Top 225 Board Games - My Collection 2024 -

Top 225 Board Games – My Collection 2024

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I give you a tour of my entire board game collection, that I’ve organised by category, giving each shelf its own name.
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🌍Gateways to the World
Ticket To Ride –
Luxor –

🎺Party Anthems
Codenames –
Phantom Ink –

🍕Party Nibbles
Anomia –
How Dare You? –

🥳There’s a Party on the Cards
Push –
Memoarrr –

😋Silly Dumb Fun
Poetry for Neanderthals –
Scribble Time aka Picto Rush –

😃Everyone’s Happy
Herd Mentality –
Catch The Moon –

🕗After Eights
Scrawl –
Concept –

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family Fun
Survive: Escape from Atlantis –
Riff Raff –

🔪Murder on the Shelf
Chronicles of Crime –
Paranormal Detectives –

💵Money Makers
Waterfall Park –
The Rich and the Good –

👩‍👧‍👦Modern Family
Sushi Roll –
Triqueta –

✌🏻Tiny Twos
Air, Land and Sea –

⚙️German Efficiency
No Thanks –
Harvest –

🎴Cardy Rae Jepsen
High Society –
Second Chance –

🗓️Family Planning
Carcassonne –
Nuns on the Run –

🚶🏻Adventure Time
Quest for El Dorado –
K2 –

🫰🏻Negotiation Station
Sheriff of Nottingham –
Spartacus –

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Couple’s Therapy
Patchwork –
Sobek: 2 Players –

🗡️Verbal Treasoning
The Resistance –
Goodcritters –

🥇Classy Classics
Pandemic –
Spring Meadow –

🏛️Old Town
Foundations of Rome –
Empire’s End –

💀Dire Straits
Dead of Winter –
Dark Moon –

👨🏻‍🍼That’s Life
Pursuit of Happiness –
Dream Home –

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Edited by Joaquín Reinoso
♟️Board Game Geek:
00:00 Intro
01:06 Legacy Graveyard
01:59 Gateways to the World
03:21 Party Anthems
05:01 Party Nibbles
06:24 There’s a Party on the Cards
07:19 Silly Dumb Fun
08:48 Everyone’s Happy
10:54 After Eights
13:31 Family Fun
15:46 Murder on the Shelf
18:05 Money Makers
21:11 Modern Family
23:06 Tiny Twos
24:33 German Efficiency
27:03 Cardy Rae Jepsen
29:24 Family Planning
31:59 Adventure Time
34:03 Big Egos
34:49 Flat Shelf Society
35:39 Klask
36:18 Negotiation Station
38:08 Couple’s Therapy
41:00 Verbal Treasoning
42:48 Classy Classics
43:46 Old Town
45:46 Dire Straits
48:21 That’s Life

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  1. what is the original theme game mentioned of sheriff of nottingham? Thanks

  2. Triquetta is great until the last round

  3. I assume the Catan/Monopoly/Dominion/Azul on top are technically not part of the game library and for review/video reference only?

  4. ActualOL? Actual Office Lady? Weird name for a channel and very off genre.

  5. 1 hour of box size OCD. Thanks for your content

  6. As a old/ renewed interest in board games I don’t have much friends to play games with what are some good single player games until I can find a group

  7. We share a lot in our shelves and theres def some ones on my list for the future that i see in your collection. Always so cool to have a runthrough of someone's collection. Thanks for the vid! I saw the game Aquire on the top left of your shelves. I just got big boss and have been enjoying it so much! Ever played and do u still enjoy aquire? Thanks ☺️

  8. My friends host a weekly dinner + game night and we never hit a heavy board game, maybe Wingspan, 7 Wonders, or Castles of Mad King Ludwig if we are feeling ambitious. Usually we do party games! I personally play Netrunner and Frosthaven monthly with other friends, but I’ve come to appreciate a perfect shelf of party games like you have

  9. Why do you have your shoes on in the house?! Lol

  10. Is Zoo Vadis upside down? As in, Bitewing Games’ logo looks upside down, but ‘Zoo Vadis’ is oriented correctly. My apologies if you mention this in the full-length video where you talk about every box!

