Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2021) - 10 to 1 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2021) – 10 to 1

The Broken Meeple
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It’s that time of year again! The Top 100 Board Games Of All Time!

Every year I do this and it’s great fun to do, even if a lot of work! But you all love it so of course I’m going to keep doing it! What new games have entered the list, which have fallen off, have any returned? These are questions you’ll have to discover as I go through the entire Top 100 piece by piece!

Do you like these games? Hate them with a passion? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Who Am I?

One single batchelor from the UK talking about his passion for board games and the people who play them! I support small content creators, board game cafes and go against the status quo when it comes to the board game industry. I give my honest opinions without bias towards any publishers or designers and will not hold back if I don’t like a game.

The Broken Meeple is a variety channel that hosts all kinds of board game content from reviews to Top 10 lists to playthroughs to live stream collaborations with special guests (predominantly small channels who deserve more exposure).

I look forward to engaging with you, the community on my live streams or in the comments on my videos!


00:00 – Introduction
01:54 – #10
04:40 – #9
08:16 – #8
12:02 – #7
16:39 – #6
20:42 – #5
25:22 – #4
28:35 – #3
31:57 – #2
36:42 – #1
45:13 – Wrapping Up

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  1. I love your enthusiasm. You've definitely made me want to play Abyss again! Thanks Luke!

  2. Regarding Lost Ruins Of Arnak, I accept your opinion because it is a fabulous game but I would personally choose Dune Imperium any day. But that's neither here nor there.

    What I thought you missed was where Arnak absolutely shines. The components, in particular the resource tokens. For a standard board game (excluding deluxe miniatures, metal coins or other expensive bonuses), this has to be #1 for components. I'm probably exaggerating because lots of games have their own area of component excellence, but those resources. The runes! Wow!

  3. Thanks again Luke for Abyss! : D
    It's still a pleasure to see our game in your Top10!!!!

  4. quality non-fashionable top 10. great work, sizzling presentation, impressive balance of genuinely fun ggames.Keep going and you'll win youtube.

  5. one tip luke –read 2000ad over marvel crap (if you don't already) There's a reason Wagner, Grant, Finley Day, Moore and co are regarded as the best writers of all time (ignore any Pat Mills strips tho!) –best, will.

  6. Great video as always!! It will be really good to get a BGG listing of your Top100 – you know to double check what games are on the list or not 🙂
    Regarding 7WondersDUEL do then not recommend the second extension? We play this game a lot (base+1st exp), what are your thoughts?

    PS: Thank you for insisting (again) on Whistle Mountain!

  7. Such a great list. Great end to a great series, thank you.

  8. Each video i was like "surely Nemesis will be on here".

    If you haven't played it, I'd recommend giving it a go. I love mansions of madness but Nemesis just slightly beats out mansions for me

  9. Damn i watched your top 20 with 2 purpose to know what to buy next, and to see where Spirit Island is.
    I got a little anxious around top 3, since I thought Spirit Island was too new for you to reach your top. But then I heard your top 1 and how enthusiastic you are. Such a nice thing to hear. I hope Spirit Island reaches top 10 soon.

    Ps. More Spirit Island content please 😆

  10. Curious how many games of Arnak you have under your belt pre expansion. I really loved it for about my first 10 plays but started to cool on it a bit. It Really needs that expansion for me!

  11. 🥳Thank you SO much for including Whistle Mountain in your top 10!! We are thrilled you're loving it so much.

  12. Wait for it… wait for it… There it is, Spirit Island!! Wow, great top 10. Questions "Will you do a quick chat of the games that fell off the top 100?" "What games do you think a year from now will jump back on the list or climb up to top 50 or 25 for next year?" I know that depends on how you get the game to the table. Thanks for the videos. Stay healthy!

  13. Last year, you and I crossed over with 28 games. This year, 30 of your picks are on my top games of all-time. We both still agree that Viticulture and 7 Wonders Duel are two of the greatest games in the history of ever. More importantly, we agree that Lost Ruins of Arnak is a million times better than Doodoo Inferium.

  14. Wow 11k views in just 2 days !!! You’re starting to stop being a small creator 😉 I really like almost all your stuff, but I think the top 10/ top 100 are where you really shine : you summarize very well, you are very precise and concise about the pros (and sometimes the cons), you have wonderful transitions/illustrations and you are so engaged into it. That makes your video very captivating! Thanks a lot for spending so much time in doing them!

  15. Thanks for another great list, Luke. Even though we have very different taste in games, I always appreciate seeing your lists. Thank you for taking the time to post these!

  16. Thanks for this ride. I have added Spirit Island to my wishlist earlier this year. Have tried it two player before. Really good game.
    Lost Ruins are soo good, hope the expansion adds more fun 🙂
    MoM still is my biggest disappointment on your list. Never really saw the reason to like it, but each to his own.

  17. Come on, Abyss is your third favorite game of all time, and you forgot to mention one of it's two authors? I'm really sad for Charles Chevallier… At least, forgetting Bruno Cathala for 7 Wonders Duel highlights the less notorious of the two (even if Bauza is not really anonymous) ^^

  18. I love abyss and it's world. I have been waiting so long for leviathan to come back in print!!!

  19. This top 10 reminded me why I love your content, my taste in games is incredibly similar to yours! Viticulture, Detective Club, 7 Wonders Duel, Architects and Viscounts of the west kingdom, spirit Island are all games I own and love. I am really interested in trying Whistle Mountain and Lost Ruins of Arnak too!

