Top 100 Board Games Of All Time! (2024) - (20-11) -

Top 100 Board Games Of All Time! (2024) – (20-11)

The Broken Meeple
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Top 100 Board Games Of All Time! (2024) – (20-11)

Still cracking on through the list! This is the last batch of 20 – after this, we’re going 10 at a time!



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34:23- No 12
39:10 – No 11
43:09 – Conclusion

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  1. Would you say that Fields of arle IS quite tied with Odin?

  2. "Birds are cool!" Yes, they are indeed. Thank you, Luke. 🙂

  3. I can't wait for the Fields of Arle reprint! It was supposed to come out last November, but I still don't see it in stores. I had the chance to buy the base game, but I'd rather wait to get it new with expansion, and play it on yucata in the meantime.

  4. Crossovers with my 2023 Top 250 List: Whistle Mountain (#171), The Gallerist (#110), 7 Wonders (#20), and Wingspan (#5). Also, Wayfarers of the South Tigris is on the borderline for me, so we'll just have to wait and see if that game climbs on my list in the future. And, as always, Arnak > Dune. I can't wait for the big finale!

  5. Such a great list. "I don't care for dragons, but I care for birds*. I sign this statement. I love Wingspan especially for the birds theme. What a great game. This Wyrm"spam"-hype is ridiculous. It's a cash grab, another phantasy game I don't care about and I might leave the Windspan fan page I they don't shut up there. Interested in your take on that one. Arnak and Whistle Mountains are great. Fields of Arle with expansions is this available?? I need to check this out. With the new Garfield trilogy I am still not convinced about the dice introduction.. Anyway, great video, thanks Luke. The next 10 we should all know, I guess?

  6. For the 6-7 player mode for Wingspan, Jamey had said that they included it only because 7 player colors now existed with the inclusion of the Asia expansion. Stonemaier figured people would just play with 6-7 people on their own & wanted to include an official mode. Stonemaier kept the cost of this very low as to not impact everyone who wasn’t interested in ever playing it. I think it was a cool idea to include it, even though I will never personally use it.

  7. I really like your house rule for Wingspan.
    Thanks for another great list, Luke!

  8. Friday night, a glass of wine and a Broken Meeple Top Ten video… what could be better?

  9. Empires of the Void didn’t age very well and the gameplay is outdated – there are much better space 4x games these days. Conscious that Eclipse or Voidfall are much harder to get to the table and teach but even for a somewhat “lighter” option there are much better ones like Fractal: beyond the Void or even Last Light.

  10. The simplicity of explaining how to run gallery is the reason why i bought and lobe th Gallerist. Discover artist, buy cheap art from him, promote and dell for profit. Easy. Only 4 spaces, two action on each. Easy. And Eagle Gryphon production is great, thicc components fells good in hand. I have Gallerist and Lisboa, i would like to finish my Lacerda collection with Vinhos, but it costs too much for me at this point.

  11. Lacerda is a no fly zone for me mainly due to 1. the absolutely insane pricing of his games. Even used copies still ask for $100 +. 2. The complexity for sake of complexity. He has zero self editing abilities. He should be slapped upside the head multiple times by Reiner Knizia, who is the polar opposite and can make a legendary evergreen game with a one page rule book. Before he was asking 150-200 for a game I did play vinhos but was not impressed enough to try another one.

    Rosenberg hasn’t made one game I didn’t sell. I just don’t get it. Why is he popular? Are people really that fascinated with farming? At least Lacerda attempts to try different themes. Field of arle was so tedious. It only works as a solo game where you try to beat your own score. I can’t stand games like this.

    Wayfarers was another total miss for us after an okay impression from Paladins of the west kingdom. (also sold) That’s it for Shem Phillips games.

    Luke, this may sound weird, but you need to be more critical! Btw, you’re using a lot of these short media clips too much. I don’t even understand why you need them. If I see that 007 one again I’m going to thumb down. If you really think you need them, use new ones. Anybody who watches your videos on a semi regular basis is going to get sick of seeing these clips all the time. They’re sort of cute the first time, but get really tiresome afterwards. You don’t need padding.

  12. Your description of The Gallerist put that game on my wish list. I’ve been hesitant to introduce Lacerda games to my gaming group because of the complexity rating. This will be the one we go with. It doesn’t hurt that it looks amazing and the theme will work great with them. Thanks Luke for the work you put into these

  13. Birds are despicable creatures! Jerks of the sky! I do like Wingspan though (with Oceania).

  14. So wingspan in the best and, great western trails in the worst. Youtube is great anyone can became what he wants.

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