ll remain subscribed for sure. You’re excellent. Warm Regards.

  26. Did I miss it – what’s name of #1? Maybe just editing, but 4-5 minutes and no mention of name or publisher and only one glimpsing, nonidentifiable picture. Was it Witcher? Something else? Please someone update!

  27. Great stuff! Some titles on there for me to check out. nice one Jeremy 👍

  28. Small complaint. The video says Top 10 solo games, yet some of the content creators were talking about best Dungeon Crawlers and Action/Adventure.

    Still good content, but inconsistent.

  29. Great video! Loved the format. One of your Earthborne is special, and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future. Happy new year, and thank you for all the great content in 2023 that helped me make better decisions (ie, spend more money) 😉

  30. This is hands down the best top 10 i've ever watched.

  31. Good guestlist, nicely edited into a fine video.

  32. I only started in the hobby in October – and Earthborne Rangers is exactly what I was hoping for from modern board games… so it was a bit of a surprise to me that it was the first of its kind (in terms of adventure and challenges, versus combative and conflict-laden) so I'll be buying everything for it and hoping other publishers create similar games with different themes .

  33. With Primal: The Awakening delivering later this year, are you still as excited for the game as you were before? I remember reading your AMA on BGG after you guys played the prototype. Do you think it has the potential to make this list next year? Has your opinion changed on the game since then?

  34. Hey Jeremy, great to see lots of different voices highlighted. Daniel from The Dungeon Dive is one of the most unique and authentic voices in board games. Definitely one to check out.

  35. thanks so much Jeremy!
    as a solo player, I really appreciate this content.
    and man, …with the others YTer you've including in this video, sooooo joyful to see
    thanks again Jeremy!

  36. Jeremy, I always enjoy your year-end videos. It just tells me you need to produce more content.

  37. I love how you do this list. I always discover a new voice and a new game this way. Appreciate you Jeremy!

  38. wow what a top 10! with so many cool guests and games. Thanks man ! keep up the good stuff.

  39. Fantastic list, thank you Jeremy! I typically live in a world a year behind the hotness, partly because I want to see how the game end up a year later, and mostly because I dont have the time to stay ontop of everything haha. This list is great, a lot of games I have heard praise from already this year, and having you talk through them will really help my decisions on what I would like to get next year.

  40. Thank you so much for including us! We maybe didn't quite understand the memo, but our pic plays really well solo as well.

  41. Don’t really agree with the praise 20 Strong gets. Backed it after I played Hoplomachus Victorum a lot. It feels way to luck-dependent and swingy. Especially solar sentinels feels a bit boring cause it’s essentially always the same every game.

  42. Isofarian Guard is great. Looking forward to the new components. As mentioned great organization. It eats a lot of table space, but for the size it is easy to setup and take down. The weight is crazy, but when you see what is all in there it makes sense.

  43. Thanks for this top 10! I feel that we have a lot of tastes in common :D. I have loved Tales from the Dragon Inn, Earthborn Rangers and Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, I have backed the 2nd printing of Isofarian Guard and I am waiting Kinfire Chronicles to be shipped. I feel so much validated! You've gained a new subscriber.

  44. These are always such fun videos to watch every year!

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