Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 20-11 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 20-11

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 20-11

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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00:00 – Introduction and Stats
01:34 – No 20
03:58 – No 19
07:00 – No 18
10:00 – No 17
13:34 – No 16
17:00 – No 15
20:15 – No 14
22:57 – No 13
26:12 – No 12
30:28 – No 11
33:47 – Conclusion

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  1. Arnak better than Dune? Empires of the void 2 best space theme? You, sir, are definitely pushing it…

  2. Love how you explain your opinions. And that you rate best player count. You really know your shit! Plus, the movie/TV clips peppered throughout are genius👍

  3. I agree so much on your West Kingdom trilogy individual rankings. None of them are on my top 20, but I love both Architects and Viscounts almost equally.

  4. The nectar point scoring in Wingspan definitely adds tension and urge to take them, I find.

  5. Oh and by the way, absolutely not on board with the opinion that Arnak being better than Dune: Imperium. Still love both, though! But D:I has a level of tension Arnak will never dream to even deliver.

  6. Wingspan is definitely polarizing. I used to think it was over-hyped and quickly sold my copy. Since it came out on BGA, I've been playing again and ended up rebuying it and getting both expansions, and we really enjoy it. I guess my tastes have changed over time. I think I've become more tolerant of some randomness. I agree Wingspan is way better with the expansions.

  7. I have different tastes from you on some things, but I really appreciate the quality of these videos, the funny little clips, the energy you bring. It's entertaining and informative. And I do agree about a lot (which makes me excited to try some of the ones you mentioned that I haven't tried yet!). Thanks for putting so much work into these.

  8. I'm a bit of an anomaly on Wingspan. It's a 7 or so, for me. I appreciate it and would gladly play it. I feel exactly the same about Ticket to Ride. It's just too lucky.

  9. I love the variety in your lists! Empires of the Void II recently caught my eye so now I'll be looking into it further. I totally agree with you on the early version of Garfield solos. In fact, I sold AotWK (with metal coins) literally 2 weeks before the expansion to 'fix' the solo play was announced. I'm not sure I have it in me to bring it back to my collection. 😆 Thanks for another fantastic video!

  10. Crossovers with my list: Architects of the West Kingdom (#60), Wingspan (#9), and Viticulture (#6). And yes, Lost Ruins of Arnak is still a million times better than "that spice game". On a related note, Wingspan was the subject of a question on "University Challenge" a couple of weeks ago… and none of the students had heard of it, which made my heart sink. Kids today need to get out more. Thanks as always for doing this list.

  11. From what I've experienced, Lost Ruins of Arnak is less random than Dune: Imperium, mainly due to the Intrigue cards. In D:I to often you lose battles or even the game, just because someone drew a battle Intrigue and you drew a gain a water Intrigue.

  12. Some good games there Luke, looking forward to the final video of this series 🙂

  13. In french "anarque" is the word for "scam". So, they had to change "Arnak" in "Karnak" because the game sounded "The last ruins of scam" which was not really really good for the selling. True 😅

  14. Every time I watch your top 100
    I think…I must try Empires of The Void.
    I love many of the games on this list. I think I need to give Wingspam a second chance!

  15. Great list! Some info on Arnak Expansion; Two new unique explorers, a journalist and robot/mechanic lady (?). Also, has the solo story mode that was previously online only. Plus, new cards and all that of course. Caant wait! They hope it comes out before Essen next year.

  16. Was also troubled at first about the Wingspan hype, didn’t want to play it for the longest time. Absolutely love it. Definitely in my top 20 as well. And I agree Arnak (without the expansion) is better than Dune even with its expansion. Don’t care for the Arnak expansion.
    Also agree Empires of the void is probably the best space game that takes a shorter period of time and still feel 4x ish

  17. Looking forward to seeing the top 10! Wingspan with Oceania is fantastic, definitely can’t go back to base game after playing Oceania. I’m keen to see what the next Arnak expansion brings! 🎉 thank you Luke!

