Top 10 Solo Horror Board Games | Best Solitaire Horror Themed Games for Halloween -

Top 10 Solo Horror Board Games | Best Solitaire Horror Themed Games for Halloween

Totally Tabled
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This is a list of my top 10 favorite solo horror board games. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:


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Foreign Land (Sting) by Jingle Punks
Lurking Shadows by Myuu

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  1. This war of mine: How much I love and hate that game

  2. Really happy to see Horrified here – it's so addictively brilliant as a solo game! Also – it's BRUTAL. 🙂

  3. As always great content! Even in your top 10 lists we feel immersion 😀! Also that is a great list. I don't feel very much comfortable playing horror themed games, but Im super curious about this war of mine. And also I have 2 games from your list, AH3ed and ghost stories, both are great, but for me I think ghost stories is better

  4. Hmm board games can be a bit scary even though it's quite rare. I vividly remember a plastic dog where you had to push its teeth and if you pushed the wrong one it would bite your hand.

    And I know there's a board game where people are blindfolded at key times because the 'power goes out'. That can be kind of scary. Because someone at the table could be the killer.

    But board games are much better at being tense or panic inducing. Realtime games like Project Elite can be very tense on high difficulties. But those games don't fit the Halloween theme very well.

  5. not related but, you voice sounds familiar, did you use to cover star wars destiny?… anyways, thanks for the list, I'll try a couple

  6. Havent you played Dawn of the Zeds?
    I do miss that game on your list, especially as it has a much darker atmosphere than some games on your list.

  7. Arkham Horror the card game definetely is my #1 Horror game and it's my #2 game of all time.

  8. Great list. Nemesis might be my first. I'd add Hostage Negotiator.

  9. Should add the names of the games so we don't have to skip around ya vid just to find the title

  10. Have you tried The Night Cage? I’ve gotten it recently and really enjoy it. It also has more replayability with different creatures in advance modes.

    I’m really wanting Nemesis so hopefully one day when it’s cheaper I’ll get it.

  11. Great list – a lot of nice variety. I always come away with some ideas. I love the quality and the ambiance of the video's as well. Thanks for such a fun spooky time!

  12. I might recommend Freedom: The Underground Railroad for much of the same reason you picked This War of Mine. It's not quite as thematic and graphic for sure, but the decisions can be heartbreaking nonetheless and the theme is just dark and sad mostly because it is based on real world events. In the end, the game might be more horrific than fun, though it is a good looking game on the table.

  13. Some other ideas for the list … Deep Madness, Kingdom Death : Monster, Sheol, Mansion of Madness, Arkham Horror the board game, Eldritch Horror or Cthulhu Death may die.

  14. My favorites horror games: Mansion of Madness, Bloodborne, Arkham Horror LCG, Arkham Horror 3 Ed, Scape Tales (Children of Wyrmwood), Dead of Winter, Cthulhu DMD, Deep Madness. Good video, happy Halloween from Perú.

  15. Interesting list! Lost these vids. Always nice to see what gels with other folks.
    I'm a confessed fan of horror esp Lovecraftian themed games.
    On my list in no order would be;
    Cthulhu DMD
    Mansions of Madness
    Arkham Horror LCG
    The Night Cage
    Machina Arcana
    Deep Madness
    Zombicide Black Plague.

  16. Great list. I don't play many solo games, so my horror favorites would be multi-player. Fury of Dracula. Terrors of London. Dawn of the Zed. This is a good start.

  17. Surprised not to see Mansions of Madness second edition on this list. While Arkham Horror the card game is a great solo game, the app being the dungeon master makes MoM a smooth experience

  18. Have you tried Sub Terra? It’s a tough but fun coop where you play a group of cavers trying to escape a cave. But you’ll also stumble upon some monsters lurking in the darkness, who’ll try and hunt you down… great fun!

  19. I think my favourite horror-themed games would be Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu and Cthulhu Death May Die (though they're probably the only horror games i've actually played).

  20. I like your top ten lists because I often encounter titles I'm not familiar with (for example, Carnival Zombie, 2nd ed.). Really struck by the art in some of these games (Carnival Zombie, Ghost Stories, This War of Mine). Will check out your playthrough of CZ. Now if someone would just teach me how to play Arkham Horror 😖!

  21. Great video and love the games on this list. Curious about the plastic token containers seen in the Nemesis and Arkham segments, as those look awesome. Where did you get those?

  22. This war of mine and Nemesis are from the same producer Awaken realms (Poland) .

  23. Great list. I will add Mall of Horror. Ups, Not a solo game.

  24. Nice click bait thumb🙄 i clicked hoping to see the solo variant of Unmatched

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