Top 100 Board Games Of All Time - 10 to 1 (2022) -

Top 100 Board Games Of All Time – 10 to 1 (2022)

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Join us as we conclude the rundown of our top 100 board games of all time.

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  1. Excellent list of 100 super games. Some fascinating choices of games I have not even considered. At the top, Cyclades is a wonderful game which, over time, I have collected all the expansions for. These expansions do a fantastic job of altering the base game experience, driving both the style and strategies of the game in new directions. Brilliant game that, even after well over a decade in production, has few peers.

  2. Great list. One of the best content creators out there.

  3. Excellent list. I appreciate how you play a great range of genres within board games!

  4. Great list, Enjoy a well deserved break and Merry Christmas

  5. I am glad this is over!!! cheers!🤣 joooking! – PS – I loved it; weird top 100, but nice presentation! 🥂

  6. Cheers 🍻, good stuff and have a nice relax during the holidays!

  7. Great work on the series. Never had you pegged as a Obsession's kind of dude.
    We enjoy Kemet, picked it up on your recommendation of the game, along with Ta Seti expansion. Then went on to pick up a used painted copy, which the family loves to play.
    If Cyclades does come out with a all in one box (similar to Kemet Blood & Sand) will have to weight up picking it up or a used copy of its predecessors. Personally prefer the large D4's in the original Kemet.
    Enjoy your Christmas, be it eating, drinking, spending time with family or a "line of Charlie".

  8. The sheer amount of social and interactive games on this list makes me happy. I hope the era of cardboard videogames is waning.

  9. You crack me up!. Keep up the excellent work. Loved the top 100 👍🏻

  10. Always love to see Cyclades getting some love. Very underrated game in my opinion. Would be great if they could reproduce this trilogy into sane sized boxes.

    I still need to play Memoir 44. I got to play Obsession once but we got forced into using the expansion for everyone's first play and it felt like a lot to take in at once. Would love to try the base game a few times before diving in further. Both of these are on BGA now, so hopefully I can explore them that way.

  11. Merry Christmas mate – Christmas ain’t Christmas without these vids. I do wonder if Cyclades will ever be dislodged from the summit of Mount Bollocks.

  12. Thank you for the excellent videos all year. I appreciate you. Merry Christmas!

  13. Merry Christmas 🎄 Thanks for the top 100 list and all your content this year 🎅 Your list is greatly different to mind and I don’t care 😅 Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎁

  14. Well done! Merry Christmas! See you in February.

  15. 'It's a wonderful life' playing on Channel 4+1, yet i still had to watch this from start to finish. This Christmas you should consider taking it easy on the Lang and BGG 🙂 We don't all have to appreciate the same things but everybody should bloody hell love all these wonderful board games. Great Top 100! Have a good one.

  16. All good things must come to an end…
    Happy Holidays!

  17. Yes… Top 10 boy, super stuff.

    Have a great Christmas.

  18. My #1 "Top 100" list of the year and just in time for Christmas! Great job with all the b-roll, well worth the effort.

  19. Pick it up if u don't want to be a dick head. Lol your especially jolly today. Have a good Christmas

  20. How easy would the game "Peter and Jane" be to understand I wonder 😂

  21. Merry Christmas you Southern Nancy…from a Northern Monkey. Joking aside all the best. ☃️

  22. Is that your lady in the Carroka B roll? Damn, son.

  23. Thanks for sharing. It’s been fun following your countdown.
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Great video, hope you and the fam are having a good and bollocks free Xmas!

  25. merry x-mas to you & your family! looking forward to the new edition of cyclades next year.

  26. Great list. I expected Space Hulk or at least SH: Death Angel to make an appearance, but I agree with your choices nonetheless.

  27. You convinced me. Now I will just wait for the German release of Obsession and will wet my pants in expectation for a couple of months.

  28. I ain't got the time or education to properly verbally express the appreciation I have for this. Cheers!!

  29. Well after listening to 90 shit games i thought these 10 would be better. I was wrong!

    J/K great list. Looking forward to what comes next.

  30. I loved this Top 100 from you. I had a good incline about most due to seeing last years but it's still great to watch.

    I think I've said before that I'm not a fan of YouTube any more and as such I don't sign in much. It's the reason I haven't commented on all this greatness or throughout the year. But I do like to log in occasionally and in my own way help support those who deserve it. And rest assured I am a fan and for me you're opinions resonate the most among any and all other out there. Keep it up please.
    I wish you all the success you deserve in 2023 and beyond. And I hope you had a super Christmas.

  31. Merry Christmas to you and your fam🎄.
    Great list. Excited to see Obsession there, picked it up this year but haven't played it yet, can't wait now!

  32. Great top ten, but to save you some money you don't need to buy Monikers, I've been playing this before they made a boxed version. Just have each person write 5 or so things on a lip of paper and put them into a bowl/bag whatever and draw fron there. Very enjoyable games and always brings out alot of laughter

  33. Wait, you can/there is a way to play Cyclades and Kemet creatures in both games? I didn't understand if it's an expansion or a custom rule?

  34. You got Mage Knight wrong. It should be 8 positions higher 🙂
    Glad you are still playing it though, although a shame you didn't enjoy the latest expansion (I designed that one) 🙂

  35. Santa emptying his sack up you chimney!
    You're a bad, bad man.

  36. So funny 🤣🤣🤣, American based reviewers just don't have or get this kinda humour

  37. Looking at your Top 100 playlist at the bottom it is written "2 unavailable videos are hidden".

    One of them seems to be 20 to 11 as it isn't there, but all of the other Top 100 categories are present, so there seems to be a hidden track on the list.

    Maybe I'll find it if I play the other videos backwards?

  38. So weird to see Obsession climbing on so many lists, we have the game for some years, but it seems a lot of people just now are discovering it, and the game deserves it, it is great…

  39. Have you played INIS? Might not unseat Ukaldes but it might be one to look at – Also there is an indie title called KLEOS that is Greco-roman that is fantastic

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