Top 100 Games of All Time - 60-51 -

Top 100 Games of All Time – 60-51

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Mike DiLisio go through their Top 100 Games of All Time. Still. Ever more games to go through. Five more to the left of them, five more to the right. 100 Games volley’d and thunder’d.

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Intro – 00:00

Mike 60 – 6:43
Zee 60 – 08:50
Tom 60 – 11:30
People 60 – 12:52

Mike 59 – 13:59
Zee 59 – 16:08
Tom 59 – 18:50
People 59 – 20:25

Mike 58 – 21:57
Zee 58 – 24:00
Tom 58 – 26:15
People 58 – 28:01

Mike 57 – 29:28
Zee 57 – 32:42
Tom 57 – 35:50
People 57 – 36:49

Mike 56 – 38:50
Zee 56 – 40:50
Tom 56 – 42:12
People 56 – 43:41

Mike 55 – 45:28
Zee 55 – 47:54
Tom 55 – 51:31
People 55 –

Mike 54 – 53:28
Zee 54 – 55:53
Tom 54 – 57:38
People 54 – 59:08

Mike 53 – 1:00:27
Zee 53 – 1:02:53
Tom 53 – 1:04:35
People 53 – 1:05:42

Mike 52 – 1:06:47
Zee 52 – 1:09:09
Tom 52 – 1:11:50
People 52 – 1:12:49

Mike 51 – 1:14:33
Zee 51 – 1:17:30
Tom 51 – 1:20:23
People 51 – 1:21:03

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  1. 36:07 I own Vabanque after learning about it in this channel, and I can safely say it's a great game for work colleagues.
    Because that game, along with 'Felix the cat in the sack' which I also have, allow work colleagues the feeling of 'Friendly Poker' without stressing about the contradiction of the 'friendly poker' concept, where you have to have money involved for poker to be fun, but then it cannot be friendly.

    Vabanque is amazing for this purpose.

  2. Honestly, somebody should sue Queen Games for causing that much trouble and inconvenience by renaming the city games. :/

  3. Describing a game as "really stupid" Is maybe the single greatest way to make aure I never play it 🙄

  4. For a moment of sour reality – just read an article that Serge Laget, designer of Nidavellir (amongst other cool games) died few days ago… 🙁 may he live on via his designs!

  5. Pure love for Sentient.

    Renegade have put out some previously great games. Clank, sentient, worlds fair 1893…

  6. 1:18:00 not only is Trajan not my favorite Stefan feld game, it's not even my favorite Stefan feld game with trajan in the name.

  7. Bloody Inn is fantastic. Just be careful; it gives engine building vibes, but if you approach it like a typical engine builder you’ll have a rough time. I had to get over that before I saw it’s charm.

  8. 19 of these 40 played. A few more I own but haven't gotten to the table yet.

  9. I want a real review of the competitive rules for Return to Dark Tower!

  10. The Crew & The Bloody Inn are my favorites that were mentioned this time around.

  11. If your a fan of deck building what is your opinion of Star Realms/ Hero Realms?

  12. Tom, speaking of diets, check into the carnivore diet. It’s ridiculously easy and amazing. It’s more a lifestyle than a temporary diet, but it’s easy to maintain, feel great, weight melts off. And you don’t need to eat any vegetables!!

  13. "No ones gonna have the audacity to make a game that's just mechanisms"

    Tom's never played a splotter game?

  14. I'm so happy to see Glen More II: Chronicles make someone's list and for it to rank this high! 🥃

  15. I'm totally with Zee on Nidavellir – it was fine, totally not as interesting as Tom had made it out to be, for me. The coin upgrade aspect was cool, but not as compelling as I was expecting from how Tom reacted to it.

  16. The problem with powergrid is the only strategy is to go as fast as possible as early as possible.

  17. EL Dorado, is one of my all-time favorite games. I love that the map is different with each game.

  18. Would love to see a play of bloody inn during the marathon

  19. There are so many great games that have come out in the history of board gaming, I don't have time to play them all. Because of that I limit myself to the themes that interest me the most.

  20. Did I miss the people's 55 or did the skipped it accidentally?

  21. In view of recent Kickstarters, I think we can stop calling Cthulhu Wars expensive. It’s a relative bargain at this point. I get people who back a $400 campaign where they’ll never hope to play all the content telling me CW is expensive, and with a straight face no less.

  22. I missed the live stream again, but here's my following-along-at-home, same 60-51 portion of my top 100:
    60. Tapestry
    59. Memoir '44
    58. Century: Golem Edition
    57. Hive
    56. Tiny Epic Pirates
    55. Small World
    54. Champions of Midgard
    53. Root
    52. Racoon Tycoon
    51. HATE

  23. Marvel United isn't a bad game. It certainly has its merits. The more of it you own the better it gets. However, it is not one of the top 25 games of All-time.

  24. Played:
    3 from Mike and Zee
    4 from Tom
    ALL 10 from the people. And we like ALL 10. Good job people.

  25. Believe it or not Istanbul is really good on Xbox as well.

  26. The only one in this list that I've played is Marvel United

  27. I played original PowerGrid twice this year. Fantastic game.

  28. Someone should tell Mike that the Bloody Inn expansion is available on Amazon for like $15. It isn’t hard to get.

  29. Tom, your changing allegiances of which country is best totally reminds me of 1984. "Norway is now the best country. It has ALWAYS been the best country"

  30. For Istanbul, there are some good (and reasonably obvious) setup 'rules' that help avoid overly easy routes.

  31. I've recognised Chris' and Wendy's game table in a couple of places here 😁

  32. My only quibble with the videos are the pauses for a shoutout to a super chat whatever that is. It doesn’t make sense, becomes repetitive and slows the down the flow of the show.

  33. Much love for Dice Tower here in Iowa!! You guys are my favorite place in Florida.

  34. Zee is the boss here! The way he managed to go on with his poker face when Mike was talking about Skate Summer will definitely be one of the highlights of this year's list for sure.

  35. My therapist told me I should practice gratitude. I'm grateful The Dice Tower exists. I only watch the Top 10s but I love these guys. The shows are fun and they brighten my days

  36. Some people play Power Grid with calculators 😀

  37. To play a game with Tom and zee @ the same time . My face would kill me from all the smiling

  38. To be fair, we heard "Splendor killer every year" mostly on Dice Tower.
    It's a good game that has a very good range of different players and is quick to play.
    I can play it at work during a break while having a chat.
    I can play it with family very casually, where people get tons of cards and feel great about having huge displays.
    I can play it with hardcore gamers where everybody watches big cards like a hawk, because the game can end very fast if somebody is left unattended.

    All that in a small and very attractive package. You don't like the game. Great. But I think it's time to admit that "Splendor killer" all the time was just wrong.

  39. I don't know bologna in chili might work. I recently found out it could be smoked which is very good.

  40. 7th Continent kills Sleeping Gods… so interesting to hear the opposite!

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