Top 100 Games of All Time -

Top 100 Games of All Time

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Going through all 100 of my all time favorite games in one giant, epic video.

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  1. You earned another subscriber, well done 😊

  2. Found your channel from your qwixx explanation and started getting recommendations & am happy to say my wife and I have found several favorite new games thanks to you

  3. man, i know this took a lot of work .. thanks for your list and thoughts

  4. I havent been in the hobby for long 3/4 years collecting. but matched has blown me away. I love it. me and my son bond over it. it doest matter who wins, each game is like a story.

  5. I will delete and change the comment, did I miss Too Many Bones on the list? I saw it on your shelf behind you! (It is my #1 game of all time)

  6. One big surprise: No Too Many Bones in your top100?? Really surprised! But congrats for this incredible video, good job! <3

  7. lol this guy just listed 100 games and pu them on SHUFFLE to make this list 😂

  8. Great job! You have a gift.I enjoyed watching your video, even though you and I do not align well at all! Many of the games in your top 50 I though were bucket boring and since then culled! Just goes to show the diversity in this hobby. Keep up the great work!Ark nova is a fun 2 player game. My wife and I have it down to around 50 minutes now (that's with set up and take down). I don't want to play with new people or more than two though haha.

  9. Great vid ,nice game summaries with awesome illustrations…thanks

  10. Not so many Rainer Knizia’s games on your list

  11. Thanks for this list and your brief summaries of each game. Have you had a chance to look over your list and categorize by themes, mechanisms, types, designers etc.? I definitely see some patterns by what is on your list and not. As a rough estimate, I ‘d say I have 40-50% of your top games in my collection. Prior videos of yours were factors in my obtaining “The Lost Expedition” and it is a lot of fun. Have you played its expansion, “Fountain of Youth”, yet? I have it, but have yet to try it. Just recently, I played “ Space Base” a bunch and like it a lot. I will always play it with the “Light Speed” variant which is found near the back of the rule book and very easy to implement. It helps ramp the game up a bit quicker like “Prelude” for “Terraforming Mars”.

  12. Thanks, nice list! Waiting for the top solo games

  13. Great list! Neuroshima Hex is still one of my top 10 favorite games. Each faction provides different ways to play and interact, chess-like strategy of playing/laying the tiles, but there is enough luck of the draw to keep it interesting. I will offer a correction that it isn't a 2-player game as you stated, though it is by far best at 2-players.

  14. Have you tried Disney Sorcerer's Arena? It's similar to Unmatched, but more strategic – worth a try!

  15. I really enjoy your channel. Great video.

  16. great list! grove’s a tiny brain teaser in a quiet evening 😊

  17. Wow, that is crazy how much overlap we have in game taste. I haven't played Unmatched, Marvel United, Dwellings of Eldervale, or 7 Wonders Duel. Some games I love but wasn't on your list . . . Gaia Project (instead of Terra Mystica), Xia, Imperial Assault, Bad Company (has replaced Space Base for me), Maracaibo, Tobago, Outer Rim, Flamme Rouge.

    My top 10:
    #1: Pandemic

    #2: Great Western Trail (Second Edition)

    #3: Xia: Legends of a Drift System

    #4: Champions of Midgard

    #5: Star Wars: Imperial Assault

    #6: Clank!: Catacombs

    #7: Viticulture Essential Edition

    #8: Rajas of the Ganges

    #9: Circadians: First Light

    #10:Dune Imperium

  18. I always enjoy hearing you talk about games. Best channel out there.

  19. So many crossovers with my favorite games, I stopped counting. Glad to see Wingspan way ahead of Earth hehe. No hate on the game or the designer, but I dont understand all the reviewers saying Earth is better than Wingspan (and even Ark Nova).

    *Glad to see Caesar's Empire. I feel like it doesn't get the love it deserves. I call it "streamlined TTR." Smart desing to incorporate set collection as end game scoring… Rather than "set collecting" the entire game to be able to claim routes.

  20. Excellent list!! Esp as it overlaps a lot with my own preferences!

  21. Thanks for pulling the list together. A few games we'd like to try out.we enjoy, Ra, Kemet, Wonderlands War, Firefly Fluxx, Parks, Space base, Downforce, here to slay, Thunderbirds, Valor & Villany

  22. Great list and even better effort getting it all done in one sitting!

    My top 10:

    10. Root
    9. Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea
    8. Blood Rage
    7. War of the Ring
    6. Star Wars: Rebellion
    5. Champions of Midgard
    4. Dune: Imperium
    3. Everdell
    2. Xia: Legends of a Drift System
    1. Dwellings of Eldervale

  23. Great list, we definitely have some crossover! I used Pub Meeple to generate a top 200 a couple months ago, of course it is already outdated, such is life in an ever growing hobby. For example, I recently acquired and have had a few plays of Carnegie, which I'd definitely say is at least top 30.

