Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 30-21 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 30-21

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 30-21

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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01:31 – No 30
03:41 – No 29
07:00 – No 28
10:15 – No 27
12:24 – No 26
16:05 – No 25
19:42 – No 24
23:37 – No 23
26:36 – No 22
29:10 – No 21
31:15 – Conclusion

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  1. Terramara rocks! I recently spotted this in a friend's collection and managed to talk my group into playing it right away. Star Realms is really good fun on the app. Raiders base game is meh. Maybe I should try the expansions. Great video. 🙂

  2. Glad to see Valley of the Kings getting some love. So much more group play friendly than many deck builders, imo.

  3. I prefer the Arkham Horror LCG to the LotR LCG because of the deck building part

  4. 16:09 Pursuit of happiness…. YIPPY love hearing about this game couldn't wait to hear more of your thought of the game.

  5. I am really enjoying this top 100 Luke. Great list, especially Fort and Arkham Horror LCG! I only got into Arkham last year when the revised core set was released and have become obsessed 🙂 I played one of multiplayer scenarios for the first time at UKGE this year, it was loads of fun and met some great people. Look forward to doing it again next year!

  6. I’ve been going back and forth whether to get Fort…finally clicked the button to buy…about 90 seconds later I hear you say Fort for your #24….it was meant to be!!

  7. I've been watching your top 100for the last 4 years or so. What I find the most interesting is what games are hanging on and what new games are being added. This 10 is great. I really want to play Terramara. Hey! Can some big board game company get that over here in the States! Oh well. And for the game Fort, wow what a jump. I did play it once before the board game cafe closed and really enjoyed it.

  8. Terramara is still in my top ten. Just love it.

  9. Would be nice if You showed also last years place when revealing a game.

    Like, this year my top 21 is Monopolly and last year this spot was taken by Camel Up. Or show a list of 10 games at the end of each video.

  10. Star Realms is fun. I play the app a lot – and I’ve just about got to the point where I think I win more than I lose on hard. Physically I’d always choose Shards of Infinity over it though.

    I really want to try Edge of Darkness, but it’s outside my price range. I live in hope of a good trade.

    Fort was fine for a couple of plays, but it didn’t grab me and off it went.

    Arkham Horror TCG is one of the most godawful games I’ve ever played. Just recently went through and rerated all of my games with the help of Pub Meeple and it came out at 1.4/10. Maybe if I cared in the slightest about the story I’d feel differently, but mechanically, I don’t even know why this type of crap is accepted let alone embraced. Try do do something – Chaos bag says no. Not for me.

    The Pursuit of Happiness is a lot of fun. 4 plays in, I’m still enjoying it, but not convinced it has legs for me. That said, I haven’t cracked open the expansions I have for it yet.

  11. Pursuit of Happiness is such a good game. Well-deserving of your hype. Thanks Luke!

  12. I’ve never got close to coming up with even a top ten, let alone a top 100. But it’s interesting to see just how little overlap our lists would achieve if did make one 🙂

  13. Recently grabbed Valley of the Kings, it's really good. Already have like 15 plays in.

  14. Must confess I'm getting a but worried by the Pursuit of Happiness project, am half expecting them to tell us they can't deliver for whatever reason. I hope not!

    Great video. I have but am yet to play Valley of the Kings so need to make a special effort to get it played.

  15. Edge of Darkness muss be so great.
    Unfortunately, no German version planned so far.

  16. About Fort:
    Thematically it's awesome, that players can buy unused cards of other players.
    Gameplay-wise, I had a huge problem with that. The reason: deck-building is about building engines and combos. The fact that you can and will buy from other players works against the sense of deckbuilding…you constantly lose cards that you just havent played because your hand didnt work for that specific card.

  17. As I'm a huge fantasy and LotR fan, it's sad that the LCG is lacking story and atmosphere and instead concentrates on mechanisms so it's quite abstract. I also very much dislike just putting any good deck together even though the cards themewise dont fit together.
    That's why I only create decks in which the characters and cards fit to the scenario/campaign…else it would be even less thematic.
    So why this game hangs around somewhere in my top50, the Arkham Horror LCG is my top#2 of all time.
    I play it solo with two investigators, fitting background music….and you dive in a different world.
    I think I have enough deck cards and investigators so that for the new campaigns I only need the campaign boxes……well if some cultist ritual doesnt force me to buy the investigator boxes, too. 😉

  18. Loving this top 100 list, the Lord of the rings LCG has got me thinking. Plus pursuit of happiness.

  19. Lots of lesser talked about games here…I love it. I recently added Fort to my collection and the expansion is on its way. And now I want to check out On the Underground (London/Berlin). Thanks again for another entertaining and informative video!

  20. Awesome games here, we have star realms and absolutely love it. Also Lord of the Rings the Card Game, excellent. I do agree a bit with chore of building your decks prior. Cam be a bit annoying. I have heard a lot regarding Arkham horror the card game. I have not given that one a go and I'm interested. So terramera, I think was one of the ones looked cool too. Also the first one you mentioned in the video, Raiders of the lost Sea, I like that too. A worker placement in the sea. Fun!!! Appreciate your efforts in making this list and video. Look forward to seeing the next 20. Thanks!