  18. Nice 10 Luke….I played Architects with the wonder expansion…thought it was great….
    Have wingspan with Europe expansion but never thought about getting the Oceania expansion,but think I'll get it after your description…bring on the 10…

  19. Our tastes in games are so similar to a extend, wich teaches me that I should give wingspan another chance and you sir, need to play Dune: Imperium some more 🙂

  20. Own all of them. Most of them would not be in my top 20, but all are in my collection. Thought about selling Wingspan, but maybe I have to look into that Wingspan expansion.

  21. Unpopular opinion: Citadels is only worth playing with 2 or 3 players. Beyond that it gets massive downtime and massive bad feels when you wait all the around the table only to be assassinated and still get no turn.

    At least we agree on Innovation! Think that may be our first match in this entire list so far. 😛

  22. I hear that the new Arnak expansion is gonna make it multiplayer.

  23. Great section! Love Arnak, it's currently in my top 10. I did play Fields of Arle but it is clearly not for me… I like Agricola better. I agree Fields of Arle gives SO MUCH options but I guess I am not a kind of sandbox guy… and I kind of like the fact that you got to feed the meeple family.
    On a different note, am I the only one that really wants more digital version of the Nort, West and now South series???

  24. I love, love, LOVE Wingspan! It's my most played game, although I've only played with the Oceana expansion a couple of times. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I think I'll include it more often.

    Also, Austin Powers clips are always appreciated. 😉

  25. Okay, as expected, we won't have a lot of intersections near the very top. But here it goes:

    Vindication is the one I'm interested in, but haven't had the chance. Looks like a cool thematic cube pusher from videos, so I'm intrigued.

    Innovation was a big disappointment. Crazy card engines seem to be my jam, but this one was so rAnDoM and qUiRkY, it's frustrating. I've won one game just activating a single card each turn and doing nothing else. I've lost another game not being able to progress from medival or so, while my friend was inventing computers. Maybe willing to give it another chance, but so far it looked like a game about being screwed by random cards and and getting annoyed.

    Citadels I still like, it's simple and elegant. However, it's a recipy for disaster if we talk about large groups or anyone with choice paralysis. Honestly, I think it's outdated and I'd prefer games with simultaneous turns. But occasionally could still be fun.

    Viticulture is hugely overrated to my taste. Very basic worker placement with big random draw problems. I still have zero idea what to do if I have red grapes and white contracts the whole game. Just get screwed and shut up? Okay, but meh.

    Arnak is more or less cool, but surprisingly dry. Fun theme, fantastic production, smooth gameplay. But all you do is trying to go up the single temple track the most effective way, you don't even have much choice rather than dry effectiveness in this single goal. I haven't tried the expansion, so I'm still undecided about the game as a whole.

    Fields of Arle is the ultimate farm game, I share all the thoughts. The only thing I miss is more varied cards/buildings like in Nusfjord. Other than that, it's immensely satisfying bulding your farm from nothing.

    Garphil games are mostly misses for me. Viscounts is a very dry compilation of 10 years of euro gaming with whatever theme and repulsive character portraits. Pfister or T-Series do the same things much better. Maybe even Feld. Circadians is the only one I like, the rest is meh.

    Surprisingly, I like Wingspan. It certainly deserves it's success and is a quality game in it's niche. Not among my favourites, but no complains, cool and light game.

    In the end it seems other than Lacerda and Mindclash we have very different taste for euros. I'm still surprised you dislike dry and beige, but like West Kingdoms or Suchy games, which are the same thing, but less fun than Feld or Tascini for me.

  26. Lol 8:24 nice board and dice burn. Trismegistus, Tekhenu, and Teotihuacan could use a player aid

  27. Good job on your list. nice amount of images of the game and descriptions of the games along with some dry humour!

  28. I really wanted to like Empires of the Void II so beautiful. Couldn't get into it though after 2 plays I just found it fiddly and hard to table. Have you tried the Steam app? The mechanics seem solid enough maybe if the PC does the fiddle for me I'll enjoy it.

