Top 12 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2024 -

Top 12 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2024

Grant Lyon
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Top 12 Most Anticipated Games of 2024! by Grant’s Game Recs

This video is always incredibly hard to make every year! There are so many great games coming out in 2024. But these are the 12 that I’m most excited about!

Intro – 00:00
Number 12 – 01:12
Number 11 – 03:25
Number 10 – 05:30
Number 9 – 07:33
Number 8 – 10:01
Number 7 – 12:08
Number 6 – 14:16
Number 5 – 16:24
Number 4 – 18:07
Number 3 – 20:38
Number 2 – 22:18
Number 1 – 24:10
Outro – 26:42

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  1. Waiting for Dice Throne X-Men! 🤩
    With missions & Deadpool !!!

  2. Stoked to hear you're looking forward to Stonespine Architects!

  3. Excited about Stonespine Architects as well. Thanks for sharing some games I didn't know about.

  4. Adventure Party sounds pretty fascinating. Never heard of a party game RPG but now I have to try it. Also your examples really show off your roleplaying prowess haha. Great stuff man!

  5. Fantastic list. Hopefully we run into each other at Tantrum Con next week.

  6. Oh yea! Let's Go to Japan is on my list too!!

  7. Great vid! I appreciate the focus on medium weight and lighter games. Critter Kitchen reminds me a lot of Grimm Forest.

  8. Oh man, thanks for the shout out Grant! #9 Forges of Ravenshire! Lets go!!!!!

  9. just found your channel this year, grant – really liking your content – thank you – have a good year!

  10. Thanks for sharing Grant! Some cool choices here. Evil Corp, Forges of Ravenshire and Stonespine Architects sound the most interesting to me.

  11. Really good content and nailing it with all of your end of year lists!

  12. Love this list .. . seems we have similar tastes.

  13. Great video and i like your opinion in games. Time stamps would be nice 👍

  14. “I can’t wait to meet you new games!” Yes, exactly! I love your enthusiasm! 😊

  15. Great video, such great content on your channel. I love the quick explanations that focus on what's fun about the game, and somehow you always manage to find something I've never heard of that sounds great! For people who are interested, both Vale of Eternity and Faraway are on Board Game Arena and can be played now, and they're both really, really good!

  16. Forges of Ravenshire is the one I’m super excited to see come in, and I’m glad it was on your list!

  17. Wow! #2! Thank you so much Grant for including Gnome Hollow in your top 10 list! You rock bro!

  18. Colosseum: Ave Titus, Cascadero, MLEM: Space Agency, MATRX GIPF, Skyrise … some of the ones I look forward too. So far 2024 seems like a less interesting year than 2023.

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