  21. Four crossovers with my list today: Terramara (#238), On the Underground (#157), Edge of Darkness (#144), and The Pursuit of Happiness (#86). Once again, it seems that you and I are the only people who like Terramara. Thanks as always for your hard work and dedication to the hobby.

  22. Own 7 of the 10 mentioned, 2 of which are still on my Shelf of Shame (TerraMara and Edge of Darkness).

  23. I think you just created another idea for a top 10: top 10 bloated games!

  24. Excited to see On the Underground! Such an underrated game that is a hidden gem. So glad I found this game a couple years ago and this new version is great.

  25. Wow, a lot of misses this time. 4 games I haven't tried, Raiders and Fort played once and whatever, don't have anything to say. Doubt I'd ever find anyone to play the other ones. Terramara might be my thing, but judging by target audience, who would need a 50th eurogame in their lives, hehe?

    Star Realms is too basic. Just play it on autopilot, buy whatever's available, don't ever draw your color combos in the same hand, and that's it. Dominion, Dale of Merchants, The Quest for El Dorado, Valley of the Kings — why ever play Star Realms in a world where those exist? And I don't even mention more complicated and juicy ones.

    I have some Arkham LCG, and it's my favourite randomness-based adventure, as I'm usually not into this sort of thing. One of the highest FFG achievements, that keeps pleasantly surprising me. Randomness and fiddly rules do sometimes drive me crazy tho. If I ever decide to sell out in favor of another, LOTR LCG is the next obvious choice. Both excellent in their own ways, but both require a lot of dedication from time to money. No surprise, they are lifestyle games for many. Marvel, on the other hand, does absolutely nothing for me theme-wise. And we literally have nothing else in this niche so far.

  26. You are the reason I ordered The Pursuit of Happiness. I'm curious about Valley of the Kings.

  27. I've tried Raiders base game once and really enjoyed it. I ended up with Raiders of Scythia and don't regret it.

  28. I love Pursuit of Happiness. Still waiting on the latest kickstarter though 🤨😕

  29. I have never played Raiders of the North Sea, but I have played and enjoyed Raiders of Scythia, so maybe one day I will get the original version played. I am one of those who is waiting (im)patiently for the big box of The Pursuit of Happiness to show up! I very much enjoy the game even though I play it almost exclusively solo. Fort is on my shelves. Hopefully I will eventually get it played. I loved LOTR: The Card Game when I had it, but eventually got rid of it just because I had no time for it. I have never tried Arkham Horror: The Card Game at all. Valley of the Kings is probably my favorite deck builder. Another great section of the list, Luke!

  30. I have been eyeing The Pursuit for Happiness and Valley of the Kings for a while now and passed on the Kickstarter for Pursuit ( mistake I know ) Now your pushing me more to snag these when I can. All great games. Thanks

  31. Raiders is one of my favorite worker placement games… the simple fact that you pick one worker from the board and place another but get both actions… clean, effective and so satisfying.
    My problem with LOTR LCG… it is in my Top 10 but I wish I could pay for a small "expansion" with the extra cards and 2 additional discs that let you play 3-4 players with the original box 🥺

    Great list!

  32. I've wanted Terramara for long time. It's not available anywhere in the States…. 🙁

  33. good stuff, want to try fort with the unofficial solo.. thoughts?

  34. I still don't understand why Terramara was never released to wider distribution in North America?!?!

  35. I love it that you have star realms this high

  36. I finally jumped on board with Pursuit of Happiness and order the box box with everything. So different than any game I own. I think I will be able to get my teenage daughter to play it.

  37. Hi Luke, again a great video! Agreed: Star Realms OVER Hero-fantasy! Also love the art here, that's why I have all cards ever made – or almost. Keep on going

  38. "I hate kids. Don't want kids.", "Oh, here's this game featuring kids, where you recruit a ton of kids that are building forts, with awesome artwork featuring different looking kids."

  39. I recommend making those animations between each game half the length

  40. Looking up the deck and putting it together isn't deck building. You're already avoiding the part you don't like or maybe you're making it the mechanical part you don't like by doing so.

    What if you did the deck building yourself? You get to think in terms of combos, counters, strategies and other card synergies. It's a solo game in itself. But in this game it could also be collaborative with cross deck opportunities. You can even try to add theme or your favorite cards or try something new.

    But you're right about the mechanical part being painful. I've heard of people with multiple copies of LOTG sets just so they could keep multiple decks pre-made and ready to go.

  41. Is there a way to unbloat/reverse bloat those games to make it much more enjoyable again?

  42. I'm enjoying the countdown! It's probably a bit late to suggest this but for future vids perhaps you could have a list of the featured games at the end of each video? Or a running list of the top 100 as it progresses? Makes it easier for the viewer to keep track of the games you've discussed 🙂

  43. I just started playing TLotR LCG with a friend and enjoyed our learning session. Edge of Darkness has always intrigued me but I've not seen it anywhere and never felt quite ready to drop $ on it. Is Valley of Kings on Yucata? Looking forward to the next 20! Have fun at Essen!

  44. Thanks Luke, well done lists as always. One of the years highlights ❤️

  45. Terramara is fantastic. Such a clean worker placement game with this nice twist of when to exchange special abilitybfor points. Love it. Sadly though, my group does not. Wish it had an official solo mode 🤔

  46. I’ve not played one from this list. So many games, so little time

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