Top 10 Upcoming Board Games - Kickstarter / Gamefound -

Top 10 Upcoming Board Games – Kickstarter / Gamefound

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00:00:00 – Let’s Go!
00:01:23 – Final Girl
00:03:00 – Ryozen
00:05:09 – Gaijun
00:07:20 – Sky Tear Hoards
00:08:38 – The Dark Quarter
00:10:38 – Moonrakers Expansion
00:12:40 – Rolling Heights
00:14:00 – Tidal Blades
00:15:50 – Unsettled
00:18:03 – Kingdoms Forlorn
00:22:20 – Marvel Zombies

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  1. I really dont understand why they are using the zombicide system to include Marvel. The Death May Die game system is so much superior and more fun. Who knows, perhaps they will bring something from DMD with this escalation system described.

  2. Have you cooled on ISS Vanguard or is there just too much good coming in 2022 and it would make a top 20?

  3. Gaijin will change name to Outsider. People are about the mad name change, apparently because "it's woke": "This is definitely that one issue, that evokes a lot of emotions (not to directly name it a hot potato). We have never had any deliberate false intentions. The world Gaijin was consulted with the language schools and Japanese citizens and, even if in some cases the answer was not 100% clear, we thought it fit extremely well to the game narration.

    But it cannot be denied that, especially in the past, the word Gaijin itself had a pejorative overtone, even though it was never a vulgarism. Most of all we set ourselves as a studio with its main mission to create unique games, give players the joy of playing, and not to initiate any controversies or divide the society of players. Games should unite people, not divide them.

    That's why we decided to change the name to "Outsider". This decision was very hard for us, we already put tons of effort to write about Gaijin, spent money on marketing of that name, printed a lot of art books with the lore… We really appreciate your support! Now let's focus together on game mechanics, narration, and let's make the best adventure game ever!"
    There's a lot of "Will never back Awaken Realms again" on the gamefound, lol.

  4. Cool Ten Hundred shirt, I'm also a fan 😀

  5. No Kingdom Death Monster in this list? Maybe the Gamblers Chest will come 2022?…maybe

  6. My top 5…… 10
    1) Sea of Legends (Romance + Swashbuckling = Pirate Booty)
    2) Yucatán (more Kemet-esque fun)

    3) Tidal Blades 2 (As if I didn’t have enough dungeon crawlers but this art and world seem phenomenal)
    5) Encyclopedia (This game has lemurs in it…….nuff said)
    6) Unconscious Minds (Vincent Dutrait's Art)
    7) Batman Escape from Arkham (Be the bad guy….punch Bruce Wayne in his smug face)
    8) Marvel Zombicide
    9) Sankokushin 5 Sacrifices
    10) Crescent Moon (Be the Caliphate, Nomads, or the Sultan…..and conquer your enemies)
    Not sure if #10 is going to be crowd funded.

    Honorable Mention: Brazil Imperial. I hope this is released in the U.S. in 2022.

  7. 10)havent played season 1 but i hear its good. 🤔 will probably look into it. idk if u need season 1 tho.. 8) gaijn is one i am kinda excited for but idk. 🤔 3)never played tidal blades but i hear many people excited for 2

  8. I passed on Moonrakers due to the ‘minimalist’ art style….but perhaps I will give it another chance.

  9. Rolling Heights Looks pretty good. Alex at Boardgameco has a playthrough already. I see it will be on Kickstarter on Feb 8th. I don't think that it coming this year with the shipping crisis as it is. I'm anxious for Endless Winter, Planet Unkown, Everdell Mistwind/Newleaf + Big Box, Architects: Works of Wonder.

  10. Rolling Heights from John D. Clair ?? Where are the transparent cards?? Whenever I think of him, I always think of those. I know he has other games like Ecos.

  11. Ok so Rolling Heights, Skytear Hordes, Unsettled and Marvel Zombies are my big ones to follow.

  12. You should check out Sankokushin five sacrifices, not sure if that theme will appeal to you but if you like KDM, this one seems like a competitor…

  13. Surprised Dead Reckoning didn't make the list. Good list though thanks for bringing these to our attention. Happy New Year

  14. Many games on that list are on my list! Also is it my TV or are the lights endlessly flickering behind you?

  15. No Masters of the Universe on this list?

  16. I'm looking forward to these games for sure:
    Jurassic Park Legacy game
    Final Girl S2/pick up S1
    Moonrakers expansion

    In 2021 I didn't have very many games to back, most were announced out of the blue like Dice Throne Marvel & Six Siege and came to KS soon after

    Possible KS games I will back all in 1000% if they come to KS or GF in 2022 are:
    The Last of Us by CMON
    Sea of Thieves by Steamforged Games
    Dino Crysis (Im wishing this one into existence)

  17. Really interesting, thanks for the video and Happy New year

  18. I'm surprised that the Root – Complete Collection Big Box wasn't on the list.

    It needs to happen.

  19. Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices – Insta-back for me, surprised you hadn't heard of it! Another KDM-inspired co-op boss battler that I think adds enough unique elements that I think makes it stand out in the genre. They haven't committed to a crowdfunding launch date yet, but fingers crossed for 2022!

