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Top 10 Solo Only Board Games

Totally Tabled
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These are my top 10 board games that can only be played solo. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:

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00:00 Intro (11. Resist! )
00:49 10. Under Falling Skies
03:17 9. Friday
04:33 8. Warp’s Edge
05:50 7. For Northwood!
07:35 6. Legend of Yu
09:02 5. Maquis
10:41 4. ROVE
12:11 3. Coffee Roaster
13:33 2. Halls of Hegra
14:46 1. Final Girl
16:18 Outro (12. 20 Strong )

Thumbnail image is from the board game Final Girl: Frightmare on Maple Lane by artist Roland MacDonald.

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  1. Havent you played 20 Strong yet or do you dislike it?

  2. Maquis is fantastic! I also love the small box solo games Aleph Null and Lux Aeterna. I think you might like those too.

  3. This is a great list for solo games. My favourite is Final Girl but I have really been enjoying the X and writes like Welcome to and Dungeons dice and danger. Maquis is my go to board game on my phone. It’s quick to get into and really intense.
    Keep up the great work! I really liked the list you provided

  4. Love these games! I also highly recommend Nemo's War. Super thematic and extremely replayable.

  5. Skoventyr. You have to play it. It feels like Onirim, but I like it better, and it requires a lot less shuffling.

  6. I love Coffee Roaster, but every time I see the older version it just bugs me that I have the second edition. I just adore the art of the original.

  7. As a solo player I have all of those games except for For Northwood and Halls of Hegra which are very hard to find! Great list if I have 80% of them!!!😂

  8. Coffee Roaster captured my attention, I saw your playthrough and I'm considering buying it. ^_^
    I like Final Girl, especially that you can manipulate these half-wins and you plan for whatever is happening right now on the board. I kinda dislike deckbuilders, I realized it's pretty annoying that I buy a card and need to wait until it shows up and it often is not even useful at that moment. 😅 I just don't like planning far ahead.
    I got Warp's Edge and I'm not sure if I like it. The fact that you reshuffle all these guys you defeated and they show up again and again is slightly frustrating. 😅

  9. Another great video! As a solo player I am familiar with all of these games, although I have not played them all. One I'm not sure you've tried is Black Sonata. I think that is one of the most underrated solo-only games, and overall games, out there. Hitting Kickstarter next week with a second expansion too!

  10. Amazing video as usual! And it seems I will buy some of the games on your list 🙂

  11. Halls of Hegra is my favorite solo only game. Truly a masterpiece of this genre. However, I can't get into Final girl. Too much random for me with not a lot way to mitigate the bad rolls.

  12. Check out Arkham Noir. Case #3 especially has evolved into an epic bifurcating story that is devilishly difficult.

  13. Have you tried Nemo's War?

    I recently picked it up, and it quickly became one of my top games of all time. I think it has a great theme and offers really interesting decisions.

  14. what happened to robinson crusoe or frostpunk?

  15. I recommend Sprawlopolis, Dawn of the Zeds as for solo only board games
    Star wars Outer Rim is quite enjoyable with its solo mode.
    Carnegie solo is amazing and really challenging. Haven't won it yet.
    Fallout the boardgame played with two characters and both expansions is also very good.
    If you have time and I mean a lot of time, try Sleeping gods. It's amazing.

  16. Coffee Roaster BAAYYBAAAYYYYY!!! Excellent call! The most unknown greatest solo game ever.

  17. No 20 Strong?! Blasphemous! But I do love a lot of these games. Halls of Hegra is the one you highlighted that I realllllyyyy wanna checkout.

  18. I received 3 solo gems last week and have yet to play them: Castle Itter, Lanzerath Ridge and Pavlov's House. Did you play any of these yet? If so I'm very interested in feedback.
    Being a big fan of Halls of Hegra, I expect to love these defense games, where you have to hold the line against all odds…

  19. Hi there, nice little list with some game I have to try out, such has maquis and coffee roaster

    Around here. Even if I have much less games than before. I had some great time on

    -Warp's edge
    -Sprawpolis (now replaced by Naturopolis)
    -LOTR and marvel LCGS
    -Aeon's end / Astro knights
    -Cascadia / Calico
    -Raiders of scythia
    -After us

    I tried out rove but apparently my brain was getting a hard time in that one 😀

    And so many others 🙂

  20. I recommend Deep Space D6. It can be hard to get a copy, but it is a very unique solo only game.

  21. I had Friday early in my gaming hobby (5 years ago) but I did not like it at all. I like to have at least a 30%(?) chance of winning and I never felt like I would get to win it ever. And I hated seeing people in the BGG forums talk about how "easy" it was and that they "solved it" in just 10 plays or so! Very frustrating!

    I recently bought For Northwood! and I do enjoy it. I take it on travel since it's so small and has a good amount of challenge without being too hard or too easy. I have Final Girl and like it a lot, but I have to be in the right mood to play because it is truly a survival kind of game. I have won some combinations, but not others.

    Several of the others on your list are ones that I have been interested in, but didn't know enough about: Under Falling Skies, Maquis, Legacy of Yu, Warp's Edge, and Coffee Roaster. Thanks for covering them here – even just the description you gave here is more than I have seen elsewhere without having to watch an entire playthrough. I suspect that BGA has 1 or 2 of them – I just have to take the time to try them out there!

  22. Siege of Valeria with the campaign is my favourite at the moment, but I also love Sylvion (big tower defense fan obviously!) I'm very keen on Halls of Hegra, but need to wait until I have the budget…

  23. When you can, you should make a new Final Girl video with another "movie".

  24. I highly recommend Lux Aeterna but it might be a bit difficult to get a copy, but it's totally worth it.

  25. Thank you for actually showing the games! I am so tired of all these board gamers who basically talk straight into the camera for half an hour and only show the box art at best. Your video gave me a really good impression of the games – and some great pointers as to what to play next! Great stuff!

