Top 100 Board Games | #20-1 | With Mike -

Top 100 Board Games | #20-1 | With Mike

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Here it is, my top 20 of all-time (for now)! Enjoy, and let me know which games you are surprised did and didn’t make the final cut.
Flame & Fang Gamefound page –
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0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – 20
1:43 – 19
2:24 – 18
3:07 – 17
3:39 – 16
4:14 – 15
5:06 – 14
5:43 – 13
6:36 – 12
7:33 – 11
8:30 – 10
9:41 – 9
10:20 – 8
11:02 – 7
11:53 – 6
13:22 – 5
14:44 – 4
16:38 – 3
17:33 – 2
18:45 – 1


  1. Flame & Fang Gamefound page ––fangScroll down for the full list:0:00 – Introduction0:49 – 20 – Combat Commander1:43 – 19 – Lost Ruins of Arnak2:24 – 18 – Too Many Bones3:07 – 17 – Unlock!3:39 – 16 – Tales from the Red Dragon Inn4:14 – 15 – Codenames Duet5:06 – 14 – So Clover!5:43 – 13 – Galaxy Trucker6:36 – 12 – Sentinels of the Multiverse7:33 – 11 – Just One8:30 – 10 – The Crew9:41 – 9 – Root10:20 – 8 – Spirit Island11:02 – 7 – Paleo11:53 – 6 – War of the Ring 13:22 – 5 – Telestrations14:44 – 4 – Summoner Wars 2nd Edition16:38 – 3 – Bullet17:33 – 2 – Arkham Horror: the Card Game18:45 – 1 – Exceed fighting system

  2. Great list! You introduced me to Bullet and it's one of my favs! This also might get me to finally order a copy of red dragon inn adventures

  3. Thanks for the list and the brief overviews. Production quality suggestion, consider a better quality Mike. Even an entry USB Fifine Condenser AM8 with some basic OBS plugins (eq, compressor, expander) would do magic.
    Keep up the good work, love the content.

  4. We have very little overlap in our top 100’s but that is what I enjoy about the hobby. There are dozens of games for everyone!

  5. Excellent list man. You've likely just sold a ton of copies of Exceed. Definitely sold me on it!

  6. You have an awesome list, I really enjoyed all the top 100 videos, thanks ! Also, finally someone who appreciates Sentinels, such a great game !
    EDIT: EXCEED ???? Wow Mike, you're full of surprises ! Nice ! I have two questions. Why EXCEED and not Indines since they are similar ? I would guess because Indines is longer ? Also, have you tried Pixel Tactics ? If not, I wholeheartedly recommend it !

  7. Hey Mike which Exceed set is your favorite and what are your thoughts on the Guilty GEar iteration?

  8. Just curious, have you tried Puzzle Strike II? It gives me Bullet vibes but at a turn-based pace. (Also, if you've tried Age of Galaxy.)

    If one were to start with Exceed, any suggestions for purchase order?

    I love the Nature Incarnate expansion for Spirit Island, but it's definitely not a necessity. The truly essential expansion (Jagged Earth) has started release on the app in stages.

  9. Great list! I'd love to play many of them but sadly don't have the right people to play it with. E.g. Exceed seems like it asks for some time investment and I don't know anyone who'd be willing

  10. Thanks Mike. I always love seeing your top games.

  11. I love the party games, Mike! Thanks for having us on this list again at number 3 AND 1! "Get to the table and play in 15 minutes" is truly the Exceed experience! Besides, it gives you more time to play MORE games of it! 🙂

    I need to start working on Bullet Smorgasbord.

  12. My top 6 board games are: This War of Mine, Bloodborne, Fallout, Arkham Horror 3rd Ed, Star Wars Outer Rim & Dead of Winter:The Long Night, I can play them without ever getting tired of them–point being, I loved that your list was honest to what appeals to you!! Great list, it was fun watching your countdown!

  13. You ought to try Tournament of Avalon (and add tournament at camelot after if you like it). It's a competitive trick taker, with the main points
    – It's an inverse trick-taker, where you DON'T want tricks. just stating that as preface to the next point
    – the special cards in the game give just the right abilities needed to totally target who you want to take the trick. This creates wonderful petty rivalries and take-that revenge moments
    – second is they have a host of variable powers via character selection and catch-up-mechanic-boosts … enough to where games basically end in the same way.

  14. All videos in that series were fun and interesting, thank you!

  15. Great list Mike! I’m on the fence getting War of the ring because I can only play it exclusively solo, but this video might just push me to pull the trigger!

  16. Great list, including many of my favorites. Ive been curious about Sentinels for a while now but have seen conflicting things about it for two players. What is your take?

  17. I got just as much enjoyment seeing Telestrations at #5 as you did lol

  18. Just got Tales from the Red Dragon Inn because of you! Agree with a lot of your Top 20! Thanks Mike!

  19. Mike… let's be serious here… are you an alcoholic? You have way… way… way to many party games…. maybe put the drink down and step away… LOL>….. ha ha… ok.. just no more party games… please…

  20. Let's go!! Your taste align with mine so much it's crazy. Exceed is also my #1 board game and SW is in my top 10. Variable player powers and tactical gameplay are mechanics I love the most in board games

  21. Exciting. Thanks Mike.

    Second thoughts, too many party games! Get your coat, Mike! 😉

    Co-op games for the win!

  22. I value your opinion, Mike, so I added a few games to my wishlist/check-out-list now. And some that were already on there got moved up … Thanks for doing this!

  23. Nice list, although my tastes align much more with Colin. Still enjoyed watching this video series

  24. I like The Crew… but Tichu is the trick taking king.

  25. Telestrations would be in my top 10 as well. Great list Mike 👌

  26. Thanks for the amazing videos. Im just new in solo boardgaming and put some intersting ones on my wishlist to check out.

    I have played spirit island for a week now and its a blast. Also have mage knight waiting to be played ❤️

  27. Love your videos. You have great enthusiasm and descriptions. Thank you!

  28. Of all board game reviewers on YouTube, I think Mike and I have the most alignment. Love the list.

  29. Great list – and I think it's fantastic that you included some party games. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously as boardgamers. Telestrations is a blast!

  30. Tu parles fort mais tu as des goûts de chiottes

  31. Hey Mike, love the content! I was wondering what clear sleeves you use for games that have a lot of cards?

  32. Hi Mike are you familiar with the tier ranking list?

    If so I know it's less your style but can you please do a tier list on the heroes and bosses of bullet?

    It will be a great way to celebrate it being on your top 3

  33. I enjoyed every video in this series, thanks for making it. Your enthusiasm is great!

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