Top 20 Board Games That SELL on EBAY Ridiculously FAST in 2021! -

Top 20 Board Games That SELL on EBAY Ridiculously FAST in 2021!

Raiken Profit
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In this video I’ll be sharing with you my TOP 20 board games that I LOVE selling on eBay and Amazon in 2021 and beyond. Most people have no idea that you can make a lot of money with board games sourcing from thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, flea markets, and more. After watching this video you will have the knowledge to identify some of the best board games to resell online for a profit!

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  1. Hey Steve How are you doing buddy! Glad to see you. I love your ad on Utube

  2. It blows my mind how many seller's take 1 or 2 pictures and their description is like 1 sentence!!! I almost always take the 12 allowed pics and describe it the best I can!!!!

  3. I have a Fortress America game that I wanted to donate because I didn't want to take the time to count the pieces. My mind has been changed! Thanks for the video!

  4. OMG, I haven't seen any of those board game ever and this made me want to do thrifting. Thanks for sharing this video!

  5. Could you do a video in limited edition monopoly games?

  6. Oh man, I found that Hotels game for $3 about 10 years ago and flipped it for about $80 back then. Wish it has still been sitting on my death pile, I could have made about double (because the thing was minty and complete)

  7. I sold a tales of the crystals complete I bought a year ago for .75 for close to $100. I'm still waiting for that day I find a fireball island…

  8. I've been waiting for a board game video. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!

  9. This video is so awesome. Thanks!

    You totally need to do a livestream with Vinny on toys and board games!! Bet it will be your most popular.

  10. I have part out, shogun, dark tower, mall madness, battle masters, heroscape, axis & allies- all worth my time—

  11. Hey Steve, how do you ship board games? Usps game board box or?? Thanks

  12. More videos, more videos, more videos. Am I being clear? 😉

  13. I have a fairly rare board game that I am trying to sell on eBay, but I guess that it is TOO rare because no one is bidding on it. It is a 1998 Hercules Legendary Journeys Board Game, open box, un-punched (though one small token is missing). This game can be combined with a Xena Warrior Princess Board Game (also rare) to make one larger game, so you'd think someone would want it! Any advise?

  14. Heck, I have 2 Dark Towers, a Heroes Quest, A sealed Omega Virus, sealed Battle Masters, Shogun and later version called Samurai Swords, a few Axis And Allies and lots of other games. I've been a game player since I was 7 and I'm 59 now. I have like 3 pallets of boxes and totes filled with games. So glad I didn't off load them a long time ago. I'll have to start selling them soon because odds are I won't be playing most of them ever again. Then I'll have sell my comic books that I collected back then too.

  15. I have played Feely Meely we had it growing up believe it was passed down from my older cousins…..wishing I still had it lol

  16. Hey thanks for sharing my Which Witch game! I bought it for 3.00 at a local thrift store and it sold within a few days. I see old games frequently, but you do really have to check comps to see if it has any value. I got a kick out of seeing my listing on here!

  17. I listed a vintage board game called " Tri-Ominos Deluxe Edition" , like 1 month ago and I haven't sold it yet. What am I doing wrong?

  18. OMG! I had the game Which Witch when I was a kid! I completely forgot about it. Of course I don't have it anymore.

  19. Absolutely Great video and really interesting! Thanks!

  20. Most if not all of my board sales are on non-Ebay sites. Amazon is the first one, then Merc. I always buy board games that are sealed and haven't been opened and taped. Don't have time to count the pieces inside if it's been open. But glad to know that there's someone who will buy "parts and pieces" only. It seems that anything Milton Bradley, circa 1980s or 1990s is what we're looking for.

  21. Thanks, lots of good info! I love sorting games!

  22. Do you check the game while in store for the parts

  23. Sticking with Milton Bradley, one board game that you didnt mention, that I would add, would be the 1983 "Arcade Mania" electronic board game. It's hit or miss on the price. It's not a game Id list in an auction, but would likely sell it with a buy it now price. With a B.I.N. price, they tend to sell around $100-$150. Unfortunately, someone sold a brand new copy on Ebay recently at aquction, and it sold for less than $10,(Ouch!). But check out the Buy it now listings.
    I recently picked one up, the electronis unit that is the centerpiece of the game, had a battery compartment tht was a mess, due to old exploded batteries. I cleaned out the battery compartment, and modified it from using 6 x AA batteries, to now take a single 9-volt battery. Just because an item has had batteries explode inside, doesnt mean it's now garbage. Their much easier to fix then people would think.