  20. Spirit Island? Never heard of it. Is it any good? 🙂

  21. Hey mr Broken Meeple. I have Spirit Island and was just wondering how you play it solo. Do you go with one spirit or do you dual hand two spirits?

  22. Thank you everyone who has supported me throughout this Top 100! And to the 38 troll dislikers – soon YouTube will take the public button away from you so………..HA!

  23. I happened to stumble into this video when I was researching some reviews for kids games and I don't think I've ever seen any of your videos before. I like your energy talking about these games and the video felt very clean (Although as I am writing this I realized my playback speed was set to 1.25 so maybe some of that enthusiasm and pacing came from that). Anyway, I was really happy to see a game I've never heard of before on the list and that is Vindication. I think I'll have to go check it out a bit more. Thanks again and we will watch your career with great interest.

  24. Ooo, I don't think you're "allowed" to like Lost Ruins over Dune Imperium 😉 I jest, I jest! I also enjoyed Arnak more, which my closest board gaming buddy simply can't understand.

  25. You said:

    "If you're a eurogamer …"

    Interestingly enough: I am not. I can't remember 'liking' eurogames very much. I also haven't played any of your numers 2 to 9, but Spirit Island. your #1 is my favorite game.

    But then again: Maybe I do like highly thematic, cooperative eurogames? 😉

    So far I hadn't watched any of your videos. Guess I'll have to go through a few of them and check whether you actually played Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift and if you did: What you thought about it. (At least that's the most euro-y dungeon crawler that I played and greatly enjoyed so far.)

    Also: Maybe I can find more cooperative eurogames on your channel, that might be "less represented" on those channels that I usually watched so far. 🙂

  26. SotM is just an amazing game and is uncontested in what it does.

  27. I just played my first game of Spirit Island over the weekend! So it was great timing to then watch your video 😄 I can really see why it gets so much love. Only played solo but can’t wait to get it back to the table and try out a new spirit. Great video! (Also, really interested to check out Detective Club)

  28. Stumbled onto this video. I thought it was going to end in chess and go, lol

  29. Surprised for some games which are not on your top 100 (Maracaibo, Terraforming Mars, Too Many Bones or It's a Wonderful World among others) and for some others I regret there's no french version like vindication. 7 Wonders and Duel are very good gateway games but why so high ? Anyway, I love your British top 100. Keep the good work !

  30. Great video, love how enthusiastic you are talking about the games you love.
    By the way, we only own the base game of MoM, what expansions would you recommend picking first? I could not find a video in which you rank the expansions or/and the scenarios.

  31. I knew Arnak would be on this list. Did you say cats in the expansion!!! 😻😻 Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!!

  32. A game with a few months on the top10 for all time? nah…. It should be Gold West

  33. Not much of a Euro gamer myself, but Viticulture is good!

  34. Anybody knows which is the game on the thumbnail?

  35. Interesting list. Props for doing it in English. What is your first language?

  36. Arnak does have a beautiful board. Which is why its such a shame that you spend half the game focused on the research track. Also conspiracy scratches the abyss itch with 1/10th of the size and play time.

  37. watched video with my 4 month old baby – he laughed and laughed ! Love your style ! Played only vindication thou 🙁 plenty of stuff to look forward

  38. I watched the vid when it came out but didn't have a top 10 then, I do now.

    10) Maracaibo
    9) Terramara
    8) Lost Ruins of Arnak
    5) Lorenzo
    4) Viticulture
    3) Teotihuacan
    2)Grand Austria Hotel
    1) Trismegistus

  39. We have the same favorite game! I'm new to the channel, so I'm surprised to see how high Sentinels is. It used to be one of my favorites but has dropped over time. I hope the definitive edition helps it rise back up the ranks for me.

  40. I just discovered your channel in my search for Top 100 games 2021. I REALLY appreciate your additional commentary throughout about ignoring this or that expansion or the game shines with a specific, essential expansion. Glad I got Tuscany and Norwegians expansions for those two games.

    What also helps is when you do make comments about interaction level vs. multip-player solitaire. I want to "play" with others, not have 4 people playing a solitaire game.

    Great list. Great info!

  41. Luke, you are BEST at these lists! We adore you!

  42. Love the video. Hate the clapping. It's so loud

  43. enjoyed the entire list. I love your energy and style.

  44. Interesting list, we have a lot overlap. Abyss I got on your recommendation and really like, my family doesn't so haven't played as much as would have liked. Spirit Island is also one of my favorites but also need to play more. Have you played more of Ginkgopolis? It is one I really like but there are so many good games not sure I would be able to make list like this 🙂 Thanks for this!

  45. lost ruins of arnak? that's a massive surprise. It was okay, but not great for me. Same with Dune Imperium. I definitely prefer The Quest for El Dorado. or even Clank in Space. Always interesting to see what appeals to people <3
    Glad to see the viticulture love still exists. Such a solid smooth game. Slow build up with a quick aggressive finish!

  46. Great top 10 video. I have none of these games LOL …. I keep seeing viticulture in the store and passing it by. I have heard that, as you say as well, it needs the expansion, but I keep passing it as I think "how many worker placement games do I need to have' …the answer of of course is it its good then yes. Also been sitting on the fence with lost ruins and spirit island but think I will give them a go.

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