Top 10 Two Player Board Games | Best Games for Competitive Couples, Dynamic Duos or Mortal Enemies -

Top 10 Two Player Board Games | Best Games for Competitive Couples, Dynamic Duos or Mortal Enemies

Totally Tabled
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This is a list of my top 10 favorite fun board games that play best at two players. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:


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  1. Doomtown, blast from the past, I played this like 20 years ago and still have my decks haha. Such a great game that didn’t get the love it deserves.

  2. "veer" as in to veer left, "zind" as in zinc with a "d" , "das" you've got down and "folk" as in folklore. "Veer zind das folk" xD

  3. Have you played Stronghold 2nd edition (or the Undead version)? It is such a cool & unique head to head game.

  4. So here is a thought/suggestion. Video(s) for games that play well solo AND multiplayer. I would be happy with just one video where you mention some light, mid and heavy games that play well solo and at 2p, 3p, 4p etc. But you could also potentialy make seperate videos for the different complexities or player counts.

  5. Great list! I love Raptor, you've inspired me to get some play-time with that one. I hadn't heard of Sekigahara, but it sounds very cool (aside from all those stickers) 🙃

  6. Thank you for the list. Where did you buy those tiny poker chips for Doomtown? I have mine from Waddingtons Poker Travel set, but the new ed. of it has chips of mediocre quality. The one you tossed is superb!

  7. Wow and I'm sitting here not having heard of 80% of that list 😮 and as a german I can also say, your pronunciation is pretty pretty good, only the "v" in Volk is pronounced like an "f" and not like an "v" or "w" 😉

  8. I never heard of most of the games on your list! LOL but cool.
    I am more of a Solitaire/2 player gamer and that ones I’ve enjoyed at two are:
    Dice Throne
    Marvel villainous
    Air, Land and Sea
    Silver Bullet
    Star Realms
    And DC deck building confrontation edition.

  9. Doomtown looks interesting. Don't know if you have played Arkham Horror LCG but I feel the same way you do with this game. That every campaign is a season of a really good TV show.

  10. Great list! The #1 looks like a really fun and underrated game. It looks like it is out of print?
    And it seems that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to have a solid card base?

  11. Nice top10 but there is not better 2p game than Netrunner so please don't lie to us 😛 MtG np at all but Netrunner is a diffrent level 😀

  12. I enjoyed watching this video. I like Raptor a lot and recently bought Unmatched: Jurassic Park which is nice but I'm starting to feel the luck factor of card draws in the game and it hurts it. 7 Wonders Duel, I tried playing but it fell flat for me, I'd give it another try. I did hear about number 8 and it's on my wishlist (the election game). Haven't heard about the rest.

  13. I got like 130 2-player only games. Sadly I have bought many of them the last two years and not played them all yet. Which are currently in my top 10? Just now there are only 4 games I am sure make the top and these are: TZAAR, Carcassonne The Castle (not using the bonus tiles), Blokus Duo (no bonuses, playing two games alternate start, lowest total surplus squares wins) and DVONN. Sekigahara is close to my top 10 I think, so are Tintas and Tak.

  14. I'm very interested in #2 'Wir sind das Volk!' 🤩
    My 2p #1 is 'Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation'. Have you played this game?

  15. I couldn't help a chuckle at the stickers Sekigahara. In fact there are only 119 blocks with stickers on one side, which is not so bad. But Command and Colors Ancients (just the base game) has 345 blocks with stickers on both sides.. about 700 stickers. Its like a right of

  16. Played them all except for #1, great picks 😉

  17. My top list of two player games I own (most strictly two-player games, a few that can handle more but isn't ideal for more imo):
    7 Wonders Duel
    Blitzkrieg! World War Two in 20 minutes
    Star Realms
    Memoir '44
    War Chest
    Ascension Tactics
    AuZtralia with Tazmania expansion
    The Fox in the Forest
    Land vs Sea

    My honorable mentions (mostly because no one wants to play with me bcs time and/or complexity):
    War of the Ring/The Battle of Five Armies
    Star Wars Rebellion
    Twilight Struggle
    Through the Ages A New Story of Civilization

  18. Some really good looking games in here that I haven't heard of. Thanks for the list! I really want to try out 1960!

  19. "Better than Netrunner." Oh oh. 🙂 Anyway, interesting list that's introduced me to a bunch of games I've not heard of.

