Top 100 Board Games Of All Time 60 to 51 - Official 2022/2023 Rankings. -

Top 100 Board Games Of All Time 60 to 51 – Official 2022/2023 Rankings.

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Join me as I continue to count down my favourite board games of all time.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Solid list! I've played all of these except for Ys.

  2. I've only played Ra and Rococo out of these. I really enjoyed Ra, but sold it, partly because I did not think my wife would like it. She's not a very big fan of Knizia or auction games! That said, she'll play Modern Art! I liked Rococo too, it has a nice feeling of charm to it. But I had a brutal cull and Rococo missed the cut for me. Ideally, I would have kept it!I've not had much top 100 crossover with you from 100-51, but I think I'll see some of my favourites in your top 50. Most of the games in your list I haven't played were of interest to me, but I didn't get around to playing them, like Nippon and Caylus.

  3. What an interesting group of games! Some of my favorites like Caylus, Rococo and Ys, plus 3 on my must get one day list. St. Petersburg, Signore, and Firenze. 😉

  4. Have you played Monasterium? I feel it's a bit of an upgrade from Signorie. Very similar games, but I prefer Monasterium.

  5. would you not recommend st petersburg 1st ed at all?

  6. I think rococo is the first good looking game I’ve seen on this top 100

  7. Some great games here and three that also figure in my top 50: Firenze, Ra and Caylus. I’ve been searching in vain for a used copy St Petersburg for quite some time now, ever since I watched your review of it. One day maybe…

  8. The amazing thing was Teotihuacan was my no. 1 game of all time when I first played Tekhenu… and yet I felt that Tekhenu gave me an even better experience. So safe to say, Tekhenu is safely in my top 10 games and just needs more plays to settle in its rightful spot amongst my favs.

  9. I love rococo but that new edition is hideous. The card art looks like prototypes and the color choices are really jarring. Line green, blue and pink…. WTF! Those thread bits are cool though.

  10. I don't own any of the T-series games – reviews typically turn me off (especially Teotihuacan) as the games seem too involved for my comfort zone. Would you say any "T" is streamlined?

  11. Saint Pete is one of my favorites. Such a great game! Have you played the new Caylus 1303 and if so what is your thoughts about it?

  12. Great to see Ra in your top 60 and climbing up in the list from last year standing. Eagerly awaiting the new edition of Ra to hit the retail outlets. It’s a classic by Dr. Knizia. Love the simple play and the great tactical decisions it involves. This trench includes many new entries. List is becoming more interesting and exciting.

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