Top 100 Board Games Of All Time 50 to 41 - Official 2022/2023 Rankings -

Top 100 Board Games Of All Time 50 to 41 – Official 2022/2023 Rankings

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I continue to count down the best 100 board games of all time.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Just a heads' up… I'm creating a database for contact creators' top lists, and I'm using your BGG ratings to fill in yours (I really appreciate what you do on your BGG site). Your rankings for 2022 are a little off, though. You skip from 154 to 165, and then you have two entries for each of 177 through 184 (177 So Clover/Quacks, 178 Fugitive/Kokopelli, 179 Alice's Garden/Just One, 180 Smartphone/Ka-Ching, 181 Kashgar/Mykerinos, 182 Fleet Dice/Tikal, 183 Great Western Trail/Through the Ages, 184 Patchwork/Universal Trust). I figured I'd let you know. 🙂

  2. Hi… am I losing my mind, or didn't you have a "Beyond the Top 50" list for 2019 and 2020? I could've sworn I saw them when I watched your Top 50 last year, but now I don't see them anywhere among your Youtube videos.

  3. Last Year when you did your Top 50 Board Games for 2021/22 – Mandala was in your Top 30…. I am curious to see where it stands this year…. In my view the same should be in your Top 10… its a great game…. Very simple to learn and play but filled with super fun… awaiting your rest of the listing 😊

  4. Anno 1800 is one of my new favorites. I have the cutest little gold bars and I have pimped out the game a lot. I can´t wait for the expansion.

  5. I got three of those. PS! Power Grid is a terrible game 😛 If I could rate it 0, I would.

  6. Great stuff! Love all the info in a concise amount of time. Agree with everything 😁

  7. man… you haven't mention a single game that I don't like. curious to see if you will mention all the games that I love 😁

  8. Nearly bought Messina today in Kienda’s Black Friday sale, as it happens, but went for Praga Caput Regni instead, because it looks like the loveliest beige Euro ever. And it was cheaper.

  9. I've played three of this batch. Love two of them: For Sale and Tigris & Euphrates. Tigris is my favourite Knizia game, but my wife doesn't like it, so I reluctantly sold it! For Sale really surprised me. I wasn't expecting that much of it opening up the game, but I found it to be an excellent design. Power Grid was solid for me and I would be up for a game, but I felt a bit disappointed given how highly regarded it is. I'm sure it deserves its reputation, I just didn't connect with it for some reason.

    I'd like to try Condottiere – my brother told me how much he enjoyed Gwent in the video game The Witcher, and I heard it is similar to Condottiere.

    Look forward to seeing your next picks!

  10. Great to see Condotierre in your top 50 – though i was expecting it to be in your top 10 😊. 30 years old game still standing strong says a lot about it – Love For Sale and Tigress & Euphrates.

  11. Some wonderful games here. Anno 1800 is the only Martin Wallace game I own and apart from the time it takes to set it up it is absorbing right to the end. I bought a used copy of Power Grid last year but haven’t managed to get it to the table yet but intend to before the end of the year. For sale should be in everyone’s collection, along with No thanks, as they are both so easy to play and fun to boot. I’ve heard good and not so good things about Ark Nova and need to give it time for the hype to pass before considering whether to buy it or not.

  12. Glad to see some of those golden oldies that I invested in some 20 yrs ago made the top half of your list – T&E, For Sale and Condottiere. I should get them to the table though as they have been gathering dust.

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