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Top 10 Zombie Board Games

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Join us as we take a look at our Top 10 Zombie themed Board Games.


  1. Great video! I'm just a guy who can't help loving zombie stuff. I've never played Carnival, but I completely agree with your "Dead of Winter," and "Dawn of the Zeds critique!" I just picked up "Plum Island Horror" and I'd be curious how you would rate it. Anyway, happy gaming and just keep doing what you are doing, friend. Subscribed.

  2. It has been done to death but I love Zombie themed games. I know you like dexterity games also, have you played Flick ‘em Up Dead of Winter? Hard to get now. It’s great fun with a unique and funny Zombie movement and attack mechanism.

  3. Zombicide Black Plague/Green Horde aren't 'bollocks.' Fantasy is the best one.

  4. I like this review style more than many overly dramatic ones. Or maybe, I'm subscribing just for the GoT accent.

    #1 Dead of Winter ?? It's definitely the hardest one I've played. Definitely play with as many ppl as possible. Noise generation mechanic is deadly and makes getting resources deadly. The sniper rifle is a must. This game's mechanics reminds me of Shadows Over Camelot, meaning you need a dedicated person to keep at what their doing or you all lose; which can get tedious.

    I enjoyed Zombicide (similar to Descent) far more.

    I noticed that Zombies!!! and Humans!!! didn't make the top 10. I wonder why?

  5. BAM! got the first like! Now I'll watch it 😉

  6. George Romero what have you wrought? I remember when zombies just shuffled round voodoo islands and never bit anyone. I can’t say that I care for the genre, but own 2 games and enjoy 3 – I own LNOE and Carnival Zombie and Stuart owns Zombie Dice. I have played Zombicide and disliked it considerably.
    At least there are no snivelling Euros, I would not wish to be assailed by zombies while rearing my sheep.

  7. Good of you to get this Top 10 to us just before you risk life and limb to deliver a box of Milk Tray to some classy lady.

  8. Nice list ! I just wonder, have you never played 'Tiny Epic Zombies' , or does it reside under 'never played'? Just curious.

  9. That made no sense. I meant: don't you like Tiny Epic Zombies, or have you never played it?

  10. Thanks for the great video, Agree on the Zombicide, we stumbled on Black Plague as our first introduction. Have backed Undead or Alive, which ever is more fun to play we'll keep. No need to two Zombicide games. Hope to play Dead of Winter soon with gaming group.

  11. Zombiecide to me is a bit like style over substance. I have Black Plague. Big box. Fantastic minis. Great board, brilliant Art, great components…but a repetitive gameplay. After 3 or 4 missions, we felt wed seen everything. Its just more the same, rehashed over and over. I fancy Dawn of the Zeds though.

  12. there was a time I loved zombie themed games, just way too many

  13. every used swap meet i go to there are so many copies of zombiecide for sale

  14. Great video! Wish I had picked up Carnival Zombie; looks amazing!

  15. Great list! Dead of Winter has always been a huge favorite.

    Have you ever tried 'After The Virus'? Great little cooperative zombie themed deck builder.

  16. Zombie Dice is one of the better fluff dice games.
    LNoE is pretty good. Fun, simple, easy, and it sort of has the action play of Betrayal at House on the Hill without the broken and unbalanced stuff that plagues it.

  17. I picked up Zombies!!! for about 3 quid on eBay. It’s a dumb fun dice rolling /tile laying game. So far it’s worked out as about 5p per play. Value for money, that.

  18. Honestly I'm less than 30 seconds into this video and I've never seen any BoardGameBollocks content before and I've subscribed because this is my kind of channel

  19. Lol a list with top 10 zombie board games without Zombies!!! Or Humans from Twilight Creation Inc

  20. Great list! I work with large groups of students and Sunset Island seems to be perfect.

  21. Thank you, very nice vid. I was disappointed that Run, Fight or Die: Reloaded wasn't on your list. It is a senseless carnage of endless waves of zombies….. perfect right?

  22. Is it me or is the audio just hard to listen to

  23. Hey! What do you mean by "push all up -element" that you talk about in 1:30? 😛 Great video btw!!!

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