Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 10-1 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 10-1

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 10-1

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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00:00 – Introduction and Stats
01:08 – No 10
04:04 – No 9
07:13 – No 8
10:37 – No 7
14:59 – No 6
18:59 – No 5
22:31 – No 4
26:08 – No 3
31:34 – No 2
36:34 – No 1
42:28 – Conclusion & I Need Your Opinions!

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  1. I also grabbed Horizons for the new spirits the day it was available. I wish I was able to get into Street Masters because I think it would bring me similar joy with it's sheer variety.

  2. Told you several videos ago about Detective Club.

  3. It's weird. We have completely different tastes in games and I genuinely don't like a single one of your top 10s, yet I still watch your reviews and quite enjoy them. Even when you're destroying my favourite games and calling everything multiplayer solitaire! Well done on finishing the list though.

  4. My nr 1 too, got it pretty early since I entered the board game hobby and it blew my mind. Still my nr 1 game without a doubt.

  5. I like the idea of the longer gap and do it Q1 in 2024. One possible 'bridge' is to just do a video 'precursor' (one time only next year) where you are talking about games that are contenders in the top 100: ones that might come on, go up, come off, new games, not appear, etc. That way, you aren't committing to anything, it can be a simple 20-30 minute, one take video that you are doing to just lay the groundwork of where your top 100 is possibly going from Summer Luke 😀 Great series as always…got me curious about Street Masters which I never thought anything of…so thanks!

  6. if you want to try out another game with an app which is even better than the one from mansions of madness (at least in my opinion) you have to try forgotten waters! it even has an amazing voice acting included! and it's also scenario based. I absolutely love it. if you say you don't like it I fear we have a problem 😜

  7. Spirit Island has been on my radar for a long time now. Which expansions and extra stuff would you recommend I buy for it right off the bat?

  8. Thank for the list. Most of these games are not my taste but Ark Nova saved it 🙂 As for next one, Q1 2024 sounds perfect.

  9. Hey Luke. Thanks for taking time to put your top 100 together. I love Ark Nova, not played sentinels and like Spirit Island though need to spend more time learning the different spirits 🤯
    Where do you get your board game wall art from?

  10. Thank you for the top 100. Life has been crazy (in a good way) so had to dip out for a while but nice to come back to the top 100. I would do the top 100 when you feel most comfortable. Personally I prefer January; although I would feel sad waiting 15 months for the next top 100 (unless it will only be 3 months 😜). Thanks again for the top 100 😀

  11. Ark Nova feels like a worse Terraforming Mars, you have a plan and never get cards to meet the objectives. Not awful but damn top 3 of all time is crazy.

  12. am I crazy, or is dwellings of eldervale not in the top 100?

  13. Great variety of fantastic games. Thanks for the video, this was excellent !

  14. Thanks Luke for the top 100…look forward to it every year…
    I wouldn't mind be taught whistle mountain at gridcon…
    Played Ark Nova at Airecon this year…suffered from the 8 terrible cards…your Mulligan idea is brilliant…
    Thanks again 👍😁

  15. I’m going to add my voice (again) to the call for you to play Forgotten Waters if you want a scenario-based story game with NO campaign elements. It basically takes the Crossroads system from Dead of Winter and blows it out of the water by rolling it into an app that tracks your choices and providing a game that’s actually fun. Plus, great voice acting for all the NPCs!

  16. I know there will be a poll…but January makes sense…only 14 months and as you say it may really shake it up….I will vote too….

  17. Do the june next year and then the january 2024, only if its not a major time consuming issue.

  18. Wow Street Masters so high up! Love the game but yeaaa, the publisher woes have dropped this from my personal top 10. Just a bad taste and I’m reminded of it when I play it right now.

  19. I’m not that fussed when you do the Top 100, I reckon you would be better to do 2023 Top 100 in June/July and then in 2024 shift it to Q1 that way it could work better than missing out a whole year to shift it to Q1.
    I would be intrigued to hear your top 20 or 50 games of 2022 in Q1 of 2023 and what the worst games were that you played (or overrated/hyped).

  20. Thanks Luke, always enjoy your videos and especially the top 100.
    Very surprised to see 7 Wonders in the top 10!
    Very happy to see Ark Nova in your top 10.
    I quite enjoy Spirit Island, but have only played it solo so far.
    I’m not loving it though and I think it’s because the game follows a similar arc:
    At the start:
    This is impossible!
    This is impossible !
    Mid game:
    I’m going to die!
    I’m being swamped
    End game:
    How am I going to possibly win ???
    Oh. I won.!!!!!!!
    Maybe I should try and get it to a game night and persuade the crew to give it a go.
    I think you should do your next 100 best games whenever it suits you most; then we will get the best version of it from you.

  21. Luke you can't tell me that after all this time you are still feeling giddy and excited to play 7 Wonders Duel? Like really?

  22. Thanks for wrapping up the top 100, well done Luke! 🎊 As for the next one, Q2 makes sense. By that time, you should have reviewed all the major releases to hit the Essen and Christmas season, also we will have more time to let some hype settle (hopefully). 😂

  23. Really enjoyable top 100, cheers for all the hard work.

  24. So glad you managed to get a copy of Street Masters!
    It's in my Top 10 too! 👊😀

  25. Bunny Kingdom is another great drafting game for 3-4. Of course Terraforming Mars.

  26. Great list as usual. I agree with Q1 since that gives you time to check out the newer releases and reflects the whole year properly. Maybe do a one time update this upcoming Q1 to see how these new games are doing?

  27. Finally the good stuff. Jk been enjoying the whole countdown

  28. Option 3 : just go with a top 50 (or even a top 30) (30 games is waaaay enough really…) on q1!

    It's way enough for a great "top show" and spare you precious time to make more interesting content.

