Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 60-51 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 60-51

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 60-51

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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00:00 Introduction, Rent Shuffle & Roll Promo and Stats
02:03 Number 60
04:23 Number 59
07:13 Number 58
10:25 Number 57
13:10 Number 56
16:49 Number 55
19:20 Number 54
23:48 Number 53
26:40 Number 52
28:24 Number 51
31:08 Conclusion

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  1. Interesting take on nuclear with energy empire, as for the power output it beats other green energy by a mile

  2. Great videos!

    I wanted to chime in to say that The Search for Planet X is not an unknown game, it is currently 114 in BGG and it sells like crazy in my town.

  3. Cryptid is a great looking game! I had to get rid of it in the end for two reasons. 1 – someone gives a wrong clue in more than 50% of the games I’ve played of it (often me). 2 – multiple players work out he answer at the same moment, which means it’s just luck of turn order who wins. When I got Search for Planet X which has neither of those issues, I got rid of Cryptid.

  4. Nooo, anachrony has fallen from grace. I'm working on the instructions for just packing this up into the big box 😂. Almost can put it on my shelf…. can't wait to play it!

  5. I just wish I could get my hand on a copy of Alice’s garden! Just doesn’t seem to be available here in the U.S. but I will continue to keep an eye out.

  6. It's funny what you say about how Cryptid looks yet it intrigues people. It is currently the one and only game that my wife has requested based on the look after seeing it pop up either in a dice tower review or top 10 list! She doesn't watch board game content with me often but sometimes I have it on the TV while she is in the room with me and, yeah, she said that looks neat you should get it… And it is excellent, one of our most played games with my group!

  7. I agree that Ticket To Ride is important but I think Trekking the National Parks and Trekking the World are way better gateway games.

  8. Dinosaur Island > Agricola/Caverna lol

  9. Excellent stuff Luke, agree about Ticket to Ride. Would like to see you do a top ten of games that should be in BGG top ten. Not heard of Alice's Garden will have to take a look.

  10. I agree with what you said about TTR, but, personal preferences aside, all your reasoning applies even more to Catan. I guess you’re younger than me and must have missed the impact that had. And even 9 years older and still going strong. TTR is great too, but more like a booster that ignited the idea it’s possible to have other games aside from Catan that’s for everybody. Both evergreens. TTR never managed to bring cool expansions though, just maps with some minor tweaks het and there. A bit lazy.

  11. Tainted Grail solo, playing two handed and story mode was enough to fix it foe me. Probably in my top 10 or 15.

  12. Hi Luke. Just wondering if you've ever played Loot of Lima? Another deduction game. I actually prefer this to Search for Planet X which surprises me. I might prefer the theme of Planet X but we love Loot of Lima in our group and never hear it talked about.

  13. Thanks for the video Luke!
    Any chance you can mention the house rules you use for Tainted Grail?
    Just started a solo game…

  14. Great list. For, LotR game, it's not surprising that it's falling. With lists like this, games will fall and games will jump on. My big surprise from is Alice's Garden. It didn't just on your list in the 90s or 80s. No, it jumped 50 spots!

  15. If the 50-41 segment isn’t filmed from the top of Snowdonia, I’m going to be really disappointed!

  16. Top 10 Games Camilla has Played 🤣So true. Menara in the BGG Top 10? Give me a break.

  17. Coffee Roaster is well deserved here. It's actually higher on my list. I'm really enjoying this series because you mention a lot of games that are not 'normally' in the top 100. It's refreshing and educational. Thanks so much!

  18. Yes yes yes, Ticket to Ride should be BGG's #1 game of all time. Of course, I'm biased on that opinion because TTR has been either #1 or #2 on my list every year. Also on my 2022 list: Coffee Roaster (#178), Cryptid (#101), Caverna (#41), and The Search for Planet X (#27). As always, thanks for sharing your list with us.

  19. You sir are exactly right on Ticket to Ride. And with that it also makes your take on Gloomhaven correct. The top 100 games on BGG should be full of the best classics, evergreens , and games that are liked by the masses. I am talking about hobby games of course but I would rather a few good mass market classics sneak into the top 100 than it being flooded with niche games..

  20. Energy Empire in my top 5. Expansion fits in nicely,

  21. Hmm, Ticket to Ride should be #1 on BGG, but you have it 57 on your list 🤔

    I kid, I kid – I agree that the BGG Rankings should somehow account for how influential/popular each game is. Pandemic is another game that is too low on the list.

  22. Great job! Lots of games I haven't played but would like to try on this list (Search for Planet X, Caverna, Lord of the Rings, Cryptid). I just picke dup Coffee Roasters in a trade and am looking forward to playing that. I enjoy the Adventures expansion in Anachrony and the expansion that adds exosuits (I think 6 extra exosuits?). It is a bit bloated and I've ignored other expansions but might have to keep my eyes open for Fractures of Time. I have to disagree on Ticket to Ride. I do think it should be in the top 100 but not number 1. Great game though. I'm currently rating my games on Unraveled Game Thoughts and just completed a Pub Meeple ranking (took foor…eeeev….er) and hope to do at least a top 50 if I can get comfortable with it.

