Top 100 Board Games Of All Time! (2024) - (10-1) - THE FINALE! -

Top 100 Board Games Of All Time! (2024) – (10-1) – THE FINALE!

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games Of All Time! (2024) – (10-1) – THE FINALE!

We’re at the end folks! Which games made my all time Top 10?!



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00:00 – Introduction
03:10 – No 10
05:59 – No 9
10:59 – No 8
14:34 – No 7
19:51 – No 6
24:23 – No 5
29:51 – No 4
34:16 – No 3
41:01- No 2
45:10 – No 1
55:20 – Conclusion

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  1. Bro…literally 32% of your top 100 of all time is also found in mine… **waving to my distant soul mate**, lol

  2. Where are the easier frostpunk cards from their website? I don’t see anything

  3. I feel like I've not played enough games to really make a good top 10

  4. I'd personally enjoy a shorter list with longer videos like this one. It's much me enjoyable to hear more about each game rather than more games.

  5. I prefer top 100! Everyone on YouTube has so many crossovers on their top 10s that it becomes way less interesting. I enjoy hearing about the games I don’t hear about everywhere else and enjoy hunting down older games that look interesting. Please keep doing top 100!

  6. Great video. I was shocked to see Hegemony not be your #1 🙂 played for the first time last weekend and I think I am in love. It can actually be my #1 if I play more.

  7. Keep the 100!! I’ll watch either way though 😊

  8. Ark Nova will likely be in my top 10 next time I update my top 100, and it's by far my most played game last year and so far this year as well. It is indeed that good.

  9. I don't need to own 100 games, but hearing about 100 games allows me to learn about games I haven't heard of, and may pick up. It's more educational to me than entertainment.

  10. Playing Ark Nova against much higher rated players (300+l) on bga definately soured my experience.

  11. My own personal top 10 has Spirit Island and Ark Nova reversed in the same positions.

    Kanban EV is easily my most favourite Lacerda game (followed by On Mars and then Vinhos), yet I’ve never actually felt compelled to actually own any of his games yet. We’ll see about Speakeasy…

  12. Thanks Luke. I personally really enjoyed your top 100!! Totally understand timing issues though.

    Also…Wow!! Colour me surprised…I think I'm still in shock with you bumping down Spirit Island. I know it only dropped to 4 but nevertheless…I cant quite believe it. I thought perhaps it might go to 2, but perhaps the nature incarnate expansion may have been enough to keep it at 1. But for it to drop 3 spots!!…all those poor dahan!

    Even though I really do want to try Ark Nova, I don't think it will ever beat out Spirit Island for me…but I may be wrong.

    Hedgemony also sounds really interesting but I wonder,…would you say its still fun to play solo or two player rather than with the full gambit of 4. I ask simply since, as you describe it, there is so much interaction between the "factions", do you not need all of them in play in order to make it a fully immersive and cohesive experience?

    Also…i know I've harped on about it before but, please try Unmatched. If needs must…I shall drive to Portsmouth on a weekend and gladly introduce it to you. The coop mode called unmatched adventures may be more up your street, but I personally prefer the original 1v1 battling mode. You want strategy, tactics and theme…you got it all here….and if you STILL not convinced…well, You've been taught it wrong and I can help.😂😂

    Honestly, Thanks again…was a pleasure to watch your top 10 and all the rest of your top 100.

    (And poor sentinels…always a a bridesmaid…never the bride 😂)

  13. Good to see Ark Nova at no. 1, a brilliant game. Top 25 would be a good number

  14. in general i think youre onto something with the top 100 being too much. ultimately it comes down to if youre not having fun making a top 100 then shrink it down to what suits you best.

    i shake my head at a lot of these lists and have a good laugh myself. its great to see there are games for everyone and its cool to see how different games land with different people.

  15. Thanks for the series. I really liked your format – a good balance of coverage for the amount of work it must be for you and for the viewing required to get through it all. Appreciated you getting through the bottom 80 more quickly while still covering them all. Cheers!

  16. Do you have any recommendations for brands of sleeves?

  17. FYI there is another solo variant for Ark Nova that is even better than ARNO, imho. Can't remember the name but it's on the files section in BGG, being posted a couple of months ago. It has almost zero maintenance and you only have to flip a card, while it does pretty much what ARNO does.

  18. I don't have any of your top 10, and I don't want to get any of your top 10.

  19. Views are lower for the bottom half. Maybe a single top 100-51 video and then individual top 50-1 videos.

  20. Call me sentimental but I prefer the art and graphic design of the 1st edition of Sentinels of the Multiverse.

  21. Luke, great list! I liked your reviews of all 100 games, but see your point about condensing it down.

  22. Top 50 would be great
    1. 50-31
    2. 30-11
    3. 10-1

  23. Deep rock galactic is on my bucket list. I haven’t played the video game (always hear great things) but the table top version looks so nice with those components. And it sounds like a blast

  24. I've probably said this before, but despite having different tastes I enjoy listening to you, because you are very passionate and descriptive about your favourites. Some people just list their numbers and it's boring. With you I've listened to the whole thing and you manage to speak passionately even about games I don't care about. I certainly won't rush to play through someone else's top 100, but you've inspired me to try some of new to me games before by constantly speaking about them.

    All in all do what you think is right and thanks for the videos!

  25. I like how you did you shortened the lower ranks. The advantage of the lower ranks, is that you tend to learn about more new games. Everyone knows Arche Nova and Spirit Island. I don't know how much of your effort goes into ranking compared to making the video, but you could explain less about the lower ranks and save work there.

