Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 50-41 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 50-41

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 50-41

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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00:00 – Hello and Promo
01:20 – Introduction and Stats
02:10 – No 50
04:33 – No 49
06:51 – No 48
09:13 – No 47
11:44 – No 46
14:49 – No 45
16:50 – No 44
19:30 – No 43
22:03 – No 42
25:51 – No 41
29:00 – Conclusion

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  1. I finally found the time to continue watching your Top 100. Thanky for the video :)I really love Underwater Cities – it's one of my favourite games. The Gallerist is also a pretty good game although I lost all of my four plays of it 😅The other game I own from these ten games is The Fox in the Forest – I only played it once, thus no opinion on it yet 😉

  2. Empires of the North is quite fun, but for some reason the designer (same guy as Robinson Crusoe FFS) made the solo goals ridiculously easy – so you can easily double it and feel no achievement. Underwater Cities is fun, but I have to be in the mood for hard work for that one. Dale of Merchants died the one time I played it.

  3. Played Star Wars Outer Rim with expansion over the weekend… it was awesome! Had Star Wars music playing the whole time, of course. Love that game!

  4. Underwater Cities, yes!! It quickly became one of my gaming groups most requested game this year, I hesitated getting it for years because I thought it might be too heady. But now its cracked my own top 10.
    Good call on Outer Rim too, the expansion is awesome.

  5. Fox in the Forest!! Such a cute game, love playing with my boyfriend….and it's quick. Haven't played the coop one

  6. Omg!!! Love The Crew! This is an amazing game! Haven't checked out the ocean version. The Gallerist looks fun! Dale of Merchants look great! I so appreciate your review and your top 100 list. Very entertaining! Love your memes too! Thank you Luke!!

  7. sooo we going to get on with the rest of the list?

  8. As soon as you repeated that it finally got an expansion I knew it was Outer Rim. I really like the additions and I'm looking forward to more plays of it. Still, the market action is so so slow. Every player bogs down looking over every card, trying to decided if they need to cycle a card, do they need fame or an upgrade, should I go for the bounty, could I take on this job, looking around to see who would benefit from a card…yeah, there is just to much going on there.

  9. Outer rim looks like something I want! Surprised this one hasn't hit my radar…

  10. I've had Outer Rim for months now and haven't got around to playing yet. Glad to see its this high even though I don't have the expansion. Maybe when I finally get around to playing I can justify getting the expansion. I also like to see Fox in the forest this high. We have Duet and that's an easy one to play with the kids which is a nice bonus.

  11. It's hard not to love this group of 10. But, Dale of Merchants did fall a little flat for me.

  12. This War of Mine is solid. I agree, it's really a solo only game!

  13. Love seeing Outer Rim and This War of Mine in the top half!

  14. Luke: uses clip of Cad Bane when talking about Outer Rim

    I see you too are a man of culture. 🙂

  15. I was wondering just this morning about when the next installment would arrive. I am a big fan of Underwater Cities, which I play exclusively solo – and have yet to win 🙂 I own The Gallerist, but have yet to play it. It would have to be another solo only game. Speaking of solo only, I am doing a 100-Play Challenge for Empires of the North and thoroughly enjoying it. It is another one that I play exclusively solo. I already have Wrath of the Lighthouse on pre-order from Portal Games. Still need to get Star Wars: Outer Rim to the table too, although I am hopeful that my husband will actually play that one with me. I even purchased the expansion before I have played the base game because I heard so many good things about said expansion, including your review, Luke.

  16. Wonderful. I have been loving sniper elite. Glad you have too

  17. Yeah, I also hope they add The Mandalorian to Outer Rim. I understand they kept him out because of trying to be authentic to time periods. That's fine, but give me the option to do what I want in my game! lol I even printed up the homebrew version of Mando and the Razor Crest from BGG to add to the game; hopefully, that will just be a placeholder until we get the authentic deal. 😉

  18. We have matches on The Crew (#248), Underwater Cities (#165), and The Gallerist (#61). Just a nice and simple reply. Thanks as always for doing these videos.

  19. Excellent stuff as always Luke, looking forward to the rest of the list. Very interested in Wrath of the Lighthouse myself.

