Top 10 Solo Games Of All Time -

Top 10 Solo Games Of All Time

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A few years ago I created my top 10 list for solo games….a lot has changed since then. Here’s an updated list of my favorite games to play solo!

0:00:00 – Overview
0:01:50 – Tanares Adventures
0:03:46 – Mage Knight
0:05:30 – Calico
0:07:36 – Under Falling Skies
0:09:12 – Trailblazers
0:11:23 – Button Shy Games
0:16:56 – Marvel Champions
0:19:35 – For Northwood!
0:21:39 – 20 Strong
0:25:18 – Spirit Island
0:28:35 – Unsettled
0:31:46 – Too Many Bones
0:34:18 – Wrapping Up

Tanares Adventures –
Mage Knight –
Calico –
Under Falling Skies –
Trailblazers –
Food Chain Island –
Rove –
Numbsters –
Sprawlopolis –
Naturopolis –
Combopolis –
Ancient Realm –
Marvel Champions –
For Northwood! –
20 Strong –
Spirit Island –
Unsettled –
Too Many Bones –

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  1. Are you interested in Magic Realm? I heard there might be an upcoming Kickstarter to re-make it.
    I heard it compared to Mage Knight.

  2. Mmmmm glad to see Spirit Island so high up there! Probably at least 2/3 of my games of SI have been solo and it really does hold up. It's really the only game I play solo but I should branch out and try a few of these other ones. A lot of times I don't like when multiplayer games have solo modes that warp a bunch of stuff but it seems like the games on this list avoid that largely

  3. Unsettled was designed specifically as a multiplayer experience, which makes the solo choice as #2 very surprising.

  4. For Northwood really blew me away. I think it might be impossible to be disappointed with For Northwood. Even the box it comes in is a delight!

  5. I really appreciate that not every game on this list is a $200 big box game. The smaller games appeal to me because they are more affordable, generally play quicker, are easier to learn, and are portable. I'm looking forward to 20 Strong when it is available. I think I will pick up a Button Shy game, for Northwood, and Under Falling Skies from your list here. Another great video, thanks!

  6. Very interesting and useful, thanks.

    Champions is the easiest to get into, but for me the Arkham Horror Card Game (2-handed) is the game I enjoy/appreciate the most.

  7. Yes! Solo list!!
    Will be watching this one!! 👍👍👍

  8. Sad to see one of my game designs isn’t on the list. Perhaps next one 🙂

  9. Too Many Bones and Spirit Island are both great picks! Final Girl and Bullet are sorely missed on the list, but I know they didn't land with you too well. Possibly also Hoplomachus Victorum, but I'm hoping the new content helps reduce the grind.

  10. TMB is my favorite game as well. I have a solo Lab Rays variant which is really fun. If you’re up to try it sometime let me know.

  11. Ultimate tanares adventures is the reason im addicted to your content

  12. As a mostly-solo gamer, I think this is a fantastic list.

  13. Nice list!
    Calico and Cascadia are my solo/2 player games as well.
    Rove, Food Chain Island, and Wild Rivers are currently my favorites from ButtonShy although I got more coming.
    For Northwood! Is such a delight game. I often role play the conversations LOL
    Mage Knigh and Marvel Champions for sure! ❤

    The ones I have enjoyed solo as well are:
    Warp’s Edge
    The Bloody Inn
    Roll Player
    Hadrians’ Wall
    Legacy of Yu
    Dwellings of Eldervale
    Architects of the West Kingdom

  14. yeah. Isofarian Guard and Final Girl are missing here.

  15. What do you think of Robinson Crusoe for solo play?

  16. Personally, For Northwood offers the best value to volume ratio XD Palm island being second best!

  17. A suggestion for your next video. Your top 10 solo games that are legitimately solo games, and not multiplayer games with a solo variant.

  18. 7th continent remains my #1… hopefully 7th citadel will make both of our top lists in a year or two!
    Imperium classics/ legends and Gaia Project are probably my #2/3… I'm a sucker for asymmetry clearly!

    But despite missing those, there's still some great games on your list and it's made me even more excited to receive Unsettled and 20 Strong. Hope they both arrive here soon!