    On another note, so many people seem to love Arche Nova – and I really want to like it, but I struggle so bad to get it started. Early game is an absolute pain and we usually play what feels like (not actually) half the game, before we get to the first few green victory points. I am quite certain we play it wrong and my girlfriend absolutely adores the theme. Could you make something like a strategy guide on your favorite game? I'd greatly appreciate it. (We played like three games, so of course we are not great at it, but the slow start doesn't really make us want to play it.)

    Thanks for your videos.

  26. Hi Luke, great list. Can you comment on whether Hegemony works well with 2 players please?

  27. This is one of few channels with the ability to give me doubt. I was planning on getting Distilled as my next game but I may have to consider Arc Nova now. Thanks, thanks for that😂

  28. Luke, tbh, I only watch top 10 or top 20 countdowns of people I follow. I started the hobby 6 years ago and I'm slowly approaching 100 games in my collection. Money is a big factor on which games I purchase. I don't go over $50-$60 a game. But I do still like to hear real people talking about their top games. Thank you!!

  29. I watched everything from 100 to 1 Luke. I think there is certainly merit in watching everything so you understand what the creator likes and not like and hence judge whether something is for you or not. And hey it is entertaining to watch! So I say you should keep the format!

    With that said, quite happy the only two games that will add to my wish list after watching everything is fort and pursuit of happiness…so not doing too bad! (Although tonnes of other games are already on the wish list like viscounts…

  30. I so wanted to enjoy Sentinels. I just found the admin to be tedious and the player powers to be underwhelming. I know a lot of people love it though.

  31. While I also have a different gaming taste – games of no more than 45 minutes, medium to light, or a series of meaty fillers, with Knizia, Schacht, Colovini and Abstract biases – I enjoy your passion and ever present honesty – keep it up!

    As for your future 'all time best games' – yes, maybe a Top 50 is enough (3 videos, 50-31, 30-11, 10-1) – and perhaps, if you wish, this could be preceded by a quick 100-51 'listing only' where we, your viewers, could check out the detail on those ourselves (another content provider and your countryman, Chairman otB, took this listing approach for those outside his Top 100 a few months ago).

  32. Great to see all the changes in your Top 100! Many games had 30+ dips/hikes, compared to last year's!
    Surprised to see Hegemony at #3, it didn't make my Top 100, I guess we found it to be a bit too scripted and confrontational for our taste. On the other hand, glad to see many recent games on the list – a lot of new stuff to try out!

  33. Thanks for this top 100. I think for me I couldn't imagine NOT seeing the next full 100. But I understand from where you are coming from. If you only do the top 50 in 5 or 3 (50-31, 30-11 + last 10) installments, I would miss something. And that would mostly be the new games braking into the top 100-51, some returning and otherwise the main shifts within the top 100-51. You could do top 50 and maybe an extra video about the changes from 100-51. That would save you editing – but not ranking. But whatever you do, I will watch it all.
    I was afraid Arc Nova would finally bump SI off the no 1.

  34. Thanks for the top 10. I'm very divided on the choices. I love 7 Wonders Duel but I can't stand Sentinals. Ark Nova and Earth are meh for me. But my interest is piqued for Hegemony and Kanban.

  35. I’ll admit that I only watched the Top 40 of this series and wasn’t so interested in the ones below that. Obviously, only speaking for myself, but I think limiting to Top 50 or Top 25 makes sense. I watch plenty of your other content, so keep up the great work!

  36. I’ll watch whatever size list you do. So do what’s best for you.

    I just bought Jagged Earth and can’t wait to try the new spirits. Ark Nova would be 2nd on my list and I agree that it’s addictive. I just want to play it over and over.

    I also picked up Sentinels of Earth Prime on Steam. Any thoughts on that version of Sentinels? I have yet to play it

    Keep up the good work

  37. I very much enjoy watching your full top 100. The way you did it this year with groups of 20 to start was great. Thank you for continuing to put out excellent board game content. I appreciate you and all the work you put into it.

  38. When I jumped to the hobby I was loving top 100 because I saw so many different games however I thought like everyone that okay this game is 84 so it is not so good. However as I am in hobby couple years I understand that for example Dice tower guys plays a lot of games so even game at 84 is usually good (of course some games I do not like and it will appear in the top 100 lists). Another thing is to know what I enjoy and focus only on those games so for me top 100 still makes sense. Maybe you can just share a list of games for 50-100 and make videos for top 50. But I am still watching entire top 100 list because I enjoy it.

  39. Listening to this as I was doing other things (not watching)…..and found myself wondering what this 'Erf' game was all about!!

  40. Damn you Earth. Creeping into Top 10s and working hard to make them as generic as can be!

  41. A Top 100 does seem better when done in 20 set intervals like you did. That being said I don’t usually care about 100 to 75, mildly about 75-50, 49-1 is when I start paying attention. I’m gonna buy Seasons based on your verve on its vibe, what number was that again?
    That’ll be a good litmus test for me

  42. You go to Rotterdam to visit a zoo? 🙂

  43. Please continue to do the top 100. I liked seeing some of the lesser known games lower down your list and it has given me some great stuff to add to my wishlist. I think this format worked well of doing blocks of 20 until the last two. If you wanted to make fewer videos you could do 3x 30 and then one last video for the final 10 next time

  44. Not played earth at 4, not had a table big enough. It takes up so much room but I love the game

  45. Waiting for a neoprene ark Nova mat that saves sooo much space, can't wait for it to arrive

  46. Our tastes are vadtly different… I put Sentinels of the Multiverse as my no. 1 and Ark Nova as my no. 2. 😉 … I've been enjoying playing Ark Nova on BGA a lot, but I also haven't ventured from my friends list.

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