Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 70-61 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 70-61

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 80-71

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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  1. Catan is tangentially responsible for me being in this hobby. I used to have to play two or three games of it every Friday night with my wife and her parents, and gradually went from like the game to hating it – so I started getting other games so we could mix it up. Dominion in particular – along with others like Splendor, 7 Wonders, TTR: Europe, Spice Road – made Friday nights fun again – and now it’s snowballed.I still often play Catan on a Friday night, but I refuse to play it twice in a row, and I’m back to the point where I do enjoy the game again.

  2. Played Imperium Classics twice, and couldn’t sell it quickly enough. My god that game was tedious.

  3. Whistle stop is one I'd like to try one day and perhaps Imperium Classics. I can't hate on Catan too much given its history in modern boardgaming but it's certainly not my favorite (not in my own top 100). Mystic Vale I found to be too random given I only played the base game but found the base game too week to be worth buying an expansion. I tend to view games like beer sometimes…if you can't make a basic beer well, don't give me you "fancy" stuff. Doesn't always hold true in games or beer as I have been surprised on both accounts. John D Clair I believe has gotten better with his designs since Mystic Vale and Mystic was creative. I'd rather play Edge of Darkness though.

  4. I hated chronicles of crime, found it too dificiult, the clues were really obscure and not intuitive. imperium and civ new dawn been on my radar for a while but I don't get to play Eclipse 2nd dawn enough so can't buy another 4x! 😧

  5. Both Catan and Mission Red Planet would be in my top 100. The rest I have not played except Whistle Stop once at a convention. Been tempted with both Civilization and Imperium. The rules/complexity on Imperium made me hold off.

  6. Thanks Luke, will look at that civ game

  7. Just played my first game of Roll Player this morning after having my eye on it for some time. Great game where you can create fun little story, even if it's ultimately an abstracted puzzle. Can't wait to play again and try out the expansions!

  8. Love that you mentioned Catan. It’s the game that got me into the hobby.

  9. I played argent and catan of the games you listed. I was a bit frustrated by (is this the right preposition) the facit that the golas was hidden. Souldrottningen like to try out imperium. I have not decided if i like deck building/hand management. But i thought imperium was good place to Find out. I have not been interested in for exemplet dominion. But i can like the mechanic in a game that has more mechanics as well

  10. I do like Imperium Classics but see the same small problems you mentioned
    The playmat looks good and I need to get this cheat sheet – thanks for mentioning ✌️

    Nowadays, I don’t actively seek out to play Catan but wouldn’t turn down a game if someone asks. I think it is a good game for what it is and it is part of my childhood

  11. whistle stop seems interesting my need to give that a go find train themes boring though

  12. As with a lot of these sorts of things, the backlash to catan is overstated. Whilst I definitely wouldn't put it anywhere near my top 100, although granted I've never played with any expansions, it's still not bad by any means and it's still a good game to introduce people to.

  13. Four crossovers with my list: Roll Player (#233), Whistle Stop (#232), Mystic Vale (#65), and Catan (#38). Chronicles of Crime, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, and Mission Red Planet have never been in my Top 250 but they are solid 7/10 games. A nice batch of games here. I can't wait for the next video.

  14. "We have such sights to show you…" 🤣

  15. Mystic Vale — card crafting seemed cool, but I dunno… I played on app, and card effects themselves seemed boring and repetitive to me. No cool combos you'd expect to happen when mixing card pieces.

    Argent is fantastic. Captivating euro with a great blend of theme and confrontation. Enjoyed this one a lot. Sadly, not may people share this passion. Many are repulsed by artwork. Don't know who to play this with.

    Imperium has many problems, but I found it to be pretty unique. There are very few deckbuilders or complex card games with that amount of unique cards and interesting mechanisms. Fiddly bits, length and bad rules still bother me sometimes, but there are not many alternatives to this game.

    I don't like Civilization games, but New Dawn works for me. Maybe because it's abstracted and doesn't last for ages. Surprising to see an almost pure euro from FFG. I agree that action selection is fantastic. It works great in Civ and Ark Nova, and I want more games with this.

  16. have you played deception expansion? I've heard it elevates the game even more. Unfortunately I think its out of print and difficult to find

  17. I played Catan once and I thought it was very good. I just got a used copy of Mission Red Planet this summer and hopefully will play it this weekend. Great list of 10.

  18. Umm playmat for Imperium?!? Yes please!

  19. Citadels is very bad. Mission Red Planet even worst. Dice Tower did a great disservice in misleading the Community to play this game. The flow of the game is awful, as you constantly have to stop and ask what cards were chosen by the players and then realizying the effects on the cards. The game drags and feels dated.

  20. I absolutely love Roll Player, especially the stories that can be told about the character you are crafting as you play. Wonderful choice, Luke!

  21. ill have to give Civilization a New Dawn another look. first play was offputting for my group with the Military focused player mowing over everyone else (who were playing it like a resource building euro)

  22. I was quite lucky when it comes to Mission: Red Planet, got it as excellent condition second hand for 30Euros. But some of the prices I have seen in my quest were nuts.

  23. Just played the base game of Role Player last night and thought it was a lot of fun….want to play again and also try the expansion

  24. What's up, Luke? For Civilization New Dawn, is that what that main mechanic is called, focus row or action row? Awhile back, I tried looking up the mechanic on board game geek but it wasn't listed. Board game geek has listing of mechanics and you can look up board games by mechanics (like victory points as money, which is also an interesting mechanic). I have to agree with you that more games need to put this mechanic, action selection row or whatever it is called to use. I'm suprised only 2 games use it. There are some games that use a similar mechanic but it's through worker placement. As in the more you're worker goes to the location the better it gets (and a variant of that sometimes the more times you go the worse).

  25. I was late to the party but player Whistle Stop recently ( yes 4 players ) and it was a really fun game. I assume there will be another Whistle game further up on the list. 😉

  26. Im here for whistle stop and still havent gotten it to the table.

  27. Catan… Oh God… comments are going to be fun 🤣 I personally do not hate it, but I think it is not for me. I can appreciate it like I appreciate my favorite childhood game "Risk", they are ok for what they are but not for me at this point. I rather play something like Castles of Burgundy if I am going to "roll and build". That said, I have ONLY play the base game so I might be missing a lot 😅

    I really want to try Imperium… like really… so bad. The Miko's art probably help alot 🤣I would love one theme in ancient Mesopotamia with Sumerians, Assyrians, Akkadians, Babylonians, etc… To be honest I would love any game based on that period 😂

  28. I’ve looked at Civilization A New Dawn so many times at the game store, but I always put it back. After hearing your thoughts on it, I think I’ll pick it up next time I see it!

  29. Played a friends copy of mystic Vale recently, I was aware of it from last year's top 100, it was new for 2 of us and the friend who owned the game hadn't used the 'mods' for it, I think we got there in the end and I'm glad I got the win, would like to play more in the future

  30. yup, still love playing catan with my kids. love the negotiation aspect with them. screw the haters.

  31. Oh god, thank you for the Imperium guide. The game is awesome but the rules are a mess! And thank you for your videos. You rock!

  32. We played Catan again last month and really enjoyed it !! First game of Covid that got me into gaming.

  33. So right Luke! Catan is a good game, too many people judge it against other games and don’t place it in it’s proper context. And Civ A New Dawn w/ the expansion is very good, better than it’s predecessor.

  34. Good points on Catan. Didn't realize how plug and play it was… been avoiding picking it up cause I felt it was out if vogue for newer games. Might have to get it now.

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