    1 CO₂: Second Chance

    2 Praga Caput Regni

    3 Tiletum

    4 Crown of Emara

    5 Calimala

    6 Agricola

    7 Xia: Legends of a Drift System

    8 Gizmos

    9 Dice Forge

    10 Mythotopia

    11 Endless Winter: Paleoamericans

    12 Golem

    13 The Bloody Inn

    14 Messina 1347

    15 Black Fleet

    16 Wingspan

    17 Castle Merchants

    18 Carpe Diem

    19 Foundations of Rome

    20 Caylus

    21 Zapotec

    22 Fleet Commander: Genesis

    23 Mage Knight

    24 Ethnos

    25 Earth

    26 The Red Cathedral

    27 WarQuest

    28 Woodcraft

    29 Little Town

    30 Escape the Dark Castle

    31 Flamecraft

    32 Tiny Towns

    33 Project L

    34 Planted: A Game of Nature & Nurture

    35 Azul: Master Chocolatier

    36 Master Builder

    37 Hadara

    38 Dice Hospital

    39 Lords of Waterdeep

    40 Century: Spice Road

    41 Four Taverns

    42 Weather Machine

    43 Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

    44 My Farm Shop

    45 Century: Golem Edition

    46 Calico

    47 Architects of the West Kingdom

    48 Rise of Augustus

    49 A Castle for All Seasons

    50 Zombicide: Black Plague

    51 Happy City

    52 Meeple Land

    53 Atiwa

    54 Hamlet: The Village Building Game

    55 Reef

    56 Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

    57 Majesty: For the Realm

    58 Chai

    59 Cascadia

    60 Automania

    61 Gasha

    62 Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles (8th Edition)

    63 ArchRavels

    64 Reykholt

    65 Celestia

    66 Spellcaster

    67 Dream Home

    68 The Guild of Merchant Explorers

    69 Wrath of Dragons

    70 First Empires

    71 Looterz

    72 Krosmaster: Arena

    73 Era: Medieval Age

    74 Space Base

    75 Zooloretto

    76 Adventure Land

    77 Medieval Mastery

    78 The King's Guild

    79 Splendor

    80 Frostgrave

    81 Cottage Garden

    82 The Whatnot Cabinet

    83 Murano: Light Masters

    84 Sheriff of Nottingham

    85 Age of War

    86 Vegetable Stock

    87 Spells of Doom

    88 The Quacks of Quedlinburg

    89 Cóatl

    90 Canvas

    91 King's Forge

    92 Dog Park

    93 Sushi Go Party!

    94 Vegas Dice Game

    95 Tumblin' Dice

    96 Mandala Stones

    97 Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World

    98 The River

    99 Shelfie Stacker

    100 Drako

    101 Steam Park

    102 Pandemic: Fall of Rome

    103 Takenoko

    104 My Shelfie

    105 Gaïa

    106 Dragonwood

    107 Parfum

    108 Precious Cargo

    109 Beez

    110 Picture Perfect

    111 Kingsburg (Second Edition)

    112 Evolution

    113 Colossal Arena

    114 A Fake Artist Goes to New York

    115 Nexus Ops

    116 Dragonrealm

    117 Order Overload: Cafe

    118 High Score

    119 Point Salad

    120 Stack'n Stuff: A Patchwork Game

    121 Tiny Park

    122 Magic: The Gathering

    123 Morels

    124 Castle Panic

    125 Cupcake Empire

    126 Conan

    127 Defenders of the Realm

    128 Pagoda

    129 Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

    130 PitchCar Mini

    131 FUSE

    132 Dragon's Gold

    133 The Golden Girls: Any Way you Slice it

    134 The Banishing

    135 Sushi Roll

    136 Dust in the Wings

    137 Cartagena

    138 Epic Roll

    139 Jamaica

    140 Joking Hazard

    141 Codenames: Deep Undercover

    142 Trial by Trolley

    143 Spellbound

    144 Timeline: Inventions

    145 Deep Sea Adventure

    146 Creationary

    147 Pantone: The Game

    148 Space Maze

    149 Junk Art

    150 Bag of Chips

    151 Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister!

