Top 100 Board Games Of All Time - 10 to 1 (2021) -

Top 100 Board Games Of All Time – 10 to 1 (2021)

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Join us as we conclude the countdown of our top 100 board games of all time.
Could Bruno Cathala’s Cyclades retain the coveted number 1 spot?

Lets have a look…

Thumbnail = Elf On The Shelf’s Revenge


  1. Monikers, Obsession, and Mission 44 all look great and I had not heard of the former two prior to now. The spin (see what I did there) on Crokinole/pool/snooker looks stunning too but shipping to Canada….I’d be better off doing a round trip swim.

    7 Wonders is our #1 and likely always will be. I do know there are kinks to bits of the gameplay but don’t give even a single rat’s ass about that.

    The hats: turkey made me think of that Mr Bean holiday special. The plum pudding hat cracked me up (very proper British choice). A great batch of hat choices all around!

    Your humour…spot on for me…I loved the whole video. I think my crew and yours would get along famously, besides us intermixing swearing with apologizing over nothing, as we do here.

  2. I got Cyclades for Christmas on the strength of your love for it and can’t wait to get it to the table. My pet peeve with games is shit punchboards (looking at you Jaws of the Lion) but this game has by far the best I’ve fingered. Top man 🤜🏻

  3. thanks mate ! For the company and the games, stay well !

  4. The reindeer cap cast a shadow on the side of your face that looked like mutton chops. You might be able to pull off a Lemmy.

  5. Top 10 board games AND Xmas hats in one. Yay! And a humbug woot woot!!!
    Wonderful list. Kemet and Cyclades so close, wow. My brother has Cyclades and Kemet but only tried Kemet and only a couple of times. I do like Kemet a lot though. Acting like a TW@T, check, therefore I have to try Monikers. I love Times Up and it sounds similar. Mage Knight is amazing although I have the Star Trek variant but nice to see it so high. My brother has Project Elite and I'm dying to try it. Pitch car was on my Xmas list but while Santa was good to me (getting BattleCon, Schotten Totten and Dungeon Petz) I think he had one brandy too many and likely kept Pitch Car for himself the prick. Ah well, one day.
    I'm curious if you have played Keyflower? Your tastes and mine seem reasonably well aligned and I think Keyflower is amazing but it takes a few plays to appreciate and your list is SO good that it's the only thing I can think of that surprised me to not be there.
    I hope you had a good Xmas and sorry I didn't manage to check out the video until now. It doesn't mean I enjoyed it any less.
    Have a cracking New Years Eve tonight if that's your thing and I look forward to your content next year.

  6. Am I mistaken or did Powergrid not make the top 100 this year?

  7. Stumbled onto your channel, like your style. So many games!!! Where to buy these games? They ain't on the high street! Thanks for your efforts, I've bought 2 and looking to buy 2 more to get my collection up and running. Also, a game my old mum will enjoy playing with us??

  8. Lol I have to see this video twice. One for games and one for hats 😂😂😂
    My favorite is the smallest… hat .

  9. Merry Christmas and all that bollocks!! Thanks for the list!

  10. Carrooka looks awesome. Shame I can’t get it here in Canada. Brilliant design though .

    Merry Christmas mate. Love your content. The more bollocks the better.

  11. Great selection of Games brother! Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🧑‍🎄🎄

  12. The Monty Phyton spirit is in that room. All the best, mate, from from the other side of the world!

  13. Some unexpected but intriguing picks here. Good stuff!

  14. I enjoyed my time listening to this list. Skimming thousands of games down to 100 is not easy task so thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas !

  15. I love your hats. I needed a laugh. I agree on your list too. Have a good Xmas and New Year!!

  16. Some interesting games. Thanks for going to the effort of making these video's. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  17. Yea yea the games are great, but those festive hats on that hard ass dour mug of yours had me dying! Lol. You’re the Samuel Vimes of the board game world . Love it!