  23. Anachrony on 56?? I can't take this top 100 list serious from now on.. 😛 😀 definitely in my top 10.. 🙂

  24. Love the little cut scenes from popular culture in your videos, the Saving Private Ryan scene cracked me up in the context you put it in.

  25. I'm still team agricola simply because if I want the sandbox experience I play a feast for Odin. Agricola for that tight, tense gameplay :p

  26. Wonderful Planet X over Cryptid a million times! I'm only willing to give Cryptid another chance with printed deduction sheets. Otherwise, it's super-annoying memory game, that I refuse to participate in. Hard mode is simply ridiculous.

    I find Ticket to Ride maybe not "overrated", but overhyped. It ranges from okay to boring for me, and absolutely not worthy of top-1. I'll play for a nice company, but would never select it myself.

    The more I play Anachrony, the more I love it. It's in my top-5 now, and might even go up. Theme is amazing and modules variability is fantastic. I recommend checking out Quantum Loops and Hypersync Actions from Future Imperfect. That expansion is often overlooked, but these 2 modules are among the simplest, but super fun. Not even remotely as complex as Fractures.

    When I first played Uwe, I was on Caverna over Agricola camp as well. But the more I played, the more I appreciated Agricola's tight gameplay of suffering over "doing whatever" in Caverna. Forgotten Folks gives it a much needed focus tho, it's fun. Still, Caverna is too open and has zero setup variability, so each play has diminishing returns for me.

    Coffee Roaster did not work for me. I love deckbuilding and solo gaming, but this one just was too random I guess.

    I'm very tired of campaign games trend. Other than AH LCG each one I tried was dull and grindy. Just give me a confined single play experience with replayability, not a dull slog.

    And lastly, never be ashamed of games you love, it's your channel! I have not played Alice's Garden, but would gladly give it a chance. Nothing wrong with simple games. Say, I love a lot of Knizia straightforwardness.

  27. Is there a comparison site you use to make these lists? I’d like to see how all mine fare.

  28. I'll really look forward to seeing what you have to say about the new Tainted Grail game 🙂

  29. I agree that Ticket to Ride should be higher in BGG I do not know about #1 but I am blown away no Ticket to Ride is in the Top 100. In fact I do not feel represented AT ALL with BGGs Top10 games, some games are good but not TOP 10 material IMHO (only 1 of the current TOP 10 is in my TOP 10 and no… it is not Gloomhaven 😅). That said, we all know the problem about BGGs rating system at this point 🤣

  30. Luke, I've noticed that you have a slight Irish accent when talking about Ticket to Ride…interesting

  31. I wonder if your number 1 stays the same. 😁

  32. I think it is a difference btw heavy and difficult. A heavy game doesn’t have to be difficult. And a medium weight game can be more difficult. And it is also individual. How yr brain works. I don’t think anachrony is difficult. I understand What need to be Done (i don’t say i win but i understand the game) But i struggle much more with hansa teutonica or clank. Not to mention sherif of Nottingham, galax trucker or quacks. Games i always am in the bottom. But would you say, in yr opinion, that heavy means difficult?

  33. I agree that Ticket To Ride should be number one on BGG.

  34. 💥 Agricola is better 💥
    Caverna is not sandbox, it's kitchen sink, too many options. It's also not as innovative as agricola was, it's just agricola 2… It lacks tightness. The box is also too big 😂
    I will always defend Agricola so yeah you can expect more comments like that on your next top 100, but you like comments so you should be happy 😉

  35. "Ticket to Ride should be #1 on BGG" 🙁

    Play other train games. There are even other light ones that are better. TtR is barely a game.

  36. You are correct. Tom's was the only list that made sense on that DT top ten. Do yours!

  37. Couldn't agree more on LotR Journeys. It fell fast for me to the point it was ultimately culled. Great list! Thank you!

  38. I agree with Ticket to Ride comment on BGG. Have you ever tried Airlines Europe? Done by the same designer and you are building air routes. It has a stock element that reminds me a bit of Ticket To Ride Pennsylvanian. Our group likes both and it plays fast at the higher player counts.

  39. You should 100% do a top 10 games that should be in the top 10 of BGG. I love your content and love those lists. Win/win

  40. Another great section of the list, Luke! I completely agree about the Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, a game that I very much enjoy. I really need to get Planet X to the table – hopefully soon.

  41. Love this last 10 minute explanations. Looking forward to the rest of your countdown!

  42. You guys decide for me please, mage Knight or euthia?

  43. I like how much you talk about the games, very informative and different from other top lists.

  44. Wrong! As much as I agree with the negativesvon Agricola, Caverna is a bad response to it with the fixed setup and too lose gameplay. But well I guess we'll come in a agreement when Feast for Odin will appear higher in your list. subtle threat

  45. I would love to try Energy Empire, but also I’m pleased to see Alice’s Garden on this list. It’s my top purchase this year. Just 18€ in German book store Thalia and there is so much game in this little bundle of joy.

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