  19. I'm alternating between Hoplomachus Victorum & Mage Knight for the number 1 spot. 3rd would be Robinson Crusoe followed closely behind by Space Empires 4x Solo Scenarios. Then Legendary Encounters Alien (2 handed), Clash of Cultures Civilizations (GamezMadeEZ Solo Variant) & Spirit Island.

  20. LCG actually stands for Living Card Game, but I get the confusion especially for a coop one. I think LCG was a more meaningful branding for the competitive games.

  21. Tenares. I bought it on Alex's advice. I've still not played it, as the painting of every piece is going to take me until beyond Christmas. I don't know if I EVER want to play it. I just want to continue painting it.

  22. You just HAD to bring up Unsettled. Came out at a time when I had already backed a bunch of games and couldn't justify the expense. My #1 regretted missed Gamefound campaign.

  23. A bit of recency bias in this list imo – 20 Strong and Trailblazers haven't been out long and they're already top 10 of all time!? I see why they're in your top 10 though, both great games.

  24. Most of the games you listed are either my top solo games or very high on my to-try list. Best solo list I've seen.

  25. Spirit Island at 3-4 (experienced) players is fantastic. The synergy between spirits you get is incredible.

  26. My easy go to are the AEG three. Cascadia, calico and verdant. Don't mind grabbing burgundy, terraforming mars, feast for odin, dune and arnak. If I want humbled grab uprising curse of the emperor. Have soloed a campaign of jaws and have solo crimson scales on a table for when I want a day of grinding. But yes spirit island is currently my favorite solo challenge and enjoyment game

  27. I see Deliverance on the shelf. I am absolutely loving it right now. Legacy of Yu is another one that blew my expectations away. I just wanted to mention those while fully endorsing Too Many Bones as #1. When it hits the table it stays there for weeks at a time.

  28. I like Summit at one player, playing two handed with different climbers. Playing one handed is possible but very difficult at higher difficulty levels.

  29. I don't have as much of a collection as you, so I'll mention my top 5 at the moment.

    5. The Witcher: Old World (With Expansions)
    4. ISS Vanguard
    3. Marvel United
    2. Cthulhu DMD
    1. Robinson Crusoe

    I prefer Marvel United and CDMD with others, but I have so much fun playing them solo that they deserve a spot on my list.

    Thanks for sharing your list! I'm really excited to get my copy of 20 Strong. Maybe that will move up the ranks for me soon.

  30. I honestly loved Marvel Champions, it was my number 1 solo-game for a full year. But I eventually realized I only enjoyed playing new content, so I sold it. Instead TMB is my absolute number one solo-game. I can replay every character against every Tyrant and still enjoy the game. So while the MC-system is extremely fun, TMB is more suitable to me personally.

  31. I cant help & notice Tanares got the most lime light… … …

  32. Given you put 20 strong on the list, how excited are you for the 20 Strong Tanglewood trilogy? Manny Trembley's art is incredible and I'm looking forward to getting into 20 strong after stupidly deciding to pass on it.

  33. The Isofarian Guard, Merchants Cove and Legacy of Yu!

  34. What’s your thoughts on something like Iron Helm?

  35. 😂😂😂 when you were talking about having a problem/addiction @~11 min Calico. Too funny haha

  36. Spirit Island at 3-4 is great if you have players who can work together, going from being completly overwhelmed to pulling off a combo that almost wipes the island clean is fantastic. But solo is also solid. That along with Mage Knight and Iron Helm are my favorites for solo play right now.

  37. 29:18 Then how can you justify putting Unsettled on the list – let alone at the #2 spot, if you haven’t played it enough – and that’s your reason for not including Mage Knight on the list?

  38. Loved this video, lighting and audio quality are a threat 🤌🏼. I'm very new to solo board games, never played any of those and would appreciate some b-roll showing the components of the game being while being played to get a better sense of what is like. This was your first video that I watched, you got a new subscriber =)

  39. Come on, 20 Strong? You played it “ten times or so in the three weeks you have had it,” and that makes your top 10 of all time. Really? Sounds like you are just caught up with the novelty of a new game. Go play some Mage Knight again so it could rightfully make its way on your top 10 solo list where it belongs!

  40. For northwood is really fantastic! my no 1 at the moment is from the Oniverse Stellarion. In general this series pulled me completely into solo gaming. I love it to try and to combine the expansions every time and it is great to have a nice puzzle experience.

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