Top 100 Board Games of All Time - 2023/2024 - 100 games in 1 video! -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time – 2023/2024 – 100 games in 1 video!

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I count down my favourite 100 board game of all time.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. This list of games is incredible. Your collection must be insane for quality euros. I don’t k ow how you find consistent players to play half of those games, but you’re in good company 🤓

  2. if you like El Grande so much, maybe you should try San Marco, a similar game but simpler to play and in just under 1 hour. But is hard to find OOP for many years

  3. I listened to this list in one sitting and i cant remember everything. Is there even one Stonemaier's big hit on this list at all? and the 101-189 list? If not, i find that fascinating.

  4. Chinatown is the onlye game in my entire collection that EVERYONE I ve teach the game, end of loving it!

  5. I like the format. Seems like a pretty safe list of popular games and euros from well known designers.

  6. Great list. So many crossovers with my list. Summer games are missing though.

  7. Keep up the great work. I love getting straightforward thoughts, no fluff, just logic and insights. Thank you!

  8. Great channel, great top 100 format. Surpised to see some big drops on some games, particularly underwater cities! Keep up the great work 👍

  9. Great list Dan! Our tastes in games tend to align more than they differ so no real surprises here for me. I really do appreciate the quick hits format of this Top 100. It’s refreshing to just get to the business without a ton of preamble. That was a huge jump for Ra from last year. That deluxe edition looks super nice!

  10. Great video! I like that you showed the front and back of the box as well as the brief overview. There were a lot of games I hadn't heard of before!

  11. Great list, so many crunchy Euros. Love seeing all those Luciani games in your top 25. Pretty sure Nucleum will be up there when you get around to playing it.

  12. Brilliant selection of games on this list. Short, punchy, love it. I’ve watched 100s of board game reviews from the Dice Tower, Watch it Played, Board of It, SUSD, Foster the Meeple, BGG, Board Game Garden, Brother’s Murph etc. This is the first list where I’ve not heard of the majority of games. Nice and refreshing 😅

    Not to say I don’t love the other channels too though ha!

  13. With Ultimate Railroads being your #9, have you ever played First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express? If so, what are your thoughts and have you ever reviewed it on your channel?

  14. Really enjoyed the video. Many games on there that I enjoy. I’m surprised Underwater Cities dropped so much but glad Stellar and Subastral crept into your top 100 as they are both great games.

  15. Great video! I love many of the same games. Have you played Clans of Caledonia? I feel like it gives you the best parts of Terra mystica. I also love El Grande especially at 5 players have you tried Tammany Hall? Some claim it’s an improvement.

  16. Outstanding video!! He must have played thousands of hours to know all 100 games this well. I'm impressed with this great looking guy as well ❤. I want to marry Dan and play games all day long.
    For myself I like simple play games with High strategy. I create my own games as well. The #1 game in this entire list that is the simplest to play out of all 100 games yet has the highest strategy game you will ever play is…

  17. I want to see a video on the top 100 dedicated card deck games.

  18. Excellent video, love this punchy format. One of the best top 100 coverage and many great games too. Thank you Dan. 🙂

  19. Great video and I like this format covering a "century of games" in well under an hour.

  20. Great to See Municipium getting some love! And Babylonia, it's also in my top 10 but no one else seems to love it as much as me. 

    I'll have to get Trajan to the table based on that being your favorite Feld, I own it but have not played. Luna and Aquasphere are my current favorites from him.

  21. So glad to see a rise in Glen More II: Chronicles' stock over the past year. Did it make it to the table often in '23?

  22. Very well paced presentation. I have played/owned many. Thanks!

  23. Loved seeing this all in one episode! Would be curious as to what games just fell short of making the list. As always, solid selection in your top 100. I counted about 30 of which I have also played and completely agree.

  24. So many great games, and many crossovers with my own, some of my absolute favorites being Praga, Tiletum, and Calimala. Also so great to see Caylus still getting some love.

  25. Hi Dan, great content. Appreciate it highly – seems like the most genuine channel around (you and the grumpy one). Are there not any bag builder games to like? For example Orleans or Altiplano?

  26. Maybe I didn't pay attention enough, but where is Amsterdam/Macao on your list? It was a Feld game I thought will appear somewhere, is it just off the top 100?

  27. Great list. Nice to see Chinatown so high, I just did my own top games and it came at #6. Have you had a chance to try Dogs of War, Pipeline, Crisis or Age of Steam (all also high on my own list lol)

  28. Have you ever tried the Key Market (Second Edition)? If not – give it a shot ;). It's a lovely euro.

  29. Great list did you check out Zoo Vadis (as a fan of the og Quo)?

  30. Videos like these underline the fact that yours is one of the very best board games channels out there. 🙌

  31. Outstanding video! The best board game channel in my opinion.❤

  32. Much better format than waiting for 10 games every three days or week. Thanks?

  33. Hey there chairman do you have a website or like a link to your list. I want to check them out one by one if possible

  34. Great job , I love having light on some of these classics,.. I think u might like Xi'an terracotta army…

  35. Great video! Very enjoyable to watch, thank you for making it. I really need to get Glen More II, to my table.

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