Top 10 underrated (or hidden gems) board games -

Top 10 underrated (or hidden gems) board games

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Hi players!
In this video I will present to you my top 10 underrated or hidden gems board games in my collection.
The games that you will see here are (in my opinion) either low ranked in Board Game Geek or just not getting a lot of coverage out there.
Let me know what did you think of the list and I hope you enjoy the video

Happy gaming,

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  1. Your speaking flow, your insights, your perspective, your reasonings as well as the ability to share your thoughts…
    All of those are truly impressive and indicate that you are both a very talented person and that we are very lucky that you chose to come up with this channel.
    Thank you.

  2. well rokugan is impossible to find even on the secondary market, runewars I love it but hard to hit the table and very long to settle and play, starcraft bg is also expensive hard to find and long

  3. Great video thanks EZ! Some new ones on the list for me so I enjoyed researching them further. I agree that Company of Heroes 2nd Edition is one of the best tactical wargames in existence (at least that I have ever played and I have many of the top ones) and it's a shame that the price including all expansions is so prohibitive bordering on extortionate. The base game is good value though and I suggest anyone to try and get their hands on the Gamefound campaign for the base game!

  4. Haha, I laughed out loud at your Hegemony comment. Great video! The only ones I've played of these is Cerebria – and it's one of my favorites!!

  5. man your taste in games is SO good. A flight overseas isn't TOO bad for a long game day of area control right?! 😂

  6. when you talk about mindclash games and leave out the best: Anachrony!! sigh.. 🙂 I just love it!

  7. With all these area control, I cannot remember if you have/played Petrichor. It's probably my favorite area control game. 🐝🐝🐝And I'll be bringing the other half of Dark Ages. Prepare the table!

  8. Great video. Added Company of Heroes to my "Want to Play" list. I'm one of the lucky ones to own Starcraft: The Board Game.

  9. Very interesting list. DEI defenitely is an outstanding game, nice area control puzzle. March of the Ants has my attention for sure, despite it hasn't the looks of today's standards (I couldn't care less, its all about game play). Not familiar with the other games, they seem cool to me as well.

  10. Nice video. Personally I enjoy these board game videos more when there is a short video clip or at least picture of the game in action. Especially the game board. So I can get a quick idea of the game better. Thanks, good job.

  11. John Company is by far the Best Heavy Board Game of 2022 from my point of view.
    Only issue I have with it: too much freedom. You came become ripped off very very badly by your enemies, if you are too trusty. This might have a huge impact on player motivation on a long term.
    But just as it is, this is the only Game, we were crying tears of laughter while we played it (nearly each time)

  12. This should be called the top 10 games you wouldn't want to play with your wife.

    The only game I found evenly remotely interesting was Era of Tribes which I already own. The rest are area control/war/conflict games which mostly appeal to large groups of guys.

  13. I was hoping to see some actual underrated gems, not some of the most popular and beloved board games on bgg…oh well

  14. Fantasy Flight games won't change what they're doing. They take a good game (like Eldritch Horror), strip out of it as much as they can, and then try to sell you the missing/needed content as expansions. A lot of their games have promise, but the expansions never fulfil that potential, and you have to stop yourself from buying a bunch of expansions in the fruitless hope that one of those expansions will eventually bring the game to its full potential. Screw FFG.

  15. There is a guy in Paris, who pumps out content like his life depends on it. Or he is terribly bored. 🤣

  16. The only game I even knew in this list is StarCraft… I got a chance to play it when it first came out but sadly it was just a bit too long for a late afternoon so we had to fold it before finishing a full play. I have never seen it since… Apparently it is credited as the first game with a deck building elements.

    So many games to try out and play…

  17. Yep I agree…. Starcraft is one hell of a game. Love the synergie between the combat+tech cards and the army units. You can stick with a faction for 15-20 game and not get bored. There's A LOT of combat game out there so it is easy to bury an old game. Mechanically speaking… I've heard a lot of people(old people like me I'm 41) that said Starcraft and World of warcraft the boardgame are 2 games that never got the fame it deserved and that the mechanics of both games was never fully duplicated in another game and that's why they stay in a place of there own.
    If you like abstract 4X game then try IMPULSE… fav game to pull out and show people… never had a complaint about it. Thanks for the vid man ++

  18. I keeping looking at the games behind him. They are games that catch my eye. Been watching him for his Tsukuyumi coverage. … Subscribed.

