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Top 10 Underrated Board Games

The Brothers Murph
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Today we talk about the 10 games that we think have been severely underrated and overlooked. It’s too bad, these games are awesome!

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  1. Witchstone is awesome! One of the few games my wife will play with me. Combos, baby!

  2. Solid list! Naga Raja, Lllamaland, and Witchstone are all great fun. My fellow Kniziaphiles poo-pooed Witchstone, which I think hurt it getting traction. I love it. Enjoy!

  3. Why don’t you make a « combo wombo » top 10 or the most satisfying games where you create combo (Space Base, Terraforming mars…)

  4. I have to agree with many of your choices such as Boonlake, Coloma ( Backed recent crowdfunding), and Witchstone. I bought Bloody Inn, Last Will, and Prodigals Club on your recommendation and I love them. Admittedly, I have 3 Kallax shelves with Vladimir Suchy games. Thanks guys and well done.

  5. Have you heard of Castell? That one's pretty underrated i think

  6. I was going to claim that Through the Desert belongs on this list. It's out of print (as I think are the other two games in the classic tile-laying trilogy), but has just been Kickstarted. But your #1 was Reiner, and all the games on your list interest me (I don't think I've played any of them).

  7. Powerline .do you want a play one game of powerline ? good game in the videos . thanks 🙂

  8. I'm wanting try Dinosaur World more so than Dinosaur Island. I would try either.

  9. Llama Land I really want try also. I love Barenpark so much.

  10. What the? Thick luxurious facial hair!?! He's a witch! Buuuuurrrrnnnnn him!

  11. You guys have shouted out Ginkgopolis and I think that would still be #11 here. Thanks for talking it up. Tres bien

  12. Viral was a dud at 2 players, and I almost got rid of it. After seeing some positive reviews, I played it with 3 players, and it's not bad. It's not amazing, but I'm keeping it because it is unique. I still wouldn't tell people to go buy it.

  13. Most of these games I never heard of. Three games I heard of because of yall and never found locally. One of the game stores I frequently visit just recently got Powerline.😂

  14. Great selection on Witchstone. In terms of my choice for underrated I’ll go with both Crystal Palace and Quebec.

  15. Fabled Fruit, Comic Hunters, Evee Point Salad (Korean), Expedition/Relic Hunters (Korean, goes by 2 names)

  16. Happy City–played that game TONS and it's just so much fun to pick up!

  17. Cool list. I'm a Boon Lake booster as well! I would also include Stefan Feld's Carpe Diem as an underrated gem.

  18. I love that Duelosaur Island got some love here! That was one of the first games I introduced my wife to when we were dating and she really enjoys it, too. The solo mode is simple and challenging, as well. Other underrated games in my collection I would say are Wayfinders (Pandasaurus), The Wolves (Pandasaurus), Space Park (Keymaster), and Sabika (Ludanova).

  19. Duelosaur also has a solo mode that's fairly good boys. Glad you added this one🎃. It doesn't get much love.

  20. My hidden gem is Sub Terra (and most recently Sub Terra II). It is such a unique game with great asymmetric characters with easy and quick set up. I haven't played The Night Cage but Sub Terra seems like it did it first and better.

  21. Coloma is absolutely fantastic. I got to playtest the new expansion with the designer, Jonny Pac, and all I can say is if a wagon movin', combo-tastic euro doesn't make you literally leap up out of your chair (as this one did for me at RageCon), well, you're not truly living, my friend…

    Just a bit of trivia for you: Jonny Pac is actually from Placerville.

  22. Love love love Witchstone! Top 10 for me!

  23. most underrated game of all time is Coal Baron
    your welcome everyone

  24. Also: Viral looks like so much fun! Me and Rich love our Portugese designers/publishers and that looks the perfect weight for a couple's night where we stare into each other's eyes and whisper, "You put your disease in me."

  25. I remember watching your video about cuphead the fast rolling dice game when it first came out, and it has been on my wishlist since then, but not available in Australia without paying a fortune! To hear it is mass market hurts 😂

  26. Kiddo and I got Cuphead at GenCon this year! I got super excited about it after seeing your game play forever ago. It was even one of the games we brought with us to Grand Con last month.

