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Top 10 Underrated Solo Board Games | Hidden Solo Gems!

Totally Tabled
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These are my top 10 underrated and underappreciated solo board games. Check out the 1 Player Guild here: .

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00:00 Intro (11. Nautilion)
01:18 10. Auztralia
03:39 9. Steampunk Rally Fusion
05:19 8. Ginkgopolis
06:38 7. Bloc by Bloc: Uprising
08:10 6. Merchants of the Dark Road
09:50 5. Libertalia
11:49 4. Carnival Zombie 2nd Edition
14:12 3. On Tour
16:08 2. Switch & Signal
17:38 1. Hit Z Road
20:31 Outro (12. Cafe )

Thumbnail image is from the board game Hit Z Road by artists Pascal Quidault, Cari, JB Casasola, Miguel Coimbra, Emile Denis, Cyril Nouvel, and Olly.

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  1. Cool list. Did you try maximum apocalypse? The second edition.

  2. +1 for auztralia, expansions are pretty good as well

  3. Libertalia is such a gem! Each time I play it solo I'm surprised by how much fun it is

  4. I totally agree with your opinion on Bloc by Bloc, it's very original for a cooperative/semi-cooperative game, and I love the theme. Thanks to that game I discovered your channel and you're one of my favorites!

  5. Another for Auztralia, it still amazes me the mismatch of the mechanics somehow seem to work well together. I also play a semi co-op version of it solo, which is really just pledging in my head to do the best for each different player when I do it because the co-op part defeating the old ones is the aim. Some good games here Shaggy, a few I didn't even think they were good solo.

  6. I love AuZtralia, but have never tried it solo.

  7. I always look forward to your picks and plays. It's always good to see solo games that other people are excited about. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for shining light on these lesser known games! I've been trying to look for a copy of Café but it seems I couldn't find it anywhere (whether online or in physical stores). Might you know where I could reliably pick up a copy?

  9. I love Merchants of the dark Road. I also know that there were definitely some issues I had with it and I just want more game out of it, which is why I’m very excited about whatever expansion they have planned. It needs more cards, more variability, more items just more stuff, to make it more replayable.

  10. Also, I am kicking myself for not purchasing Carnival Zombie at the used bookstore near my house.

  11. Thank you so much for your videos: always well crafted, the sound is very good, the tutorials are the best, the filming and the details are amazing as well, I really think you have the best boardgaming YouTube channel. On top of that the focus is really on the games, not on yourself. Fantastic job, thank you for the time you put into this.

  12. merchants of the dark road. i agree Mr Shaggy! great game!

  13. You have me very intrigued on Libertalia now! Great list though – I’ve only played one of them (on tour)!

  14. Love On Tour already. Will check out Carnival Zombie and Auztralia which have the most potential to me from this list.

  15. Awesome list! I really need to find a copy of Auztralia. When i watched your playthrough it just looked like a ton of fun!

    Have you tried Fallen Land 2nd edition?

  16. I just want to say you are one of my top 3 board game channels. You can tell love and effort you put into content you make. Appreciate that a lot!

  17. Another excellent video. I love Hit z Road, having bought it after watching your play through. Such a great game and thematic too.

  18. Twilight Inscription is one of my favorite solo experiences and it’s not talked about much.

  19. Burgle Bros gets my vote for one of the top hidden gems solo, closely followed up by Red Rising and Sanctum. They’re all excellent!

  20. The theme of Bloc by Bloc is what prevents me from buying it. Although I'm a huge fan of revolutions, I wish this game went more in-depth into why the people are revolting against the police. The rulebook doesn't go into that at all. It just says "small protest against the regime" that spiraled out of control, and "fighting against the police." Well, what about the regime is bad? Why cracking down on the police? To me, this sounds like an irrational protest, much like how Generation Z engages in protests for wrong reasons (or thinks they know what reason they're fighting for, and yet it's clothed by something more sinister). Now, if the reason(s) for protesting are uncovered as the game is played, I'm still not buying it just to see what the reason(s) is/are. That should all be spelled out right away in the rulebook.

    Side note: In times of revolution, having cutesy-looking blocs just doesn't look the part.

  21. Nice list, Shaggy! Thanks for sharing. I am a big Auztralia fan too.

  22. I picked up Hit Z Road used. Going to get it to the table this weekend!

    Taking a closer look at Merchant as well…


  23. Thank you, you have opened my world to solo gaming! Great vid, though.

  24. Another fantastic video thankyou. I bought Ginkgopolis on a big sale based on how good it looked in your playthrough. I can't wait to get it to the table. Your channel is my favourite place for game recommendations because of your amazing production quality and the way you explain the games.

  25. Hopefully someone in marketing realises that a Fallout version of Hit Z Road would be an easy hit

  26. Merchants of the dark road is still on my shelf of opportunity. I bought it because I like a lot of Elf Creek’s published games…. I will bump it up my list now.

  27. Good video. I play Auztralia with my son 2 player but have not tried it solo

  28. I also love Merchants of the Dark Road. I think it’s a game that needs multiple plays to understand and on first play you can feel very restricted. Sometimes reviews are made on first impressions and I think this game excels with multiple plays when you can work the board to your strategy. Excited to see what the expansion might bring.

  29. My favorite co-op game that can also be played solo is The Captain is Dead, simple rules, very challenging, lots of fun.

    Lux Aeterna is a great solo only game that I don't think many people know of.

    But my pick for a solo hidden gem is a game called In Too Deep, it has a unique theme with an incredible artwork, and the solo bot runs very smoothly and replicates a human player. It has a clear win/loss condition so it's not a beat your own score. If you like puzzly games, I think you'll love this one.

  30. Carnival Zombies I didn't even manage to get to the rulebook. Awful experience 🙁

  31. Libertalia, Merchants, Auztralia, Gingkopolis… all killer solos! 😁👍

  32. I found your channel a couple of days ago, very good work. Featuring Block by Block on this list just earned you a subscriber, keep it up! "Whose streets, our streets!"

  33. Hi Shaggy, any recommandation for a dice-placement solo game? But not underfalling skies.

  34. I consider solo board games as games specifically designed for one player. You presented multiplayer games with an attached single player mode. Not the same.

  35. Great to hear Libertallia has a solid solo mode. Never tried it out bc of the reasons you stated 😅. That TaZmania expansion for AuZtralia is great for solo gamers. Thanks for the other recommendations!

  36. Merchants of the Dark Road is fantastic. just another example of the loudest voices not being the most accurate. its a shame it didnt get more attention

  37. Merchants of the Dark Road has been on my watch list for a few months. Been on the fence deciding if I wanted to buy. I might just give it a try. Thanks!

  38. Thank you for this list. I never realised steampunk rally fusion was soloable. Would you recommend it over Heat pedal to the metal (I know they aren't quite the same or similar but thinking in regards to a racing game)?

    Also, once again awesome video.

  39. Fun list! Some of my favorite lesser known solo games in no particular order:
    1. Arkham Horror: Final Hour
    2. Set a Watch
    3. Fields of Arle

  40. Nice! I'm a big fan of Ginkgopolis and Merchants of the Dark Road, which actually has an upcoming expansion Kickstarter

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