  11. Adore how much you care about the visual of shelves!) It’s really crazy to have game box with different sizes…

  12. Still advocating for Jon to be the MCU Reed Richards.

  13. 24:41 may I ask what game is between No Thanks and Spicy? looks like Sushi Go! art, but irs not listed on the shelf

  14. Hi, thanks for the video, I found some nice recommendations. I noticed that most of your collection is Euro and Euro-like games, and I haven't seen Ameri. This question has probably been asked before, but I'm new to this channel, so I'll ask. What do you think about large American campaign titles, such as Tainted Grail, Kingdom Death: Monster, Aeon Trespass or Etherfields?

  15. What is the shelf was Murder on the Millwork. Instead of murder on the (Nile, oriental express, or links) all by Agatha Christie of course.

  16. Loving Bar Code Box Talk with Jon. A bold new direction. ❤

  17. I did ‘brown food’ in Concept and 7 other people said ‘chocolate’ in unison. And they were right.😂

  18. No collection is complete or perfect without Qwirkle! ☝

  19. I think 20 simples an hour is a pretty respectable rate

  20. Best idea for top games presentation (and collection organization) I've seen in a while!

  21. Unfortunately, Dead of Winter is one that works in theory but not in practice. I bought and sold my copy because the semi coop nature of it really hurts the game if you're not winning and don't want others to win, a design flaw.

  22. @acutualol Hey Jon
    Love all your amazing content. you have made me buy to many board games already 🙂

    Quick note on the waterfall park. as someone that has worked in a theme park, I can say it is pretty common in older theme parks to have a lot of different companies owning or renting space. for rides or food stands.

  23. First time hearing that WW2-era Warsaw was an ancient city 😁🙃

  24. Do you know classic german Trick taking games like Skat or Doppelkopf? I think they are brilliant

  25. what do you think about having Concordia on your collection? is there a game that you prefer that is similar?

  26. Great video! Heard mentality is great, its very similar to the game Stella but Stella is more accessible as kids who cant write and don't have a large vocabulary can more easily play Stella over Heard Mentality due to limitations.
    Sushi roll is also my favorite of the set, it's you that introduced it to me all those years ago❤

  27. What shelves are you using? Are they adjustable? It looks much better than kallax 🙂
    I really like your videos continue the good work!

  28. I'm sorry to say that most of my games are stored horizontally. I have so many games where I hear all the pieces moving around or falling out of inserts the second you turn the box vertical.

  29. uff we have similar tastes.negotiation station thats my row. i got a lot of games from these shelves…..some tips for you from my collection….cousins war,feed the kraken,the thing,bear raid,tulip bubble,the last kingdom.

  30. Really interesting and informative. There’s a couple of games there I shall be investigating. If only you would store your games the right way up!

  31. How come you have the Sniper Elite expansion hiding behind the Adventure Time games?

  32. I tried phantom ink last year because of you, and now its a fave game of mine.

  33. Consistent logo color and size makes sense. So does shelving games horizontally. For reals for reals. 😂😁👍

  34. Love this video and thanks for the suggestion 'Poetry for Neanderthals'. I haven't picked it up yet but just watched the playthrough on No Rolls Barred and was cry laughing at one point. It's a must get for me now!

  35. have you done a video where you just rate how good or bad boxes are because i would watch that video

  36. It’s almost like you created your own Tetris-like game of fitting the board games into your shelves (and associated frustration when you have some left over that don’t quite fit)…

  37. I am countimg the months till you show us the Kicks for Kiddos shelf in your lil' ones room. Holler when you need suggestions 😊

  38. Great video! Most of the games on your Couple's therapy shelf are favorites here. I can recommend Raptor, it's an old asymetrical 2 player (Cathala) game I recently discovered and I'm sure you would love it. And since you like air, land and sea you should try Mindbug. The tension and timing is like air, land and sea.

  39. My pick for the murder shelf would be "Murder, Shelf Wrote"

  40. 03:00 such a good point which is way too often overlooked and ignored. My wife is very concerned about the looks of the sides and hates it when every 4 sides of a box are ugly. there are 4 ways to design. at least make them different or chances are my wife puts the whole game away, never to be seen again 😀

  41. 23:14 so glad you mentioned Air, Land and Sea a while ago. No one else knows or talks about it and especially in germany it seems to be totally unknown even though there is a german version. I bought it when you mentioned it the first time. since then I always have it in my backpack.

  42. 45:48 I see your This War of Mine and wonder if you ever talked about it before.. It's collecting dust on my shelf and somehow I need a good pitch to actually take it out and play it.

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