  20. Love rebellion and 7 wonders duel pf course it’s funny Toph just got Doomtown for $8 this month so good to hear it is not a bad game 😃

  21. I don't even bother w/ games that don't play well w/ 2 players out of the box, so this list was helpful. I am also recently starting to get into solo gaming & wargaming in general. I am a little burnt out w/ euros tbh & have high hopes that war games will provide a little bit more staying power.

  22. 1960: The Making of the President is outstanding. Definitely one of my favorite 2P games as well. The give and take of the card play is absolutely delicious and the theme really comes through. Highly recommended.

  23. Your #1 really surprised me! I used to play Doomtown back when it still was a CCG! Such a great game.

  24. I dont really get your restriction on that list.

    if you are only two players and you want to play a game. Do you limit your options only on games that can only be played with 2?
    Sounds strange.
    When a multiplayer game is better at two than an only two-player game, well then it's better and should be (higher) on that list….especially when your list should help people to find good two-player-games.

    So you might have rethemed your topic or at least changed the headline to "best DUEL games".
    So you know that this list is not about your favorite games playing at two BUT that it's only about games that are clearly rather 1vs1 with all kind of stuff especially direct confrontation (no matter if direct or rather "backstabbing").

    anyways, some interesting games I have never heard of. 🙂

  25. as a German it's interesting to see a game like "Wir sind das Volk!" (=We are the people).
    does it play quicker than Twilight Struggle and is it easier?

  26. Great list. Refreshing seeing games k hadn't heard of. Thank you.

  27. Great overview! I'm very interested in getting into Doomtown and was curious if you had any suggestions for expansions. Either way, it would be great to see you do a play-through of Doomtown

  28. If you play making of the president compare the electoral vote each state and the states that lean republicans and democrats in the game 1960 to today

  29. Would have bought Sekigahara if it wasn't for the stickers. Shame they didn't do bakelite pieces because the game just looks too gorgeous for all that stick on nastiness.

  30. Thanks for the kind words, glad you love the game!

  31. Fantastic video production, with well-thought opinions. It's refreshing.
    I appreciate the tendency you show to focus on fewer games, not necessarily on great hype or new, and to take the time to understand and meditate on them. This is a distinct trait and a precious alternative to the diffuse craze of doing reviews of more and more games, which too often leads to not having taken the time to understand the rules and all the possibilities of a game nor to play the game for its purpose: the enjoyment/social interaction, or simply becoming an echo chamber for trends and buzz, which often are inflated by useless polemics or huge marketing investments.

    And I swear, I do not say that only because Raptor is my favorite 2 player game! 😝 I have played this on many dates with girls that were not yet into the hobby, it proved always a strong gateway even more than Dixit!

  32. Great list with a lot of great games I've never heard of before. Thanks for this!

  33. Awesome list, they are not the usual games and that's appreciated, new options to buy, thanks!!

  34. Wow, have never heard of doom town but LOVE the theme/artwork. Any chance there is a solo mode? 😬 – Shaggi, Have you ever played Radlands? That's one of my fave 2 player games. Beautiful art, cool the theme.

  35. I just want to say I love your top 10 videos as you are recommending games that I seemed to like but never heard of before!

    Specifically I really want to get doomtown but sadly I already missed the latest kickstarter at time of seeing this video I probably will wait until it hits retail but certainly it looks amazing!

  36. Excellent video. I’m excited to catch up on your content.

  37. man I have a ton of A: Netrunner decks, tons… I was between getting L5R card game or Doomtown, and decided at last for L5R, and NOW I wanna get doomtown also

  38. I just ordered Raptor today. 🙂
    Thanks for the great explanation of it…looking forward to playing it with my kids.

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