Top 100 Board Games of All Time 40 to 31 - Official 2022/2023 Rankings -

Top 100 Board Games of All Time 40 to 31 – Official 2022/2023 Rankings

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I continue to count down my favourite 100 board games of all time.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Are you using a new camera? the last few videos Look not as sharp as before. And the perspective feels stretched.

  2. I think you are my new number 1 board game pundit. Whilst I love stuff like the Dice Tower etc – you are almost 9 out of 10 bang on my board game style. So I have to watch as if you find something that I don’t have I will probably buy it! Great content – well done.

  3. Having all Teotihuacan expansions, I still play it base game, often with printed locations. Brilliant design.

  4. You sir, have excellent taste. Which expansion to Teo do you think is the best? I have got one of them and am thinking of adding more…

  5. I got two of those. It shows you are abit more of a "euro" gamer than me.

  6. Been waiting for this vid and the rest of the list. Please don’t tell me you delayed to make that vid with Hector. The taste in games you each share in opinion are like oil and water. God forbid a game has a track! His Great Western Trail review was bananas. Don’t stop your programs for that guy. Thanks for the vid! Love your shows!

  7. i love these videos. they're short and sweet. no more than 90 second/game. looking forward to the rest and seeing Barrage in the Top 5

  8. It felt me as if we were discussing Stefan Feld top games list 😊… He is a great Euro game designer. ❤

  9. This list is amazing. I haven’t seen Kiesling’s best game Heaven & Ale yet, so it must be closer to the top, right? I also expect we have more coming up from the T series?

  10. Great list!
    Castles of burgundy is good! Easy to teach with non boardgamers. In the year of the dragon i played two times with a friend. But really want to play that with 3 or 4. It feels so punishing but i found i also fun to play. Istanbul i havent played in a while. It was one of my first games. #nostalgic 😅

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