  26. Have you played Witchcraft! ? I'm told it's a re-skin of Resist! but updated. It's on my list to acquire (or try to) bc I like the theme more than Resist!

  27. God I love your videos, keep up the good work! It's so aesthetic and is really informative, I have so many of your recommended games in my own collection!

  28. I don't get the reasoning for making a list for "only solo" games.

    When I like playing a game solo which is e.g. 1 to 4 players more than an game which is only 1 player then it's still better solo.

  29. Merci pour cette excellente liste: j’irai voir les jeux que je ne connais pas. Surtout, félicitation pour la qualité des tes vidéos : c’est du travail concis qui nous donne un bon aperçu des jeux présentés. Chapeau bas👏👏👏

  30. Love solo boardgaming but solo only board games haven’t been great to me. I didn’t like Final Girl or Victorum though I thought I would. Haven’t tried Halls of Hegra but interested. I think my favorite solo only BG is Under Falling Skies. Would love to try ROVE.

  31. Such quality content as always Sir! Thank you for this solo list. As I play mostly solo, its so great to get ur views on what's good!

  32. My favorite solo only is a game I think I have not seen in your channel.

    It's called "Eila and Something Shiny". It's a campaign game, 5 chapters, 30 mins – 1hour each.

    There are some very cool mechanisms, like "story deck building" and it's super simple. What makes the game special is the story but I do not want to spoil anything, so I will just describe the box; you are a cute bunny trying to find something shiny on the top of a mountain.

    The game length is also ideal even for a complete campaign video and it will probably be a campaign you will finish and finish it pretty soon!

  33. Great list. I am broadening the list a little bit to include a few that had multi-player bolted on, sort of the opposite of how many solo modes come about.

    The best on my list would be Apex Theropod. It is a basic deck builder but the puzzle of each dinosaur and the reigning apex predator is exceptionally satisfying. Some dinosaurs you go right at them, some take a bit of planning. It is so good! The multi-player competitive game is fine, quite different, but just fine.

    The next on my list is Nemo’s War. Passing control of the Nautilus is such a weak cooperative mode, why even call it that :). The narrative aspect of the game is strong, especially as you start getting to the end game and your determination (or insanity) drives you to taking more risks, pushing your crew, sacrificing everything to accomplish your goal or die trying. You really do become Nemo of the novel.

    Speaking of solo game adaptations of classic science fiction, War of the Worlds from Dan Verssen Games captures the feeling of the novel perfectly. Well, the UK version 🙂 You are at an extreme technological disadvantage, it requires cunning to keep the Martians from overrunning the British countryside. Of course, you have to play Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds while playing. As good as the UK version is, The US, France and Japan provide interesting unique puzzles of their own. Can the US mobilize fast enough to bring the war to the Martin, Japan is sheer numbers making up for a technology gap, and the French version feels like nobody wants to fight the bad guys. Robinson Crusoe tough, but so rewarding when you make any kind of progress.

    I am not a fan of real time games, but Proving Grounds is an exception. It would be at the lower end of the list, but quite a good solo game.

  34. Games I own and love playing: Under Falling Skies, Friday, Warp's Edge, For Northwood!, Maquis, Doom Machine, Final Girl (I have four vignettes but have only played the Happy Trails Horror One.)
    Games I own but haven't played yet: Rove, Witchcraft! (very similar to Resist!)
    Games I really want to try: Legacy of Yu, Cursed!?, Black Sonata (reprint campaign on Kickstarter tomorrow), Leviathan WIlds (reprint campaign coming to GameFound soon)
    My current favorite solo game: Ancient Realm (multi-use cards, Button Shy goodness)

    P.S. I don't think I've ever won a game of Friday.

  35. Have you tried Lux Aeterna and Aleph Null? Two great solo only small box games!

  36. This is an awesome list. I am familiar with many and own 2 of them. Friday and Under Falling Skies are the two I own. Halls of Hegra is really pulling at me. It seems very intense. Thank you for creating and sharing.

  37. Wow! I have 11—>2. My completionist gene has kept me away from Final Girl as am so far behind collecting it.

  38. Great choices. Legacy of Yu sets up what I hope turns into an evolving series of solo-only games from Shem and co.

  39. thank you so much! while we love all your solo playthroughs of bigger games, we appreciate the solo only board game coverage as these are usually smaller boxed games and better for our limited space.🥰

  40. Have tried many of these. Maquis looks interesting to me.

  41. I've been watching you for a while, and my solo games collection (or games with solo) is increasing because of it. I've recently bought "Legacy of Yu" and I'll be getting some more from this list for sure. Thanks for your hard work.

  42. Good list! Still hoping to try out Warp's Edge. 🙁 My top solo only games also include – Paperback Adventures, Nemo's war, Palm Island, Sylvion and Deep Space D6.

  43. Great video ! I really want Northwood but just can't seem to find a copy here in the UK. 😢 Sobs
    Added Legacy of Yu to list of board games to get ! I always find something from your videos 😂 !

  44. I have to say, I really enjoy this format. I haven’t played many of these but your production allows me a chance to see the game laid out along with some of the decision space. Appreciated, thank you.

  45. Good solo or solitaire games:

    Revolution Road ((1775)
    Sniper Elite the Board game
    Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms
    Dawn of Empire(1898)
    One Deck Dungeon
    Nemo’s War
    Defending America
    (from the German Amerika bomber)


  46. This is a great video! Thank you! Very helpful.
    Have you checked out gloomhaven button and bugs yet?

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