Top 10 Unique Board Games of 2023 -

Top 10 Unique Board Games of 2023

Grant Lyon
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Top 10 Unique Board Games of 2023

I was about half way through my Top 10 Category videos when my channel was suspended, so I’m jumping back in to those videos! These are my Top 10 Unique Games of the past year. I love a game that feels different from the other things out there. All of these games feel very unique to me.

Intro – 00:00
10 – 00:58
9 – 02:37
8 – 04:11
7 – 05:46
6 – 07:43
5 – 09:28
4 – 11:42
3 – 13:31
2 – 15:38
1 – 17:03
Outro – 19:29

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  1. I believe the word you are looking for for those things in Redwood is "template".

  2. First off welcome back from your YouTube forced vacation. Content continues to entertain! I have found another way to be entertained by your videos; your glasses frames are so thick on top, I am starting to play peek-a-boo with your eye brows! I laugh when I do it and I’m laughing now thinking about it. I’m a simple man, but thanks for continuing your humor, these videos, and overall entertainment!

  3. Glad to have you back, Grant. I love your unique lists!

  4. We are honored to see Dawn of Ulos at the top of your list, and thrilled that you are enjoying this truly unique game!

  5. Probably the most usefjl top10 ive seen this year across youtube. If I see one more top10 video where half of the games are the same eurogame i may die, while this is actually interesting…

  6. I had not heard of Glom before. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going to look for that one for sure.

  7. Still waiting for my KS Redwood lol (apparently they finally fixed it) Glad it got your approval. Good list! Many I can look up now, thanks!

  8. Welcome back, Grant! Agree to Disagree is an interesting one for sure, but we definitely need to try Dubious… – G

  9. I’m SO GLAD you’re back! I just thought you were taking a break for Christmas, like most creators do at the end of the year. I’m bummed I wasn’t there to rally around you..

  10. Thanks for including Dubious! I love your description as an intro to role playing without the commitment of a whole RPG.

  11. I'm thrilled that Dawn of Ulos made your list and your experience with the game has only improved with each play through! And it's in great company too. I'll have to check out some of the other game when I get the chance.

  12. Obsessive compulsive types struggle with “Treasure Island” too, because of less than perfect precision such as with “Redwood”. Maybe that is all the more reason such persons should play these games to stretch their comfort zone. Kudos to designers who come up with unique ideas or add a new twist on old ideas.

  13. Great video that has some things that were def not on my radar. Thank you!

  14. Good stuff, my friend! Redwood is the only one I’ve played…ironically enough it was with you! Welcome back to the ‘tube!

  15. Excellent list! Glad you’re back! 🎉❤

  16. Going to have to research some of these games! For us the most unique game was easily Hegemony!

  17. Excellent list, I wonder how many eyeglasses you have 😊

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