  18. A pretty damn good top 10 there. You have given us considerable amusement and winding up in 2021, so keep it up in 2022. Happy Christmas and hopeful New Year to all gamers whatever your preferred style.

  19. Happy Christmas!! Massive respect for all your videos but you topped it with 7 Wonders and all its expansions(Armada is fantastic)-massive fan. Never played Cyclades…will get on it

  20. All the best mate. I will be breaking out Vegas Royale for the in laws later on. Wine and gambling, true Christmas spirit. Joking aside, Merry Christmas. 👍

  21. Another dollop of festive gaming goodness, great conclusion to the list. Merry Christmas mate, thanks for doing what you do – roll on the Golden Bollock award!

  22. You really need to stop taking yourself so seriously. I own 5/10 of these, and once the makers of Carooka ship to the states I’ll have 6/10. Maybe I should make you a deal and trade you the Dogs of War KS factions for a copy of Carooka… anyway, Merr- I mean Happy Christmas!

  23. I’ve never seen one of Santas little elves who swore so much! Happy Christmas!

  24. Love the video. The hats and deadpan delivery is a perfect start to a xmas day! Thanks for your videos during the year. Merry Christmas.

  25. The good thing about the old Project Elite is you can chuck the minis you kill off the board with out caring too much 🙂

  26. Merry Christmas! Love the turkeyhat! Original list, not like the rest.

  27. We played Cyclades for the first time this week on your recommendation. Loved it. Works fine at our player count (2 players). Keep up the good work in the new year!

  28. Hat-tastic. Really eclectic choices throughout your top 100! Love Mage Knight and it’s my solo game of choice. I note that the loons over at BGG have voted Spirit Island No1 solo game again this year. No love for Dune Imperium?, which I don’t recall being on your list and would seem suited to your group – worker placement & card building.

  29. I’d loved the whole 100 list and made note of many games. Really enjoyed the Christmas hats in this one and a fantastic Top 10. Have a great Christmas and thanks for the videos

  30. Very good Video! Amazing idea, with the hats

  31. Happy Christmas mate! Thanks for another great list.

  32. Thank you for putting this together. Nice touch with the hats, and keep talking bollocks gives me a good laugh everytime. Merry Christmas!

  33. Hands down my favorite Board Game channel. Perfect mix of informative and bullocks. I just got Mage Knight for Christmas after trying to buy it. Thing it it was the last copy in Iceland and seemingly last one in Europe. I love that game already, it's great to be a le to have such a good solo game. Happy Christmas

  34. What a great top 100. So glad YouTube recommended this to me last week! The last hat was just awesome 🙂

  35. I really enjoyed this top ten x-mas hats of all time. Neat idea to include board games as well!

  36. Merry Christmas. Managed to get a copy of Obsession. The misses is excited to play it. Also picked labyrinth, I love labyrinth. Also picked up the catan seafarers expansion. Been a successful day. All the best. Thanks for the count down. Super stuff.

    FYI. We played our second Exit game last night. Went in the bin after 2 hours. We must be thick is as mince… Who is actually able to complete these things within 2 hours. Bollocks.

  37. I love how this list isn't just "wOaH the bgg top 100, oh yes", you can tell it is actually just your list, what you love, what you play, how you've played this with those you love and how much thought you put into this.

    Top work and, even though I don't know most of the games in the list and will never be able to own them, it was a grand look into all corners of the board game universe, and I look forward to seeing what else you talk about over the next year.

    Also it was good to see our man in the thumbnails getting his revenge, hah.

  38. Nice top 100!
    Have a good Chrimbo, and all the best for 2022!

  39. Great list. Cyclades is my top game as well. I even sprung for the painted buildings on etsy which look amazing on the board compared to the flat cardboard buildings.

  40. Obsession was the biggest surprise hit for me, tried it had a blast, became obsessed and bought everything

  41. Wow. Thanks man! You are absolutely bonkers but I love your lists. See you in -22

  42. Merry Christmas! Thanks for your hard work

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