Top 100 Games: #10 - #1 (feat. Andreas and Mats) -

Top 100 Games: #10 – #1 (feat. Andreas and Mats)

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It’s that time of year again! The Top 100 Games of All Time! This year we are doing 3 x 25 games and then #25-#11 and final episode will be #10-#1. The last two episodes will be together with Andreas and Mats like the tradition demands.

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Last years list:

00:00 – Introduction
2:10 – 10
15:33 – 9
30:28 – 8
46:15 – 7
57:10 – 6
1:11:25 – 5
1:23:10 – 4
1:33:18 – 3
1:49:00 – 2
2:03:24 – 1
2:17:57 – Wrap up

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  2. Great list! Last christmas I opened up the rulebook of Robinson crusoe three times wondering each time where the pictures were… Ended up selling it for the second time without ever playing 😊

  3. You guys like so many of the same games as my group! Brass, Terra Mystica, Terraforming Mars, Concordia, and Tapestry are all in our primary game cycle. And I own Lost Ruins of Arnak but haven't played it yet and GWT and Underwater Cities are ones that we've recently ordered! Pretty cool to see so many similarities, great taste 👌

  4. Great games.
    Subscribed after the top3.
    You got me with underwater cities.

  5. I really enjoyed your perspectives on each of the games. Have you ever thought about hosting a monthly spotlight with the three of you discussing one game for 10-15 minutes? I think people would enjoy hearing more about why you like the games in your group.

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