  20. YAAAAS! You're number 49 is making me want it. Your the third trusted person that says "It's awesome!" and that makes me take notice! I love the purity of Whitechapel but added stuff and still a shorter time play? Yes. Please! 🙂

  21. Great selections! UC, Crew, and Gallerist make my own list though slightly higher. I'll have to try EofN some time though I became very disenchanted with Imperial Settlers and never really chased the other games. Perhaps I judged the brand prematurely.

  22. Okay, you have gone on about it long enough.. I will have to now pick up a copy of This War of Mine for a solo only experience. I can't imagine playing something that can be dark with multiple people. I think this is an experience you have to delve into alone. Sold.

  23. Thanks for the video, but I want to listen to that long history please?

  24. I had one session of Fox in the Forest. I call it Fox in the charity shop now 🚮

  25. Very good content in this channel, hello from Spain

  26. Finished strong, Outer Rim and This War of Mine are phenomenal.

  27. Underwater Cities has an interesting story. It was 4-player with poorly explained rules, and I absolutely hated it the first time, despised even. Much later when I got into solo games, turned out it could be really fun and tight euro. Probably the biggest opinion turnaround for me.

    The Gallerist is my least favourite of Big 5, but it's stil an excellent game. I'm pretty bad at Lacerdas, but the man knows how to make his euros! Theme is a big miss for me. I'd rather invest into trains and coal mines than soulless art for commercial speculation. It just feels wrong. Gameplay is still great tho.

    Empires of the North was kinda disappointing as well. I did not find nations to be that interesting. Most cards are just turning resources into resources and it's not as fun as in, say, Res Arcana or Seasons. I also miss straightforwardness of play and multi-use cards from the first IS.

    I only played The Crew one time, and I remember it was really good. Sadly, no one wants to play in my groups.

    I remember absolutely loving Cosmic Encounter and I usually absolutely hate negotiation games. It was crazy and genuinely funny even without the need to play "the right way" as Game of Thrones or Dune or something. Just generating pure nonsensical fun. Sadly, haven't played in 2 years, so remember it vaguely.

    You were probably the person who persuaded me to try Dale of Merchants, and I was surprised. Simple rules, flexible choices, a lot of variability in animal types. Top-5 deckbuilder material, much better than Star Realms or Legendary clones. Now I wish someone wanted to play Valley of the Kings with me.

    Fox and the Forest is excellent! Wonderful art, tight interactions, interesting mindgames. I'm not that familiar with trick-taking as a whole, but it's a great duel.

    I'm tired of Star Wars and not a fan of that type of game, but remember Outer Rim was surprisingly solid. Still prefer Runebound 3rd ed.

    And finally This War of Mine is high on my hate list. It's just not a good board game. Most of your actions are trying to emulate being a computer by fiddling with components, searching for cards, thumbing through storybook etc. Then you roll a die and lose. Nice. All fiddle, no play, very tiresome. Also, "coop" is a joke.

  28. I've been trying to figure out which Lacerda to get in to, and I'm grateful someone said 'Escape Plan is garbage'. Been seeing that one on the used market more than others, and that's probably why. Theme seemed really cool and even Tom Vasel kind of liked it so I was curious.

  29. Thanks for making this list. First 10 i have not played and of the games. (Maybe cheeting since i played the crew-quest for…) the game i really want to play is this war of mine

  30. I've only played Outer Rim from this ten and it's one of my favorites. I've considered picking up Sniper Elite. You have convinced me to add to my buy list.
    Thanks for great video.

  31. Yes!!! Fox in the forest is so good glad to see it so high!

  32. I feel like you cuffed Underwater Cities a bit. 40 minutes/player is pretty accurate as long as everyone has played before. If you're teaching someone, I would…just not play Underwater Cities at 4, honestly. It's a 2-3 player game, really.

    Also, you can at least mitigate the effects of not being able to color-match your cards if you can get a Black Ops Team down.

  33. I have empires of the north, I need to get it out and learn the game. I think I only need one more expansion, now there is another one. These lists are cool. A surprising jump for sure.

  34. Great games in this bracket. I grew also up with Trick Taking games (Skat, Doppelkopf; but never played Bridge.) I will always keep both versions of The Crew, love them that much. But for you Fox in the forest is even higher on this list!? Maybe I finally have to get this… Can't wait for your next 39 – we all know your no.1!

  35. Outerrim had seemed like a dud, but talk about the expansion has caught my attention. Question is whether Xia is better and if it's worth owning both?

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