  29. From the WK trilogy I’ve only played Architects, but I agree about the solo mode with the new expansion being very fun!

  30. great video. thank you for all the recommendation. looking forward to the last 10.

  31. My sweet spot is mid-weight too. Love your including Vindication, Innovation, Empires of the Void II especially. I like all of the others too except Fields of Arle (as I find it hard to get excited about farming!😅). Thanks for another great video!

  32. So many games I love in this 10. Viticulture, Lost Ruins, Arle, Architects, and Wingspan. Amazing list. Excited to see what beat these games!

  33. Wingspan?! Wingspan???!!!
    Just kidding, got to admit I have a bit of a soft spot for it myself, when in the mood for a relaxed game. Great video, looking forward to the top 10.

  34. I was really glad to see Viscounts of the West Kingdom on the list. I love that game and I also used the word smooth when describing it recently. Just such a great gaming experience. And it is really smooth solo. The expansions are amazing

  35. Empires of the void has always caught my eye as a big ryan laukat fan, but I already own xia legends of a drift system with its expansions and can't really see how the red raven game can be much better than that. Xia seems to have a lot of the same mechanics and a bit more. Have you been able to try both, to give thoughts that may help me purchase more Laukat art? If not it may be worth looking into! Cheers

  36. I’m in the minority in that I don’t like the Oceania expansion for Wingspan. I think nectar warps the game and just makes it “the player can obtain and spend the most nectar wins”, which is unfortunate because I like the other things Oceania introduced.

  37. Fields of Arle 😍😍

    LOVE the game. Idk why but Uwe’s farming games are so soothing to me. I think part of it is a small dose of nostalgia from growing up playing Catan – the Western European categories of resources to gather, nice but simple wooden bits, and a frontiers-y type of feel to it. Just feels like the board game version of sitting next to a crackling fire at home for me.

  38. Hi Luke, love this show. Thanks for breaking the news of Asia-expansion on Wingspan. Love this game as well. Agreed also on Arnak vs. Dune Imp. Never liked any Dune books or movies, and this as Sci-Fi fan! I have to get Empires of the Void! Never get my TI3 on the table! Can't wait to see what the next 9 are. We know that no.1 could not have changed!

  39. I dont get the comparison between DI and Arnak either. One game actually has a deck building focus while the other lets you use most of your cards twice sometimes once. Other than the bits, I also don't think Arnak looks that good unless everything is wiped off the board. After the tiles are in place and the card market laid out, it looks like a mess of yellows and browns. Like a windows desktop with 130 new folders in it. I don't dislike Arnak though. Its just a very plain and simple resource conversion game with really nice pieces.

  40. I'm looking for a sandbox feeling game and you mention a couple. What others do people recommend? Does Star wars outer rim give that vibe? Also Western legends has a sandbox feel to it doesn't it?

  41. Wingspan ❤👍
    Thanks Luke nice list, cannot wait for the 10 to 1

  42. Looking forward to seeing if Ark Nova will break into the top 3. I am guessing it'll be right there at #3 just beneath Sentinels and Spirit Island but interested to see if it topped any of those.

  43. Great video luke, I'm excited for the top 10, Fields of arle you've always championed. Plus I'm glad I bought Oceania expansion after you did. I had the same concerns but i enjoy it so much. Its looks like they've added a 2 player variant thing with Asia. Hoping they haven't just added stuff for the sake of it and broken the game

  44. Decided to pick up Citadels. I enjoyed playing that years ago. Will be interesting to see how my tastes changed.

  45. Love your love for Citadels.
    Here in Belgium it's called Machiavelli, named after the political philosopher.
    I work in a psychiatry, my co-worker and me play this with patiënts every week and they love it! Just ordered a new copy 'cause it's worn out.
    Keep the great video's coming!!

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