  19. March of the Ants is legit. One of my better games in the collection.

  20. Thanks for the shoutout!

    If anyone want's to play a game of CoH BG or want a teach, hit me up and we can arrange a play session 🙂

  21. Great list of games, DEI is the one I'd try first from this list since Alex at BGCo also raves about it! I mostly play solo or two-player, so I appreciate when you mention the solo potential

  22. Gosh, I want a copy of COH2 so bad! I've played it on TTS and honestly I would hands down rather play that than Company of Heroes 3 the video game.

    Definitely do some content on Dark Ages! I'd never heard of it and it looks like it might be a fun version of the Crusader Kings board game, which sounds interesting!

    Also yo, I own both John Co and Hegemony and love them both dearly but…. sometimes I just want to do some taxes, you know? Jokes aside John Co might be the best negotiation game i've ever played. Legendary design, for sure. Speaking of Cole Wehrle, you gonna be covering Arcs at all?

  23. Runewars with Banners of War expansion is an amazing game.

  24. I would be interested to hear about other solo games you try in the future, after enjoying Halls of Hegra.

  25. Your tutorial of March of the Ants is the video which made me discover your channel (and subscribe).

    Of you have a friend with a 3d printer you could print yourself some antmeeple to replace the cubes.
    Not essential but a nice addition.

    As alternative in Bgg you can find stickers to apply to wooden disks.

  26. I just recently found your channel and watching more and more of your videos its almost as im watching someone reading my mind on games…Its scary but in the short time ive watched your videos youve gone over SO MANY of my favorite or top rated games.

    Excellent video!

  27. The problem of John company is the theme. Most people really dislike the colonial theme. The review from susd was spot on about it.

  28. This is really nice list of games and i especially agree avbout tsukuyumi.

    I will for ever be mad at FFG for stop production of battlelore. This was my favorite game and they just stopped it…

  29. Cool list of underrated bordgames!
    But I'm not so sure if Halls of Hegra and Cerebria are underrated, i have seen many people liking these games and it's hard to get a copy of them in the secondary market.
    Divide et Impera is for sure an underrated game and is answer is simple, the retail version has no minis 😂 and honestly it doesn't need but ppl love minis
    I will check the Dark Ages sounds a very interesting!

    For me and just looking at last year games one of the sleeper hits is:
    Anunnaki Dawn of Gods (4x Euro style with one of the best action selection mechanisms I ever experienced)

    I'm waiting for the list of top overrated games 😂

  30. March of the Ants is awesome. Rules are so simple and yet, there's so much depth. My only complaint right now (haven't played the expansion yet) is that we plated mostly 3p,,, And it feels that someone will take the lead, one of the 2 player will stop him while player 3 will take advantage. Haven't played enough to see if we need to better balance stopping the leader and racking point ourselves or alternatively if you need to temper the point you earned to avoid being focus too much. I would really like to try this at 4p or 5p, seems like it would be tighter.

    Starcraft the board game will likely always be my holy grail game. I can't justify paying what people are asking for it. Regardless how good it is, I know the rulebook is hard to get through and it will require a lot of plays to get my money's worth. If I ever find a bargain, I will consider it

  31. Somehow was sure pax ren will be there with the guys at #1

  32. great list, John Company has a bit of a 'eww' theme to some, some are even outright offended.

  33. For me, the most underrated game is without a doubt "Warrior Knights", the 2006 release by FFG.
    In some ways it is similar to Runewars but with much more diplomacy and negotiation. War is punishing and expensive and often the value of an army is not its hitting power but its intimidation. Its a Cold War most of the game.

    Its not without flaws of course, some mechanics can feel a bit tedious and time consuming and sometime break the flow of the game, slowing it down.
    Personally I LOVE it, its one of my favorite games, but I can see the flaws that could be improved.

    But I dont really understand why it never got traction, its just so good!

  34. Absolutely love Starcraft and Runewars

  35. Tsukuyumi is amazing. Love that one. Battle for Rokugan is also an awesome game.

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