Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 60-51 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 60-51

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 60-51

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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One single batchelor from the UK talking about his passion for board games and the people who play them! I support small content creators, board game cafes and go against the status quo when it comes to the board game industry. I give my honest opinions without bias towards any publishers or designers and will not hold back if I don’t like a game.

The Broken Meeple is a variety channel that hosts all kinds of board game content from reviews to Top 10 lists to playthroughs to live stream collaborations with special guests (predominantly small channels who deserve more exposure).

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00:00 Introduction, Rent Shuffle & Roll Promo and Stats
02:03 Number 60
04:23 Number 59
07:13 Number 58
10:25 Number 57
13:10 Number 56
16:49 Number 55
19:20 Number 54
23:48 Number 53
26:40 Number 52
28:24 Number 51
31:08 Conclusion

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  1. FINALLY, SOMEONE WITH TAINTED GRAIL in their top! I'm gonna meet you in this life.

  2. 11:12 LOL "top 10 games that Camilla's recently played" 😂😂😂😂 – she really didn't understand the assignment that day

  3. I so agree with you on TTR it should be the number one Game , like you sayed its probable THE Game that brought more people into the hobby then any other , deffinitively our whole familie , and it still is the game that get to the table when we want to play but can't agree on any of the other games I am sure it's one of the most if not the most played games ever . I also would like to say I much apreciate you reviews and Top 100 lists as they feel very honest to me . Sadly some other reviewers started to feel like the top list is a mix of biased/payed opinions and popular games they don't want to leave out to keep their viewers . I am love to try new games and am also a bit a Collecter but I can not afford to buy garbage because it was heavily promoted and therefor I listen to severla reviews and playthroughs and if these reviews are biased that doesnt help me a bit ,

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