Top 20-11 Board Games of all time (Top 100) -

Top 20-11 Board Games of all time (Top 100)

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Hello everyone!

We are so excited, and we just can’t hide it! It is time for the top 100 board games of all time, 2024 edition.

It’s been two years since we did this list, and things has happened. We hope you’ll enjoy joining us on this journey during the next weeks.
We would love to hear your opinions on the games in the comments!

With so many great board games to choose from, it’s always hard to choose just the Top 100 games we have ever played.

It’s time! Time for the top 20 board games we have ever played. There is a good mix of different kind of games, new games, older games, games that has been on the list for a long time, and games that are new to the list.

We really hope you’ll enjoy this one!

Have fun!
Thank you so much for watching 😀

A huge thank you to James Wood from @ThatBoardGameShow for editing this video!

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  1. Hi guys, can you please explain what you mean when you say a game is ‘tight’?

  2. As a pfellow Pfister pfan, I would be interested in that list!

  3. Cinnamon Cinema Sunniva and Jay Johannes Johannesson!

  4. Of the 248 games that I have played 3 times or more, here are my top 11-20:

    20 The Gallerist
    19 Concordia
    18 Great Western Trail
    17 Churchill
    16 Imperial Struggle
    15 Scythe
    14 18Chesapeake
    13 Power Grid
    12 Fire in the Lake
    11 Pax Pamir: Second Edition

  5. I really want to play White Castle now 😀
    Le Havre is a must have. Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trail are also in my top 30 and I have to play GWT New Zealand…

  6. First! Always a good day when we get to hear "HELLLO EVERYONE"

  7. so happy for Revive!
    the others I have never heard of or obviously wrong games from the theme (e.g. Terraforming Mars should be On Mars 😛 )

  8. I’m here for Jake and Cinema! I would totally watch that show!

  9. Yay for Bora Bora love! It's my wife's favorite game to play with me. Also love to see Nations up this high.

  10. GAH is my top 10 and i feel that’s Would be higher if i had The expansion let’s walse, especially because the module that organize the turn order and let it more nice with more players. Haven’t you tried yet?

  11. Good old JJ and Cinema my fav bg reviewers.

  12. I'm right there with you on The White Castle. I don't know if you realized but you made a pun, "It's just my cup of tea" and the expansion is about tea 🙂 haha We'll be getting the expansion as well. Thanks for the video!

  13. You guys are so fun, I love your videos! I'm right with you on LeHavre and Terraforming Mars. Two games in my top 10. Can't wait for the top 10 list!

  14. Bora Bora is great! Up there with my favorites Felds. Tough to pick between Trajan and Oracle of Delphi. I don’t like the changes to the cards they made in Cuzco. Bora Bora is perfect as is.

  15. GWT is a little higher for me 🙂 The White Castle came in at 69 for me. I still need to play Le Havre – no one in my game group has it and it is an expensive purchase to try it. Terraforming Mars is my 27, and Terra Mystica is my 74. I expect Age of Innovation would make it rise quite a bit. Revive was my 28 and I agree – skip the campaign and just open everything up from the start.

    My list: 20 – Wingspan (bird watching is my #2 hobby)
    19 – Ark Nova
    18 – Evacuation
    17 – Trickerion
    16 – Underwater Cities
    15 – Imperium: Horizons (all 3 versions lumped together here)
    14 – Tawantinsuyu
    13 – Nucleum
    12 – Concordia
    11 – Scythe (Rise of Fenris is still one of my favorite game play experiences of all time)

  16. No Lacerda's in this one… how many will be in your top 10's???… Very curious…

  17. Can't wait for the top 10 ✨ Thanks for the top 100 journey so far! Has been great 😊

  18. Big cred that you got My City this high. The game deserves it.

  19. Great list! I'm loving the series so much! I really want to get Grand Austria Hotel but I want to get Let's Waltz at the same time so I can play it solo.

    My 20-11:

    20. Ark Nova
    19. The Great Wall
    18. Twilight Imperium: 4th Edition
    17. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
    16. Obsession
    15. Parks
    14. Nucleum
    13. The Reckoners
    12. The White Castle
    11. Weather Machine

  20. Amen on Madeira Kickstarter. Sadly I’ve never played, and was so excited when it was announced as kickstarter. Now…. Love your content, can’t argue with your choices on your lists.

  21. Lignum!? I guess I should try it… too bad it was before my time at Capstone…

  22. Johannes has a really good haircut in this video.

  23. So sad about the Madeira Kickstarter with expansion never fulfilling.

  24. Love your Lists. Johannes, please move to sputh germany. Arkwright and Lignum are both fantastic games and when i explain them i explain them very thematicly because they are beige and heavy, on the other hand very straight forward and thematic. They look very boring but are extremly exciting.
    2 Games where look and feel are completly different.

  25. Now Cuzco, i do not understand how Queengame s managed go make all old games just a little bit more bad than zhe original. Why did they changed the godcards? Why is this game so big? They giant Board and than the playerboard with the feathers.
    Brüssel ist also better and played in half the time than Hamburg. 😢

  26. Well have you played Wildcatters, second Edition. That would be a Game for Johannes, you told me about Lignum, and when you like good Cardgames, Tricktaking, watch out for „Schadenfreude“ from studio turbine from japan.

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