    152 Arcadia Quest

    153 Flash Point: Fire Rescue

    154 Warlocks & Warriors

    155 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

    156 Tweeeet

    157 Cards Against Humanity

    158 Just One

    159 Incantris

    160 Clans of Caledonia

    161 NFL Rush Zone

    162 Just Desserts

    163 Haven

    164 Tokyo Highway

    165 Rumble in the Dungeon

    166 Freeblades

    167 Wilderness

    168 Ghosts!

    169 Codenames

    170 GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck

    171 Escape the Dark Sector

    172 Impact: Battle of Elements

    173 A la carte

    174 Coconuts

    175 The Oregon Trail Game: Journey to Willamette Valley

    176 Dracarys Dice

    177 Trekking the National Parks

    178 Chaostle

    179 Patchwork Express

    180 Yahtzee: Frenzy – Dice & Card Game

    181 Sugar Blast

    182 Go Goblin, Go!

    183 Unicornus Knights

    184 The Oregon Trail Card Game

    185 Bugs in the Kitchen

    186 Spyfall

    187 Coconuts Duo

    188 How to Rob a Bank

    189 Bowling Dice

    190 Specter Ops

    191 Hamsterrolle

    192 Stone Age

    193 Burgermania

    194 Dream Crush

    195 The Mind

    196 Magic Maze

    197 Gnomes

    198 Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell

    199 Ham's Sandwich Shop

    200 Roll For It

  24. Very much enjoyed your video- great job! I think my tastes are very similar. I’m surprised not to see a Zombicide games or Suishi Go. Just played Camel up card game- very fun. Great job will check out some of these I haven’t played.

  25. Wow, I think you are one of the few people who could go through 100 games basically unedited and give a good brief 30 second explanation of each game. Bravo man, bravo

  26. IMHO Legendary X-Files is the best of Legendary Encounters games, especially for 2 players.

  27. The whole time I expected Too Many Bones on your list, seeing that box behind you.. 😉 What are your thoughts on this game? I personally consider it to be one of the most overrated games of all times. Played it a couple of times and no one in my group really liked it.. it's awfully unbalanced and has scaling problems, IMHO…

  28. I've rarely seen a content creator who has this much overlap in tastes with me. I think half of my top 50 are in your top 100.

  29. Brian Boru & Abyss… Glad tot see them here… 2 of the most underrated games on bgg for me

  30. Really impressive performance! What endurance. Also love the brief descriptions and the comprehensive list. Keep up the awesome work.

  31. Sad to hear you had sour experiences with Architects. Glad to see Wingspan jump like that!

  32. Unmatched – I've never played this and was considering buying it – as a potentially new Unmatched player which box would you recommend buying first? Hopefully not too an impossible question for you!

  33. dune imperium at 29 ! ? 🤯 … wow! :/

  34. Please kill me if I ever have to play Scythe ever again

  35. Great list and an impressive performance. Your elevator pitches for each game are very well done, if you don't know the game, they trigger enough curiosity. Very much appreciated!

  36. Wingspan in the top 10? You know the level of the rest then.

  37. This may be my favorite Top 100.
    1. You slam through them.
    2. THE GAMES ARE REAL! I get soo tired of game lists that have these unattainable, unplayable, epic and eternal "monster" games on them.

  38. Long list in one go, well done, and concur with a lot of your choices 🎉

  39. All these lists disappoint me due to them never or hardly ever including detective/crime/deduction type games, where a person has to use logic and really think clearly. I'm too old being in my mid-50s to play shoot, kill, fight, etc. Not into competitive games as playing them with a partner can be deadly, for the r'ship. I like mystery, fantasy, light, cooperative games, or crime-solving type games. Pandemic I will never ever get…the word itself has burnt me so much cos of the Australian govt during that time that no way on earth would I even come close to getting a game with that name, no matter how good it is. Wingspan….birds don't interest me in the slightest, again no matter good the game. Some games I bought yet haven't played though plan to once I move to Europe to be with my Mrs and Granddaughter are……Untold Adventures, Legacy of Dragonholt, Sleeping Gods, 7th Continent, Flamecraft. Crime and horror types are clearly ones which include Sherlock Holmes, Fury of Dracula, Ghost Stories, and Horrified. These to me are much better games, for my age group, rather than the Euro style, shooting, fighting, etc game style that seems to be most prevalent in many of these lists and is so disenchanting.

    On a positive note, how on earth you can play 400 games in 18 months is beyond me lol, and even more so, how the hell do you remember 100 games and what each does. I have about 50 and already forget what I have lol….so your memory impresses me a lot. Good on you for finding your passion and enjoying what you do… memory may improve once I start playing the games 🙂

  40. I like your simplistic style and brief explanations on each game. Turns the videos easily watched while helps me choose what games match my preferences! Keep up the good work!

    My Top 5:
    1) 7 Wonders Duels
    2) Lost Cities
    3) Marvel Champions
    4) Cascadia
    5) The Crew

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