Top 15 Brilliant Board Game Mechanics for Beginners! -

Top 15 Brilliant Board Game Mechanics for Beginners!

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This is a beginners guide to modern board games and how they work. If you want to find out what board games have to offer and how their mechanisms help them to provide players with a fun experience then in this video we count down my top 15 favourite game mechanics. This video will hopefully help you to find the perfect game for your board game collection or family game night.

With each of these mechanics, I have indicated an example of a board game that showcases it. If you would like to find more board games that feature the mechanism, please head over to Board Game Geek which features board games categorised under the ones discussed in this video. Enjoy!

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The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.


  1. Is Gloom easy to learn? Someone I know might like it.

  2. I just started board gaming and the lingo in videos is confusing. thankyou so much for spelling out the basics clearly! subscribed

  3. i'm old school, i don't know much about modern games, but if you equated these to an old milton bradley or parker brothers game, i'd know exactly what you mean, e.g. the area control mechanic is just 'risk,' or deduction is 'clue,' and that i understand instantly.

  4. this is just what I was looking for, though I think the original ticket to ride is a better introduction than Europe that is deeper and more complex.

  5. This is actually an amazing list. Very well done video.

  6. I'm new to board gaming, played less than 20 games (but watched so many videos about them…) and I can say two things:1. This video was very helpful, with plain and simple explanations for every mechanic. Thank you!2. There are MORE than 15 game mechanics?! Damn… Now I need to find more videos like this… 🙂

  7. Shared this video with students during a game design unit in their 7th grade year here in the USA. We loved it and used it to inspire our own game creation. Thanks! (Of course I liked and subscribed!)

  8. what a terrific job, thank you for taking the time to post such a jam packed useful video👏👏👏 When you talk about drafting cards you mentioned the style of drafting where you pass a small hand of cards around then folks take one and pass the remainder. Are there other types of drafting or am I thinking of a mechanic that's actually different? For example in Ticket to Ride you have the face up cards that you can pick from, is that another another type of drafting or is that considered a different mechanic entirely?thank you again!!

  9. 6:02 you mentioned 2 games the first is red cathedral and may i ask whats the second game you mentioned

  10. Hidden Roles/Identity is one of my favorite mechanics. For examples, Spyfall, Secret Hitler, and Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber. It is also combined with logical deduction and asymmetric missions in Inkognito.

  11. For a new board gamer, I think this is good to see if any mechanics interest you. Then you can search that mechanic for more detail or a list of popular games that have it.
    For a game developer, this is useful to be reminded of the different mechanics when choosing one or more for a new game.
    As you were counting down to #1, I was getting nervous that you might leave out worker placement, but there it was!

  12. I am totally binge watching your video's – as a beginner they are so helpful! I appreciate the detail and the clarity of your content. Thank you!

  13. Bro I am start to designing board games it is helpful . You are awesome

  14. Great video would love to see more mechanic focus videos like this, a handful of these I've never heard of! 😀

  15. Deep Sea Adventure is such a blast. Great compelling list <3

  16. What are your favourite board game mechanics? Are there any that you like that are not featured on this list? Start a conversation!

  17. What?! No Deck Building?! I still love your videos 😎

  18. You used some great games as the examples. I really need to try Sushi Go Party. Ok what happened right before you filmed the Gloom bit lol Worker Placement needed more jazzhands. Great list and the explanations were great as well.

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