    It was wild, crazy, hectic, and an all around good time 💜

  27. Viral looks cool. I ended up getting Plague Inc instead. Have you guys played that one? It was app/browser game that got a board game version after.

  28. LOL This is funny I just released my OVERRATED board games top 15 today.

  29. We just recently picked up Boonlake, and are playing it frequently. I love it much much better than GWT. Racing down the river is amazing, and it really isn't that long if everyone knows the rules.

  30. In my opinion one of the most underrated games is "The Artemis Project"- absolutely great game that I think has not received enough attention and totally deserves recognition!

  31. Have you checked out Azul? It's a fantastic game. Incredibly simple, but with a lot of strategy.

  32. The Brothers: llamaland is an underated game
    Also the brothers: we've kinda cooled on llamaland.

  33. Naga Raja is a fantastic game, but it's so underrated that I wasn't even expecting to see it in this video! But for me, the most underrated game of all time is The Boss, by Alain Ollier.

  34. I think my hidden gem is a PWH (“praise be”) – Archaeology. Such a great little set collection game.

  35. I am very surprised to hear WItchstone on this list since we were told a few days ago not to tell people it was on the list. Bloody Inn, Franchise, Goodcritters, Royal Visit and Coffee Traders are a few of my underrated games.

  36. Games that I think more pub are Whistle Mountain, Black Angel, Skull King, and Aquatica.

  37. I wanted to love the cuphead dice game. I feel like it could have used more development. The 2nd pack was by far the most difficult of all the boss packs. I feel like they could have escalated and combined the different challenges more toward the end to build up the difficulty. There were many unique challenges that only showed up in one of the boss decks and the whole game I was thinking "wow, when they combined this with the dice stacking, that will be so hard!" But it never happened. I believe I could modify it myself to turn it into what I envisioned it to be, but I decided I just didn't have the time 😅.

    My favorite hidden gem is a timed word game from 1986 called Jitters. I'm just waiting for some publisher to discover it and re-skin it/market it to modern gamers. I think it would be really

  38. Ora et labora and rococo ..both top 20 for me, rarely see anyone talk about them. And omg, I missed you guys playing orianberger kanal?? I missed the limited backing thing for it and my buddy didn't find one at Essen… niiice looking forward to watching that

  39. Love seeing some love for King of 12 and Cuphead! King of 12 I got after seeing a random review online, and it was an immediate hit for us… and that ARTWORK!!!

    Cuphead I tried out at GenCon a few years ago, and was immediately charmed. Played it through in full with two different groups that also loved it. Only downside there was, unless you're into trying to S-rank each box (which I'm not), there's not a lot of incentive to try going through it again, so I did let my copy go, but it's absolutely worth checking out.

  40. I think one really underrated board game is Pret-a-Porter, its not an easy game to learn, sure, but there is so many incredible things inside that, it just blows my mind how little people talk about it, a great economic/worker placement game, full of color, interesting decisions and many roads to victory.

  41. Ahh thanks for the Viral love! Have you played The Hive expansion?

  42. I don't think Powerline can be underrated yet? I thought it was way too new? I remember it being on KS last year sometime in one of the many many kickstarters that queen runs. It must have only delivered in the last 3-6 months (I didn't back it because queen games… Not a fan atm of their selling model)

  43. I ADORE Boonlake. It's one of my favourite Pfister games. I always have a great time with it. My flatmate and I actively try to prolong the game, so the length is definitely not an issue for us, lol. I love how it curtails the player rushing element, as players have to actively choose less popular actions to get to move faster.

  44. Powerline was played a few times this past weekend. My nephew loved it at 12 years old.

  45. A great list of games! Naga Raja is such a dynamic two player game. So many two player games feel like tug of war, but this one has layers of decision that higher player count games give. As good as Targi. And, Witchstone is my Halloween game this year. I just played it last weekend and fell in love. Can't wait to bring it to my monthly game group tomorrow night. 🎃

  46. Lignum, Madeira, Downfall of Pompeii, Pax Transhumanity and Tournay are my most underrated games.

  47. I really feel like this video needs more b-roll

  48. I received Powerline in August or September, either as a gift or in trade. I can't remember right now. I added it to the list of games I wanted to check out because of one of your videos. The box is still in shrink, but I watched a how to play on it earlier this week and I've been trying to get it to the table, but I just haven't had time.

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