Top 100 Games of All Time - 100-91 -

Top 100 Games of All Time – 100-91

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Mike DiLisio go through their Top 100 Games of All Time.

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Intro – 00:00

Mike 100 – 7:08
Zee 100 – 10:10
Tom 100 – 11:58
People 100 – 13:56

Mike 99 – 15:46
Zee 99 – 17:42
Tom 99 – 19:43
People 99 – 21:14

Mike 98 – 23:20
Zee 98 – 25:40
Tom 98 – 28:08
People 98 – 29:24

Mike 97 – 30:44
Zee 97 – 33:13
Tom 97 – 35:38
People 97 – 37:06

Mike 96 – 39:01
Zee 96 – 41:30
Tom 96 – 43:02
People 96 – 45:02

Mike 95 – 47:18
Zee 95 – 50:16
Tom 95 – 52:20
People 95 –

Mike 94 – 56:05
Zee 94 – 58:22
Tom 94 – 59:57
People 94 – 1:01:24

Mike 93 – 1:03:18
Zee 93 – 1:06:20
Tom 93 – 1:08:45
People 93 – 1:10:15

Mike 92 – 1:11:21
Zee 92 – 1:14:25
Tom 92 – 1:17:14
People 92 – 1:18:20

Mike 91 – 1:20:13
Zee 91 – 1:22:55
Tom 91 – 1:24:26
People91 – 1:26:07

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  1. I like that iteration of the Dice Tower theme at the beginning (after the guys’ intros)

  2. I still want a version of Horrified that is themed Jurassic park. the monsters are varieties of dinosaurs. kickstart backer day one

  3. Woohoo! My favorite annual YouTube event!

  4. Mike I feel you on Oath. I think it is an AMAZING game, but it's so hard to get people to play it. If I lived in Flordia I would try and find some time to play with you. The strange things is that I am leery of most complex games, but this one is just so interesting and exciting to play. Not balanced at all, but it's somehow part of the game. So many ideas here that I usually bounce off of that I just love in Oath.

  5. Great to see Gold River on the list! I hunted one down a few years ago and love to pull it out with my kids.

  6. Mobile Markets still hasn’t been released!

  7. BSG and Memoir may have risen due to the fact that people are gaming more in person.

  8. I am concerned about Mike's dice person. You've got Zee, the bard, Tom, the ranger…and then Mike, who seems to be best described as "Hey, I'm walkin' here!"

  9. Can't believe it's already been a year. I always love these lists mainly because it shows what's hot right now as well as the games that have staying power.

  10. Dice are also known as knucklebones. The title is a reference to all the dice in "Too Many Bones".

  11. Great to see Russian Railroads on the list. It’s on BGG Top 100, so it means a lot.

  12. Came to hear the theme songs. Stayed for the 30 Rock references.

  13. I just played welcome to your perfect home while relaxing with my kitties before bed last night. Great game.

  14. Please distance the top 100 games of all time from the top 10 games of the year, because they end up being over represented!
    They could release in summer or something. Love them all anyway !

  15. "Oltree shares a lot of DNA with Ghost Stories." Mike, Jaden Smith shares a lot of DNA with Will Smith. I mean, it's a real slap in the face. Keep my board games out yo #$@&* mouth! Yes!

  16. I've played 22 of the games on these lists, with the most at 7 on the People's list. I guess I'm a people.

  17. Love Skull. Don’t know if anyone else suggested, but Zee, you need to use some of that BG Shield spray on your copy to protect it.

  18. Nice Jenna Maroney reference Mike! A+ show everyone!

  19. Gotta say I look forward to these lists every year. Thank you so much!!

  20. Just for funsies, cuz I missed it in the live chat, here is my top 100 – 91:
    100. Machi Koro
    99. Heroes of Normandie
    98. Forests of Pangaia
    97. Libertalia (either version, leaning towards Winds of Galecrest)
    96. SHASN
    95. Arkham Horror LCG
    94. Long Shot: The Dice Game
    93. Sleeping Gods
    92. Pendulum
    91. Cascadia

  21. Memoir 44. The power of being added to BGA!

  22. On pace for 15 hours to get to number 1. Does that seem a bit too long?

  23. I know NOTHING about Too Many Bones, but I wish that the title had been attached to a horror game. Whenever I hear about it, I imagine a game where you have to attack creatures that are unnatural and horrific because they have… too many bones!!! But alas, I don't think that's the case with the actual game.

  24. Zee, you gotta play Wingspan with Oceania. It absolutely fixes all the problems with the base design. It's a top tier expansion.

  25. "The Wrinkly Peas is my favorite band"!

  26. I also lost a copy of Skull to an errant drink flash flooding the table.

  27. i'll never get tired of Zee and his "this game is trash".

  28. Yes Zee! Quadropolis is great, should be higher imo 😉
    Micropolis also? 🔥🔥
    You should try out Wingspan Asia at 2p.

    Wow Mike also had a good take with Genotype!

    Tom and the people both with Dixit. Also a great game, but I’ve cooled down on it.

  29. Memoir expansions came back in stock, so we’ve played more of it.

  30. I have recently been watching last year's top 100 while waiting for this. About time.

  31. "Welcome to" plays quick and scales to over 100 people.

  32. Memoir 44 is on BGA now, think it arrived this year. I wonder if that affected things?

  33. Called Oath almost immediately when Mike said lifestyle game.

  34. 1:06:26 in Weird Science, the lady brought the crazy bikers to the party so that the two kids could stand up to them, there by impressing the girls they wanted to date.

  35. 1:07:55 had me rolling. I still honestly can't tell if Zee got Mike's joke or if he just masterfully rolled with it and answered it deadpan.

  36. Oh man I dig Unfathomable! BG is still a blast- but both games are long – both are fun in different ways to me

  37. Memoir 44's jump back onto the peoples choice was likely also because of the reprints of the battle maps and equipment pack which previously had been assumed to never be reprinted. (Also BGA, but there was quite a bit of buzz at the beginning of the year on BGG because of the reprints)

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