    Kingdoms Forlorn – Another insta-back, campaign is launching sometime in February

    Oathsworn KS 2 – Shadowborne is teasing a second KS for this year, not sure if it's just a reprint or there will be new content for returning backers

    ARCs: Collapse and Conflict in the Void – Leder Games' followup to Oath, but sounds a lot more accessible ("campaigns" are three-game sessions that could probably be played in a single evening). Art looks amazing!

    Jurassic Park: Legacy of Isla Nublar – Not sure why this is being crowdfunding and not just going straight to retail, but I will be grabbing a copy, I love legacy games, my wife loves Jurassic Park

    The Bad Karmas and the Curse of the Zodiac – Another co-op boss battler game inspired by KDM, but this one is built on the Teburu game platform. I'm still highly skeptical about Teburu, but I do love me a co-op boss battler..

  20. Take a shot every time he says "doing your very best"

  21. 2020 and 2021 had so many great campaigns I don’t know if there’s anything in 2022 that’s standing out to me as MUST haves yet. It does help that I prefer Death May Die over Zombicide.

  22. My List atm is:
    1) Kingdoms Forlorn
    2) Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters
    3) Sankokushin
    4) Legacy of Thracks – The Awakening
    5) Starship Interstellar
    6) Mercurial

  23. Great list. Sharing #1 & #0 with you.

  24. I'm quite interested in Gaijun and the Unsettled expansions. I think you might like City of Chaos. It's a 1-6 player game that should be coming to Kickstarter in March from Monocle Games, a re-write of an old 1996 game. Some of the others I'm following for 2022 include Encyclopedia, Explorers of the Woodlands, Forsaken, Hamlet, Robotopia, Singularity Sky, Stardriven: Saga, The Paradox Initiative, and Trailblazers. There will always be surprises and too many campaigns to back responsibly. 🙂 In 2021 I only backed 14 games and my goal for 2022 is to back fewer than that.

  25. i'm so intrested in heroes of might and magic 3 for the end of next year! and weiting etherfields to hit retail :p

  26. No burncycle mention, Won't watch this one 😉

  27. Dark Quarter sounds really good. Can't wait to see more of it.

    Put Deep Rock Galactic on your radar. Video game IP but some of the early footage of the game is looking promising. ROCK AND STONE BROTHER!

  28. Sooo you want me to leave a comment ey… Well you better hit that button and leave me a like, heart and 2-3 characters ASCII emoticon 🤪 even if it isn't in the first 15 minutes after the video is released😝

  29. If Oathsworn KS 2 has new content it'll be my #1 anticipated. I'm also excited for Spirit Fire in Q4!

  30. I know it's a small thing for some people, but I really appreciate that you put up pictures of the games!

  31. hey! root is going to expand! that will be neat as well

  32. New drinking game. Shot of bourbon every time you say “fantastic” haha.

  33. Aside from Marvel Zombies, I'm looking forward to the Jurassic World Legacy game and the Batman RPG which I think are both going to be crowdfunded this year.

  34. Right there with you on almost the entire list…up until number 0. Never saw the appeal of any zombicide game, and while I loved Marvel as a child, it's been soooo over-milked in every form of media that I see it as nothing but re-hashed cash grabs now. That's just me though, and I'm clearly in the minority. A few other games/campaigns I'm stoked for this year are:
    – Sankukushin (not sure it's still planned for 2022)
    – Purple Haze
    – "Oathsworn 2"
    – Behemoth: Rise of Shadow
    – The Last Mechs
    – Blood Oak Chapter 1
    – Quantum Shock
    – Spirit Fire (Next big game from Orange Nebula…love those guys!)
    – Transhumanity

    And many more!

  35. Sooooo excited for Marvel Zombies!! 😀

  36. I feel like Giajun is on a lot of people's radars based solely on appearance

  37. I thought Moonrakers looked cool, but didn't bite because didn't seem to incentivize cooperation as much as it did competition, and now that it seems to be addressing that that is very, very cool! 🚀

  38. Gaigin looks interesting. I have Unsettled, so would be interested in more worlds. I have Nemesis Lockdown, Etherfields, ISS Vanguard, Endless Winter, and Resurgence due to arrive (hopefully) this year. So I really don’t need anymore games this year!

  39. My Ten Most Anticipated are:

    #1: Kingdom Death: Monster – Gambler's Chest Expansion

    #2: Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

    #3: Middara: Unintentional Malum – Act 2/3

    #4: Agemonia

    #5: Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread

    #6: Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin

    #7: Harakiri: Blades of Honor

    #8: Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices

    #9: Kingdoms Forlorn

    #10:Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint

  40. The Gaijin setting sounds interesting. I'll probably take a look at it when it launches. Most of these other games didn't catch my interest.

  41. I gotta say as well… I find it is baffling you didn't mentioned Sankokushin. It has been one of my most antecipated game for long. As you like KDM, it might be right on your alley, but with a promise of even more theme.
    The only reason I can imagine for you not to be antecipating this is bc you haven't heard about it or you feel like nothing can occupy a space smilar to KDM… altho that cant be… if I understood right Kingdom's Forlorn will be playing in the boss battler league.

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