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TOP 10 Things We HATE About Board Games!

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My pet peeves about this hobby.

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  1. So many unplayed games. Your shelf of shame goes deep.

  2. I have a simple solution for the "warping" issue. Get many, many games and stack them tightly.😊

    But seriously, I never had this problem, and I live in an environment with heavy swings in temperatures and humidity. I have a couple of rare old games, I got second-hand that showed early onset or already had developed mold upon arrival. These I restored and are stored with big silica bags inside.

    My personal pet beef with board games is bad rulebooks. And oh boy, what an endless topic that is.

  3. yup misprinted rules and to many fiddly bits can be a a pet peeve

  4. such a great list. your number 1 is such a great point. I definitely did that for a game as well. Thankfully it wasn't too expensive. I feel one you're missing is unnecessary expansions. I know many add value to a game, like new characters or maps etc. However I feel some expansions can almost make a game too complex, change the gameplay too much, or like you mentioned make it too long to setup.

  5. Strongly agree about FOMO. So many games are sold at scalper prices because you can’t get them later.

  6. i dont have a problem with large game boxes or anything, so long as there is a justified reason for it. its absolutely my biggest pet peeve, though, when the space is just so poorly optimized its almost insulting. i know a lot of it is an advertising thing, like with big box pc games in the 90s, but like. cmon. i bought a copy of dwar7s fall not long ago without ever having heard of it because it was so cheap for a new copy i figured, "why not", and while i actually enjoy the game a fair bit, it comes in an almost 3 inch thick, 1 foot by 1 foot box for uh. a deck of cards and a handful of meeples. the box is so big they had to put a cardboard insert inside the box just to fill space, which closes off 2/3rds of the box, and still leaves too much space open, so the cards just bounce around and get messed up.

    the cards in dawr7s fall also need to be separated into quite a few different decks, based on the type of card, but they came, shrinkwrapped, all jumbled together in a random order, and the instruction manual even tells you to sort them all yourself. lie im not an expert at how printing cards is, but can they not like, sequence them better? at least so i didnt have to spent a half hour the first time doing something i feel should have been done at the factory. it was a number of blows that really made me not even want to play the game.

    i actually ended up using the void created by the insert to store an entire other game that didnt come with a box, just a cardboard back with a molded plastic front to keep the pieces in (brand new! but thats a complaint for another day)

    dwar7s fall is the example i think of the most, but it happens often enough that its my number one thing with board games that i hate. i found a used copy of card chess as well, which is another egregious example. the box is absolutely massive, so big that if im stacking games, it needs to be on the bottom, since literally no other board game box i own is big enough to support it, all for a deck of cards and a board. the board is big, sure, but it feels like there could have been some thought to space optimization there. im also not sure if it came like that from the factory, since i got it used, but theres a little cardboard box that was glued to the bottom of the box to hold the cards. and it did a bang up job of keeping all the cards where theyre supposed to be, except it made it impossible to get the cards out without flipping the whole box upside down, and it also made it so you had to lean the board on the box, since it was glued to the bottom. if it came from the factory like that, id like a stern word with the designers, but id be equally as baffled if someone just decided to do that with their copy.

    AND ANOTHER THING: why is it that my copy of boggle doesnt fit in the box unless you orient all the pieces in a very specific way? the obvious way to store it is to have the top of the shaker on top of the tray, yknow, where its designed to fit, but if you do that, it sticks out over the top of the box and the lid doesnt fit on. instead, you have to do this weird balancing act, where the top of the shaker goes in first, then you have to lean the dice tray on it. absolutely bonkers packaging design for a game where almost all the pieces form a container anyway. just make the box the right size to fit around the shaker!

  7. Box too small. If I have to place everything perfectly to get the lid back on, I will not play that game as often. Setup and tear down time is important.

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