Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 100-91 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 100-91

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 100-91

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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00:00 Introduction
00:29 Pub Meeple Shoutout, Background and Disclaimers
03:30 Stats (New, Fallen and Returned Games)
04:23 Number 100
06:06 Number 99
08:00 Number 98
09:48 Number 97
11:50 Number 96
13:57 Number 95
15:40 Number 94
17:53 Number 93
19:50 Number 92
22:34 Number 91
25:00 Conclusion

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  1. Totally agree with San Juan….would be a top 20 game for me ..plays so well…I really need to play Western legends…I love a western themed game .I have Dino island but I've had the totally liquid expansion and don't think I've even opened the box…need to remedy this…great vid Luke …straight onto the next one 👍😁

  2. So Cryptid has left the list, huh? And Pioneer Days?

  3. What? Time for your top 100 again? Wow, has the past gaming year flown by! That’s what it do, when you’re having fun. Now, on to one of my fav top 100 lists..

  4. I started looking at Lisboa after I saw you rate it at 100, that seems far too low. I think I’ll purchase Lisboa as my 2nd Lacerda after Kanban EV. Feast for Odin at 94!?Are you penalizing games for higher complexity (rules and strategy), longer setup, table space, playing time with more players?

  5. Agree about WL. I’ve sold of some of the bloat and mostly play just the base with a bit of extras. Great fun.

  6. I like the MCU style intro you got going there. I guess other than 7 Wonders & TTR you're going to be heavier games than I am, but the concise explanations were great. I should try Broom Service.

  7. Wow,Sleeping God is so low.i have it in my wishlist but im afraid now because is expensive.

  8. First thing I'm noticing: what a cool intro!

  9. I like the intro. Seems like the choices get tougher each year with more games played? I've debated adding Norwegians to A Feast for Odin. Sounds like it's worth it?

  10. Broom service I wanna play more! First play already got me interested.

  11. I like Trickerion too, but indeed, you need a long term strategy and be able to stick to it. You hardly have any chance or room to pivot is something throws a wrench in your plans.

  12. So now Luke is able to get Hans Zimmer to compose music for his videos? Ah, it seems that’s what the Patreon is for…

  13. I like to see list of games, because people are so different! Love Lisboa, it is in my top 10 games, didn't expect it so low…

  14. Really disappointing seeing games I wanted to get at some point and are out of print or Kickstarters like XCOM, Bloodrage and Ankh. They are so expensive to get now.

  15. Excellent and informative stuff Luke 🙂

  16. still play san juan on the phone, great game and always awesome top list

  17. One of my favorite times of the year–Luke's Top 100! And it's not just because I tend to agree with more of your picks than the ones of other reviewers. I've always enjoyed your presentation and your enthusiasm with these lists. As always, I will share the crossovers you have with my latest Top 250 list. Later this year, I will publish my full Top 250 on BGG. So far, we agree on Lisboa (#219), Western Legends (#213), A Feast for Odin (#94–perfect match!), and 7 Wonders/Duel/Architects (joint #16).

  18. Oh has it already been one year. (Even so i don’t remember most of the list so it fels Fresh) I appriciate the amount of info you deliver in such a short time.

  19. I'll remember to get some donkey juice when I play a Feast for Odin.

  20. I would be fun if chess is in the top 100, I really enjoy it, but people in the hobby complains a lot about it

  21. Great list! Happy to see Western Legends there and to hear your thoughts on the expansions. I've been on the fence and may just wait.

  22. Lisboa is still on my shelf of shame, but I am so excited to get it to the table.

  23. OH YES! i've been waiting for this update

  24. Epic intro hahaha !
    I somehow feel takenoko dropped out of the top100 😉

  25. Curious about how Uwe Rosenberg games rank based on solo play.

  26. Wow, I could've sworn you just finished your top 100 just recently. Well, I'm up for more Spirit Island love and being annoyed by gushing about Ark Nova!

  27. Trickerion runaway leader?? I’ve never witnessed that, the way the game is designed would be very hard to create a situation for someone to run away with it (lack of spaces, variable tricks). I’ve seen some huge comebacks because you either play the short or long game for the most part round to round.

    Anachrony on the other hand, someone can create a situation very early where everyone else is chasing them to catch up.

  28. I dont think you have to know all the rules of Western Legends by heart

  29. Interesting that so many games have climbed back onto the list. A result of the pandemic, would you say?

  30. Best time of the year! What about a top 25 solo games?

  31. I am a man of taste… I see Luke upload a Top video… I click!

    Props on that intro it was freaking epic!!!

    Broom Service never pick up my interest until it was pitched to me like "It's like Kiki Delivery Service" and OMG I regret never actively try to play it and the Vincent Dutrait art on top… what the HELL was I thinking 🙃

    I have yet to play a Ryan Laukat though I am somehow more intrigued by his shorter games to be honest.

    7 Wonders Architects was a very nice surprise and I honestly think it is probably my favorite of the series even knowing it is the simplest by far… sometimes you just need a nice looking relaxing game like this

    Great video! Glad the Top is back 🙂

  32. I appreciate how these have become more succinct and still just as informative as previous years. Thanks!

  33. Just like Western Legends I seem to have many "event" games that take time to teach and set-up, but once you do it can be soooo good and fun. I love that term, I will use it now… "This is an event game" 😁

  34. We already know Ark Nova will be in the top 10.

    Cool new intro.

  35. Wow, did the year fly by or what? Great intro, do more! I know you said most people want to know your top 20 or even 10. Nope, not me. I want know the whole thing. This ten is great set of games in and of itself. I haven't played any, but I sure do want to. And I know the games are going to get better and better. I'll be watching.

  36. Your lists are always big fun & i'm looking forward for the next nine & Yeah! Team San Juan too!!!!

  37. Incredible intro, great video and discussion of each game, but maybe drop the Nolan Bwaaah sound between each number.

  38. I agree this is the right way to do these….Pacey and informative and great quality video…didn’t like the live ones you did, almost seemed too trite….

  39. Great start, and love the new number break graphics.
    Western legends would be higher for me as every time I've played it, it's been an experience. No two stories are ever the same.

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