Top 10 Underrated Games from 2022! -

Top 10 Underrated Games from 2022!

The Brothers Murph
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There were a ton of great games in 2022! But we felt like there were some that people overlooked. So we’re here talking about some games you may have missed in 2022!

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  1. I don't think Frosthaven has had enough attention.

  2. For me, Wolves wasn’t just the most underrated game, I think it was the best game of the year

  3. WOW I have never heard of any of them !?!

  4. it seems like top 10 family light hidden gems games 🙂

  5. Great video guys! I have to say, I'm fairly new to the hobby, so maybe I'm just selling things out more, but I have heard a metric tonne of people talking about these games, especially green team wins and museum suspects.

  6. I played Kites, beat Kites, and am now done with Kites.

  7. You can go back in First Rat. You just steal from the vendors and it sends you back to the beginning. Oh no. Kites sounds like a nightmare to me.

  8. Thanks for the video; a little surprised by the negative comments (but never underestimate the internet). Every time I see Green Team Wins, looks like Herd Mentality but with a weird, unnecessary scoring system

  9. Fyfe looks similar to Downtown Farmers Market which my wife and I really like. I have been looking for Green Team Wins but it’s sold out everywhere. Same for Sea Salt and Paper.

  10. 1:10 I’ve been trying to find First Rat so that I can try it. Game isn’t available at any of my FLGS yet. Hoping to find at one of my upcoming gaming conventions!

  11. Green team wins isn’t even available in amazon yet

  12. I want Green Team Wins, but can’t get my hands on a copy 😢

  13. Criminally? I'd love to see the top 10 criminally overpriced board games of 2022, or the top 10 kickstarter campaigns of 2022 that criminally screwed over backers

  14. Have you tried Brazil imperial? I loved that game. Since I got the Spanish version I played a while before the English version was launched. Loved it. But inertia in English countries has been close to none.

  15. Ah, now I get the meaning behind Nick shaving his head; he wanted that thug look for this one episode. That's dedication. 😂

  16. Quite interested in First Rat, as long as it works at 2 players. Unique theme draws me in >.>.

  17. Sorry but I didn’t find any of these interesting enough to research. I would agree that no one is talking about these games. As always great video.

  18. I literally hear no mention of Northgard: Uncharted Lands

  19. Fyfe is great. Played with Beneeta, and every decision just makes you question everything you’ve ever done, not just in the game, but in life. Have I set myself up for failure? Guess we’ll find out…

  20. Love this list! I definitely gravitate to lighter games and First Rat and Mountains out of Molehills were some of my favourite games of 2022. MoM was my favourite playthrough you did too, so funny! I'll have to check out Kites!

  21. This is such a great list. There were a couple here that flew under my radar. Excellent stuff!

  22. Murph-tastic as always. Some interesting games on that list. First Rat is one of my favourites from last year.

  23. First rat is a blast light/med weight good gateway game for those your trying to push to next level.

  24. Would've been nice to see what you were talking about. Especially when you'd emphasize the amazing art.

  25. Fyfe 100%, I was able to play this one at PAXU this year, and I was SHOCKED by how low it was rated. So puzzly! So painful! I love it. Great list, y'all! A few underrated games from this year that I have loved: Teeter Tower, CATastrophe: A Game of 9 Lives, Spots, and Monsters on Board.

  26. Kites randomly popped up in my Amazon suggestions a few days before Christmas. The Beth Sobel art sucked me in and the description sounded great. I searched all my FLGSs but nobody had it… so I ordered it from Amazon (I KNOW, I’M SORRY!) and it arrived on Christmas Eve. I wrapped it up as a family gift and stuck it under the tree 🥰

    It hasn’t made it to the table yet, but I’m excited to play it!

  27. I just bought First Rat for a friend’s birthday (in February) from the BGG Marketplace. Excited to play soon.

  28. first rat is amazing! game is solid, little nuggets of humor. I start to feel bad for stealing from all those shop keepers, but ya know…rats are gonna rat

  29. Free Ride is my #1, although it's slightly cheating since it came out at Essen 2021 but didn't reach the US until 2022. It's the game that answers the question "What if Friedemann Friese designed Ticket to Ride?"

  30. I didn't play a lot of 2022 games, but one I did that I really think is a very good game is Resurgence. Bag builder, worker placement, good decision range set in post-apocalyptic Moscow .

  31. – First Rat is high on my short list!
    – Yak = #DumbChunk
    – Sea, Salt, & Paper is so fun on BGA. Can't find it anywhere in US.
    – I have heard a lot about Green Team Wins it needs to be in my collection.

  32. Not this year, but we think KIM JOYS Bakery didnt get enough love!!!

  33. We love First Rat! Such a fun game and definitely more strategic than it looks! Great game; so glad to see you sharing it here! I’ll have to check out Museum Suspects. It looks like a great Clue-alternative for my kiddo!

  34. I played YAK at GenCon. It’s not a heavy game, but I liked it so much I ended up eventually getting it.

  35. Half the fun of Green Team Wins is trying to guess what answers your friends will give. The other half is inventing new ways to insult those garbage people on the Orange Team.

  36. One game from 2022 that I loved, and have heard almost NOTHING about since it came out is 3000 Scoundrels. Lots of fun, very replayable, and criminally underappreciated.

  37. I love First Rat. It is super fun!
    I still hope it wins the next "Kennerspiel"
    It is not as easy to play as expertgamers make it seem tolbe.

    And I also like Kites, when I am not to tiered😅

    I played "Fyfe" at a convention….
    And for me it was… okay.
    I guess I would play it again, but I don't need to have it in my collection.
    The other games really sound interesting,. And worth a second look👍

  38. I always come away from your lists with a list of gift ideas 😊

  39. I really hope that Sea Salt & Paper makes it to US retail soon, we love it on BGA, can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy.

  40. Quick tip. It’s much more interesting to watch gameplay, than your faces, while you talk.

  41. Even Pippen wants to be on the green team! He is like 'I know a lot of words like cake and party and fun. I'll give a happy yawn as my vote!'

  42. First Rat is one if the most popular games in my Wednesday night game group. Its been played on 10 different occasions. Its a great filler or intro game to have around.

  43. First Rat keeps on popping up recently, I’m so tempted to pick that one up. Totally agree on Green Team Wins – we had a blast with the family at Christmas with that one! Great list guys, keep ‘em coming! 😊

  44. Great job guys.
    One of the few lists that I actually have every game except the Sea salt and paper game.
    I think Bag of chips and Spots could of made this list as well.

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