Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) - 90-81 -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 90-81

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games of All Time! (2022 Edition) – 100-91

Thank you for your patience, the Top 100 has been renewed for another year! Hope you enjoy the list as I go through each batch of 10. Let me know your thoughts on the games discussed and be sure to share the video where possible on social media!!



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21:49 Number 81
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  1. Have you played Snow Tails' follow up, Mush! Mush!?If so, what did you think of it compared to Snow Tails?I'm just wondering which is better.

  2. Dominions is still one of the best deck builders there is. Forcing you to choose only one action per turn (unless you play a card which gets more) alone gives the game so much more depth, so you can’t just do a Star Realms and buy the most expensive card you can each time. Only played Takenoko once, and hated it. It seemed too dependent on whether your missions complement or clash with other players’ missions. In fact it’s the reason I haven’t tried Ecos: First Continent, as it looks like it would have the same issue. Longshot the Dice Game seemed just okay when I tried it – but I’ll give it another chance. Downforce is great – and now I need that figure 8 map.

  3. I'm sure you put better games in the 100-91 bracket than here absolutely on purpose, because you can't even deny they were objectively better XD I like Conspiracy a lot, apart from that Downforce is a piece of trash where it's all about creating traffic jam at first turn, Dixit is… Dixit, Deus is ugly as hell and loses most of his appeal for this, we've seen Dominion far too long, just like Takenoko etc etc. Hope it will reverse to going through better games later on… 😀

  4. Looks like the gateway game section for your list. I have Takenoko, Dominion, and Dixit on mine but higher: #77, 37, & 12! But I want to play Down Force & Snow Tails.

  5. I haven’t played more than one or two racing games. Am a bit intrigued now

  6. Five Tribes is a 2p game. Any more and it gets arbitrary. Plus, you may get a double turn. Definitely top 10 material. And yes, Conspiracy: Abyss rocks. Once again, even more at 2p.

  7. There is no better deck builder than Dominion with expansions.

    That’s right! I said it!

  8. Five Tribes is good (played it twice)
    Haven't played First contact (nor Codenames for that matter)
    Takenoko is fine (played it once)
    Dominion is great for what it is. Have base + 3 expansions. Would rather choose other deck builders (Like GWT)
    Deus is sitting on my shelf of opportunities.
    Dixit is fine, I would rather play other games though.
    Still haven't tries Snow Tails (hoping to see it at GridCon).
    Long Shot is awesome, probably around the same place for me.
    Conspiracy: Abyss Universe is good (you taught me 😉 )
    Downforce is on my shelf of opportunities.

  9. I admit that I have not played the majority of the games on this segment of your list, Luke. I will say though that I love Takenoko – despite not owning the collector's edition, lol – and have even been able to teach it to my 80+ year old mother, who enjoys it as well.

    Looking forward to the next video!

  10. Don’t quite know what to comment. But I want to help your algorithm score none the less 😁
    Care for some trolling? Still waiting for Lorenzo Il Magnifico to pop up on your list 😈😈😈

  11. Great stuff Luke, looking forward to seeing what's games are next 🙂

  12. you are braver than me getitng infront of the lights in this heat lol

  13. I always felt like Dominion needed the prosperity expansion, I could never play the game without it after I added it… Sadly I have not played Dominion in the last 5 years, too many games!

  14. Yey! Five Tribes!… my favorite game of all time I get so happy when I see it in other peoples TOP lists (to think I used to get triggered if I didn't see it in the TOP 10s… OMG how far I have come 😅)

    I played Deus for the 1st time this year and OMG. So underrated! How is this not mentioned more 🙃 I somehow makes me thinkg of Concordia in that both games have really straight forward simple rules and pretty interesting depth IMHO.

  15. recently sold my dominion collection (owned 12 different sets including base games, if I am correct), as I was quite sure I didn't want to get it to the table any time soon.. so many other, much better games to play.. and so little time! :-/

  16. Deus I have not heard of and has me interested. And the artwork from Abyss is so nice!

  17. A god named game ‘sleeping on your shelf.’ Is this foreshadowing?

  18. Oh no, Conspiracy Abyss appears again. 😁 I just may have to pick this one up. Thanks for the list. Looking forward to the rest!

  19. Great to see Conspiracy (Abyss) in the top 100. I wonder if Legendary Encounters Alien still is in the top 100, must be, right!?

  20. Takenoko yeah!
    I have just received my copy of long shot shipped from the US! It’s really really good!

  21. hi there. Nice one, always good talking about games ! 🙂

    About Abyss conspiracty : Agreed, really nice little game ! wich for me, replaced the original, as it keep the essence of it, is still beautiful, but plays faster and gets a better footprint than the big box ! It's a really nice "small version" !

    About Downforce : I love this little family racing game, You defenatly should try the scoring variant from bgg ! It makes the game much tense and better ! This is how the game should have been from the start !


  22. Lots of solid picks and a few I have not played (or even heard of in two cases). Long Shot is one I'd like to obtain one game as is Five Tribes. Looking forward to the next list!

  23. Im going to have to try Abyss Conspiracy. I love and own everything for the main game.

  24. Only one crossover with my Top 250 list in this section, and that's Dominion (#32). Dominion is a game that will always have a special place in my heart, especially since I just recently finished up my first year as the Dominion GM at the World Boardgaming Championships.

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