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Top 10 Tile Laying Board Games

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Join us as we run through our Top 10 tile laying board games.


  1. Good list. Mine would of had Carpe Diem on it….just sayin.

  2. Some fantastic games on your list:
    I love AZUL, CHINATOWN, GLEN MORE (II) Carcassone.
    I’d like to try Alhambra and Attica.
    Have you played
    MIYABI ? Fantastic tile laying game – Japanese Garden theme from Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Keisling.
    I would also highly recommend CALDERA PARK by the same duo.

  3. What? No Tigris & Euphrates? Unforgivable!!

  4. Carc and Acquire I was hoping to see. I had forgotten about Chinatown, probably because my first thought about it is the "negotiation" aspect.
    Qwirkle I can pass on, and Galaxy Trucker is hit or miss a lot of the time.
    A really great tile laying game that I (relatively) recently found is Nova Luna. It has a mechanic like Patchwork (also a tile laying game, and a decent 2-player game), but it has a lot more going on. Highly recommend trying.

  5. not bagel….. its beigel just saying hahaahahah

  6. Glasgow is a overlooked hidden two player gem that includes worker placement and tile placement.

  7. I love your love for Carcassonne. I have all expansions and I love the variety. With the expansions it is still in my top 10 games of all time. I can play this game with my grandchildren (5+6yo).

  8. Please for the love of God treat yourselves to some Carcassonne expansions. They transform an already excellent game into… Well something fucking more excellent!
    I'd buy 1 & 2 as they add some key pieces. You'll thank me. 🤟🏻

  9. Why play a different version of Azul than the original? Because there's a mini version! And you know what? There's a mini version of Quirkle now too! Easier to get these brilliant games onto a table than ever before. I need to get a copy of Alhambra. I was sceptical about it initially but now there have been multiple times at our game group where it's been like, we've got about 5 people and one option is Alhambra and we all go "that one please" and love it. Gotta say Carcassonne is my favourite game. I was introduced to the new post-2000 gaming golden age with Tsuro and Catan, but Carcassonne was the first game that made me fall in love with board games. I know for other people it was Catan or Ticket To Ride, but I just don't think either of those come close. And if anyone tells you to play without farmers to help ease a newbie into the game, tell them no. Better that newbies see a competitive game where they can't quite grasp everything than that they see a simple boring game where your score just depends entirely on what tiles you draw. Carcasonne is bland and unbalanced without farmers.

  10. Not sure if you’ve played Captain Flip yet from Paolo Mori, but it’s definitely cracked my Top 10. Hell, maybe even #1. I shit you not. 😊

  11. Think Chinatown is out of print now and has been replaced by some bland waterfall-themed nonsense.

  12. After Carcassonne my favorite is Isle of Skye. Sad how it got forgotten somehow over the years.

  13. Isle of Skye replaced Carcassonne for me.
    Also: sounds you urgently need to play Harmonies…

  14. Chinatown is out of print, what a load of bollocks.

  15. That was a looooooooong linger on the peasant girl.

  16. Great list. I own 4 or 5 of them and love them all. I think you'd like Cascadia based on this list. It's a pretty relaxing game.

  17. We still love Carcassonne in our house. We play wirh a hamd of three tiles , it keeps the maps tighter amd its a bit more strategic…. only a bit, but we like it that way. Most of them are absolute bangers to be fair. Cracking list.

  18. Great list.
    Tigris & euphrates still the best for me.

  19. Alhambra is fantastic, first board game I ever bought myself, still have it and play it often with people new to the hobby.
    I would throw in Ginkgopolis as my absolute favorite for this genre, though tile laying is just one of the elements, there's also engine building, drafting and area majority. Bloody good game still.

  20. Just to let you know your play through of Cyclades has been spoken of in my wholesaler's latest email, to promote why it's a pre-order must.


    The YouTube channel, BoardGameB****cks, famed for sweary and foul-mouthed reviews has the original Cyclades rated as his favourite game ever made. He has just published a video to his 26k subscribers in which he stated: 
    "It's amazing really, the game has been top of our top 100 list for years – and they somehow managed to make it even better."
    YouTube's Board Stupid featured the new edition as one of their favourite games of UKGE, stating "it's an amazing game… I can't wait to have this one in my collection"

  21. They were giving away copies of Galaxy Trucker as entrance swag this year at BGG Spring, very nice.

  22. I forgot about Carcassone. Was utterly convinced that Castles of Burgundy was going to be top dog here.

    You sold me on Chinatown! Gutted that is out of print.

  23. If you forgot your Qwirkle but had a pack of Uno cards could you use those instead and lay similarly to domino tiles. ?

  24. I’ll stand on my Captain Flip mountaintop and fling my minions down on top of ya. It’s easy, it’s maybe juvenile…. But man it’s pure fun.

  25. I've got the 3M bookshelf copy of Acquire. Amazing how it keeps managing to surface. I've got to dust it off and try it.

  26. Been looking for China Town for a while, i hear there's a reprint coming soon

  27. Aesthetically Azul is certainly pleasing, but for me it is just too abstract, and so I never feel particularly engaged with it.

    Probably sensible to exclude many of them from this list, but I do like games where tiles form the 'board' with players creating it, either at the start of the game, or as they play.

  28. I was kind of expecting Cascadia on the list 😅
    Have you not played it or DID you and was it dog sh*te?

  29. The reprint of Chinatown is called Waterfall Park.
    Your photos/videos of Alhambra and Carcassonne both showed illegal tile placements.

  30. I wonder if Land vs Sea could replace Carcassone ?

  31. I just discovered Alhambra last year and it immediately became a favorite and I've played more times in this last year than most other games I own. I recently got the new Alhambra: The Red Palace game which is mostly a more fiddly, longer version of the original with wooden buildings that sit on top of the tiles which gives a nice look, and actually does make it easier to look across at other players's layouts to see what they have. But it also does have one new bit that I want to use in all games from now on, and that is the end of round scoring is now randomized so that different buildings score differently each time, so it's not always the same buildings in the same order.

  32. I watched the whole video like “where’s carcasonne?” Love it but didn’t expect it to come in at the top. But I guess I should’ve because it’s an awesome game

  33. I played Carcassonne once with expansion but felt they don't add to the enjoyment. Just the base game is plenty of game already.

  34. The Grand Carnival is also a good tile laying game.

  35. tough list to make. so many options! I'd add Castles of Burgandy and Sorcerer City.

  36. Not played Alhambra in ages, might be a plan for the weekend, really enjoy it! Have you played Akropolis?

  37. Carcassonne is my most played game mainly because of the app and the game that got me into board gaming.

  38. I'd recommend akropolis or cascadia.

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