Top 20 Most Underrated Board Games (2023) #boardgames -

Top 20 Most Underrated Board Games (2023) #boardgames

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Top 20 Board Games That Are Underrated 2023
This is Michael’s top 20 games that are underrated for the year 2023. This will now be part of a new series top 10 board games lists. Each video will showcase 20 board games. We will give our ranking and a small summary of the game. We got this idea from watching other YouTube Creators. We hope you enjoy this series!

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00:00 Intro to Top 20 Most Underrated Board Games!
00:27 Honorable Mentions
00:59 20 A Gem
01:39 19 Building Castles in France
02:36 18 Pirates!
04:06 17 Engines, Gears, and Gizmos
05:20 16 Better Than Monopoly
07:08 15 Small Racing Game
08:40 14 Vikings!
10:11 13 Customizing Dice
11:07 12 NASCAR!
12:41 11 Animals and Habitats
14:19 10 Trade Build Settle
15:50 9 The Best Tribe Wins
17:29 8 I Challenge YOU!
20:06 7 Plus A Card, Plus An Action!
21:44 6 More Pirates!
23:25 5 Put The Pedal To The Metal
26:22 4 Bike Racing
27:38 3 The Best Game of All Time!
29:36 2 Survive The Island!
31:25 Another Racing Game?


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  1. What game do you think is underrted?

  2. Interesting list. I haven’t played Catan enough to give it a thorough assessment. I do like it. But currently, I would lean on the side of it being below the 500 ranking on BGG, probably about where it is currently. Have you tried any of its expansions? I figured your #6 would be on this list from the way you gave it a high rating in your top 100. One game that I think is underrated is Xi’an. Its rulebook is not as good as it should be, so that holds it back. Also, it must not have had a wide release, so it only has 725 ratings which lowers it too. Currently it is rated at 7.209, but I think it deserves to move closer to an 8, for a fun strategy game that takes less than an hour to set up and play once the rules are learned. It is one of those games that typically you wish you had just one or two more turns.

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