    About this top 10, I'm so happy to see street masters and detective club there!

    -Street masters, even if not perfect (and wich can be way too hard on some combination boss/stage) is such a great and dynamic miniatures coop game !
    I wouldn't play it at more than 3p thus' (and only if the 2 other players knows the game) (coz it could be quite long) (1 or 2 is the best p.count).
    On a really bad note : I really dont' know if I will receive my pledge (aftershokz, essence of evil, twin tigers…) any day…? That company is soooo bad with the shipping…
    and since covid… Hope is vanished here…

    Détective club, starts to shine at 5 players (above that is even better) and his always funny on family nights!

    I defenatly have to try both Ark Nova and Whistle Mountains !

    About abyss, I dropped it for his little brother : Conspiracy!
    wich is still beautiful, keep the essence of the original (with keys and gems) in such a better package and pacing for me! 🙂

    About Spirit island : are you playing it with the branch and claw and if yes, what are your thoughts on it? Must have or not?

    So glad I took that sentinels definitive Ed. So great!

    I believe that Sentinels is why you like street masters : they're quite similar on the setup aspect : chose a hero, take his prebuild deck, chose a stage and a boss. Take their decks and fight!


    My little top 10 (for posterity) :

    1)Aeon's end
    2)LOTR LCG
    5)Spirit Island
    6)Warp's Edge
    7)Street Masters
    8)Sentinels of the multiverse
    9)Cthulhu Death May Die
    10)Détective club

    Cheers and thanks for the content

  29. Well list Luke. We have a lot of cross overs:

    My top Games
    1) Innovation
    2) spirit Island
    3) Seeders Exodus
    4) Spyfall
    5) Gaia Project
    6) Trickerion, anachrony or any thematic euro game like ark nova 😉
    7) crew
    8) Galaxy Defenders for its AI
    9) SW rebellion – best sw game or war of the ring – best lotr game
    10) war of whipers – best GoT game

  30. Spirit Island right now is in a brawl to be in my top spot with Marvel Champions. The two are neck and neck.

    Thanks for a great 100 – there are many games I've gotten into in the past year or so from watching your content. These lists are always great watches.

  31. I own spirit island but dont play it to much. My top 5 games of all time are;
    1)Lords of waterdeep
    2) Nemesis
    3)Sleeping gods
    5)Quacks of quedlinburg

  32. I think it's ridiculous, that in 12 years we had no real 7 Wonders killer as a pure drafting game. It might just have a perfect design, because only Sushi Go Party is somewhat comparable, the rest miss the mark by miles. I should really try expansions, but I do still love vanilla 7W, and it have reinvigorated my interest in modern board games after long-lasting MtG addiction. 7W Duel is also excellent, tho I prefer original with 4 players.

    Mansions of Madness is very atmospheric and moody, but has major immersion-breaking moments. Like constant dice checks while being attacked by a floor or a cupboard yet another time. Honestly, breaks the core narrative for me. Yeah, AH LCG is more complex, but does the same thing much better. Though I very much share your preference for self-contained non-campaign adventures. Super tired of campaign trends.

    Abyss I found just boring, sorry. I mean I should have liked it, and I even like Conspiracy, but for some reason actions and choices felt very samey and dull. Looks great, no questions here.

    Ark Nova hype is unreal. Yeah, the game is good, but I kinda tried it and moved on. Say, I do get Wingspan popularity, but I don't get Ark Nova's crazy success. Good, but I personally prefer the so called Ark Nova killer, a game about a Mars or something. It even has questionable visual design as well!

    Sentinels of the Multiverse was a huge miss. All I saw were a hundred cards about dealing or healing damage, and no real interesting gameplay between characters. Maybe I did not get someting, dunno. And honestly it's kinda ugly. For a card based boss battler I prefer: Aeon's End > Keyforge Keyraken > Heroes of Terrinoth > Marvel Champions > Sentinels.

    Spirit Island is my top-1 as well, not much to say here. Amount of content should last for literal years already, and more on the way?!

    Thanks for entertaining top. Sorry for not sharing the most of your passions. And I vote for Q1 2024 for the next one, take a break.

  33. nice to see Whistle Mountain getting some love … one of my favorites

  34. Taste is weird, about half your top 10 I love, and we have the same number one, yet the other half don't appeal to me at all. 😂
    And do the top 100 when it suits xou best, so if that's q1 am happy to vote q1.

  35. Ark nova such a good game. Looking forward to the expansion next year.

  36. Thanks for another great iteration of your list, Luke! As far as when you do the top 100, it does not matter to me as long as you keep doing it.

  37. Excellent group of games though I see our tastes diverge quite a bit this high up. I'm working on my last 10 edit now and I'll have to double check but I think I had Ark Nova at 3 as well.

  38. I don't think I've learned that much from Ark Nova. Other than the scientific name there's not even flavor text. I guess I learned raccoons are bears.

  39. Thanks for the videos! Due to your reviews, I got Whistle Mountain last year and love it…and I just picked up a used copy of Abyss with expansions and very much looking forward to it in real life (I played it already on BGA). I don’t play solo or much co-op so haven’t tried some of these. Cheers

  40. Wow, you've done it before again. And I told you #1 could not have changed. But I was a bit afraid you do a "Tom Vasel" on Ark Nova. Probably I should finally get it.
    Two 7 Wonders in top 10!?!? I knew you like Duel better.
    On the next top 100's: go with a regular Q1 after next year one preliminary Q2. That would be a great transition. Love the video

  41. Only 9ne of your top ten that would make my top 50!

  42. Surprised I didn't see Prêt-à-Porter third edition in your top 100. Unless I missed it? Regardless, fantastic and entertaining top 100 list which I always watch every year. Great channel.

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