  24. Another I would add to the list, a little o;der, but the 1975 "The Sinking of the Titanic board game, sells VERY well. I recently found a copy, and inside found it was near complete, and also contained 90% of a second Milton Bradley board game from around the same time, and also a game that sells around $100. Two game that sell for $100 or more, and I paid $4 for the box.

  25. Board games are great…. have a few of those. Think I looked past a couple more as well… education is power and gives you choices…Thank you

  26. I bought a game called Weapons and Warriors that was 100% complete and had most of the parts in original wrappings and I think i got 160$ for it. Some of the packs of cannonballs were going for 20$

  27. Wow I just saw this today!
    My friend has a brother who wants me to sell his two board games of Axis and Allies. One is a different country, Europe and Pacific, I believe and he wants to split the sales from me if I post it on eBay. I’d like your opinion if I should sell it together or separately. He used to play the games and used the parts on one game to play with the other so he intermingled some of their pieces in one box. He says they should be worth at least $250 a box. I’m doing some research but I beg to differ. I don’t know! Yet, he did add more pieces like extra dice. Let me know what you think. Thanks! I enjoy watching your videos!

  28. We swore to never speak of what happened the night 6 of us teenagers played Feely Meely!
    Things were definitely never the same after that night! 🤣😂🤣

  29. Soo glad I kept my Pokémon master trainer for a year. Got it at savers for 2.99

  30. Yes, love these deep dive videos that target one subject. You're the best!

  31. My sister had the feely meely game, she is 7 years my senior .i remember playing it in early 70s .You reach into the box and have to guess what the item is your holding or have to find the item from the card you pull. Eventually parts got lost and a garage sale in the 70s was its final appearance . Sold a few of those games you shown on ebay in early 2001 for lots of money even then.

  32. I just found Hero Quest at a thrift store yesterday. 100% complete. Paid $1. Crazy lucky!

  33. I just found hero quest last week for 3.99 at a thrift 😎 100% complete

  34. Is there anywhere online where you can find values of games. I just found a 1976 Connect Four Game. The frame looks brand new, it's just missing a few checkers. I've been trying to search but i can only find a few on Ebay UK. Thanks

  35. Great video! Seems like pretty much any vintage Milton Bradley game beyond the ubiquitous/super-popular/huge print run titles is a good bet. Got a suggestion for you. As a longtime board gamer, and particularly a war gamer, you might take a look at vintage wargames. In particular those published by the company Avalon Hill from the 1960s through the 80s. You've probably run across one or two in your day. The vast majority of them were published as what they called, "Bookcase Games" for the obvious reason that they fit well on bookcases. They sold extremely well in their day and good copies of some titles are definitely worth money. Check out their Squad Leader line as well as the game Up Front. The company SPI also put out great games at the time and they can go for a nice chunk of change as well. As a collector/hoarder/player, I usually keep the copies I find in the wild but definitely flip duplicates after I swap out any nicer copies for my own. Just recently found your channel and you've quickly become one of my favorite flippers on You Tube.

  36. I have a mint Fireball Island with nothing missing 😃💥

  37. I picked up Dungeon & Dragon 1979 for $3.09 at goodwill recently, just sold on auction for $440! The best ROI I've ever had! There were a few things still in the plastic and it had all the dice.

  38. Omg i think i might have to pokemon game 🤯

  39. Get OUT!! I own the Hotels game, I got it when I was little and LOVE it! Of course, I only have 1 of the 4 cars (markers) but hhhmmm, I'll have to think about parting with mine!

  40. Feely knely is a game where u put your hand in the box and try to describe what u feel

  41. A couple games that I flipped a while back for good money was a Heroscape complete box set. I paid under $10 for it at a thrift store and sold it for $120 .. I could have got more but I sold it to a friend. I also came acrossed the Nightmare VHS game one time and bought it for $5 and sold it for about $80. Another one that I found and sold for pieces that would be quite valuable if I found it complete was a rare game called Full House … which is a hotel based game. Another one can sell for a lot complete is Whoville-opoly and a few other monopoly variations. Masterpiece is another game that I come across every now and then and sells quickly. Axis and Allies I get every now and then but it does take a while to sell and I never seem to get a crazy amount for it complete, One rare game that I have that i'd like to sell eventually is Fortress America, I think it's missing pieces. Most of these games i'd have no problem selling but I don't come across them very often.

  42. when you sell a board game on amazon can you list it as 2nd hand or do you have to sell it as collectable i jeep getting conflicting info

  43. I searched for over 10 years at thrift shops to find Dark Tower. Found one, missing a few pieces but still awesome… for $2 !!!

  44. To start collecting board games for a hobby and make investment

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