Top 100 Board Games of All Time: 10 - 1 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time: 10 – 1

Allies or Enemies
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The final part of our all-time top 100 games. Counting down numbers 10 to 1. (This is the 2022 edition).

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Jess 10
02:30 – Shawn 10
04:16 – Jess 9
05:25 – Shawn 9
06:42 – Jess 8
08:07 – Shawn 8
10:01 – Jess 7
11:46 – Shawn 7
13:52 – Jess 6
15:34 – Shawn 6
16:30 – Jess 5
18:01 – Shawn 5
19:48 – Jess 4
21:29 – Shawn 4
23:18 – Jess 3
25:08 – Shawn 3
27:03 – Jess 2
28:53 – Shawn 2
30:38 – Jess 1
32:41 – Shawn 1
35:16 – Outro


  1. yall are really dope, thank you for posting and making this channel!

  2. Hi guys… enjoyed the lists. I'm curious, though, about Nemesis and Splendor, which were in Jess's top 30 from last year and were left out this year. Is that a reflection of a lack of staying power for the games? I don't own either of them, but have been considering picking them up – but if I'm going to lose interest in them in a year or so, maybe it's not worth it. Thanks!

  3. I’m so glad I found you two. You like all the same games me. Love your vids. Looking forward to another great year of gaming. Happy New Year

  4. Nice video! I’ve played terra mystica but I’ve never played Gaia project. Do you think it’s worth owning both?

  5. Great Lists! My Top 1 & 2 recently changed. I’ve been playing Gaia Project on BGA recently and can’t get enough of it. 1. Gaia Project2. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy3. Brass (both Lancashire and Birmingham4. Great Western Trail5. Castles of Burgundy (stoked about GameFound edition)6. Dune: Imperium7. Concordia8. Whitehall Mystery9. Terraforming Mars10. Dominion

  6. You guys are very good at this. I can easily see this becoming one of the bigger review channels. Looking forward to driving through more of your content

  7. Love seeing the finale to this! Big one I have to agree with Jess on is Cascadia, as I am from Washington and live in Oregon now. So, the PNW setting just reminds me of home. Marvel Champions is my number 2 favorite, so i am so happy that Shawn came around to it. and it's called Deck Contruction on bgg 🙂

  8. I’m very curious of how it’s even possible to play TM for just over an hour. I think a two player game typically takes around 2.5-3 hours for us (and we play with Prelude).

  9. Do you play Dune Imperium with 2 players? If so, how do you like it at 2 players?

  10. Didn't watch the previous two movies worth of content but got thanked for it anyway 😎

  11. Great top 100 list! 😃 Which is your highest ranked game that wasn’t on the other person’s list?

  12. About to purchase anachrony. My thought was to start w mech minis, fractures of time, and big box. Then go for other expansions later if we love it. Thoughts??

  13. Thanks for another great video. Interesting to see your choices and get insights into why.

  14. Great games. great vid! can I ask you guys, if you can only get One expansion for Everdell, which one should be it? and in second place?

  15. I got me veri intrigued by Ultimate Railroads as don't have any Trains Game and I want to by One. gonna check it out!

  16. Awesome job guys. Epic top 100 list. My number one game is Everdell too. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the big box!! Still not played Gaia Project, but super keen to. Thank you.

  17. I really liked watching all your top 100 list.
    My top 10 goes,
    1) Anachrony
    2) Teotichucan
    3) Ark Nova
    4) Underwater Cities
    5) Paladins of the west kingdom
    6) Five Tribes
    7) Targi
    8) Trismegistus
    9) Troyes
    10) Scythe

  18. Loved watching this and your other videos.
    I love your choices. So many games among my favourites. And great to see some passion for some games that I really enjoyed but haven’t played in a while and I’m so keen to get back to the table and play- Everdell, Gaia Project, Great Western Trail, Anachrony and Viticulture.
    Where was Obsession on your lists; not sure I have seen every episode you’ve posted.
    I recently acquired it and love it.
    I also have borrowed Ark Nova and have absolutely loved it solo.
    Great job; would like to play all of your favourites with you!

  19. PS: my top 10 currently:
    1 A Feast for Odin
    2 Dune Imperium.
    3 Castles of Burgundy
    4 Twilight Imperium IV
    5 Ark Nova.
    6 Lost Ruins of Arnak.
    7 Tapestry
    8 Great Western Trail.
    9 Nemesis
    19 Cosmic Encounter.

  20. You made it!

    Since you mentioned Prospero Hall, you might want to give their Groundhog Day game. I was shocked by how well done it was. I'm not sure yet if it holds up to repeat plays, but if you can play it at a game cafe, don't miss the opportunity.

  21. My #1 is Everdell too! But it might not be next year. I have one expansion and backed the 2 newest ones.

  22. Excellent lists, my taste is almost exactly the same as Jess's. I just have Brass Birmingham in my mix as well.
    I have difficulty choosing a top 10 in order so I just usually lump my favourite 10 games into 2 groups. A 1-5 group (top 5) and a 6-10 group. Brass Birmingham is in my top 5 group.

  23. Great list! Thank you guys for all the hard work. Funny, we are also debating about the everdell stickers. Probably hold off, but I’m guessing we will stick them on at some point. My top:
    10: root
    9: scythe
    8: legacy season 0
    7: dead of winter
    6: wingspan
    5: Cthulhu DMDie
    4: brass B
    3: everdell
    2: viticulture
    1: spirit island

    Thanks again! We love your channel!!!

  24. Where does Castles of Burgundy fall in your list? And Sleeping Gods?

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