Top 25 Most Valuable Vintage Board Games In 2021 -

Top 25 Most Valuable Vintage Board Games In 2021

The Auction Professor
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  1. A Question of Sport cards are the FUTURE and the BEST bang for the buck when you buy the full boxes!

  2. nice ultraman shirt. I remember watching the shows in Japan in mid 70's

  3. unsealed? What game is actually unsealed, you get the game to PLAY not sit around unopened

  4. Man those Star Wars guys really want you to know it was 1999 not 1992. Holy. Great vid!

  5. How about "All The Kings Men"? I think late 60's early 70's

  6. How is the Star Wars Queen's Gambit a 1992 board game. Movie wasn't released until 1999?

  7. Star Wars Queens Gambit was released in 2000, I thought the mandala effect was happening when I read 1992. Great Content!

  8. War of the Ring Collector's Edition… they go easily for over $3,000. It's not terribly vintage, though… it came out in 2010.

  9. 1st edition Space Hulk from 1989 is another good one… sells for $250-ish without expansions. The expansions are pricey, as well. Space Hulk was sort of based on the Aliens movie, so it is amusing that Leading Edge put out an Aliens game (board game, not the RPG that LE also did make) also in 1989 and that game is very pricey and collectible… in the $250-$300 range… the expansion is often even more!

  10. Thanks don you are very knowledgeable I appreciate all your hard work

  11. Damn man I had Fireball Island and Hero's Quest as a kid

  12. I had the Dark Tower board game, bought it at a yard sale in 1982 when I was 10 for $5.00….sadly I do not have it anymore but the game was phenomenal, restoration games is revamping it as Return to Dark Tower but IMO it doesn't have the same magic.

  13. Still got my Dark Tower. Original. if beaten up, box. the game still works as long as you use cheap D-cells from the dollar store. Wouldn't give it up for anything at this time.

  14. Who is buying all these games? Last year people was looking for games to play with their kids in covid19 going around.

  15. Mouse Trap is still the best board game ever. Love me some Mouse Trap!

  16. I have Dark Tower. Excellent condition and works perfectly. Got it for $3.99 at a Salvation Army store.

  17. Recheck that date on the Star Wars game! Game came out years before the movie?

  18. And here I am excited I sold a vintage Masterpiece Game for $50 lol
    These games are up there!

  19. I have axis and allies complete in the box but not shrink wrapped

  20. We played so many games with our kids (now they're 35 and 36) but their favorite was 13 Dead End Drive…

  21. Good for you brother, tell them off! No one deserves to be called names, receive hateful messages, or just plain rude..
    A little kindness goes a looooong way, we are all human. Every single person on this earth has made a mistake, an if you say you have not you are an absolute lair! I am sure we could ask your mother or grandmother what mistakes you made an let's point those out!!
    So stop the HATE over a mistake anyone can person deserves it over something that this person took the time to care enough to let you idiots know what 25 are top sellers…

  22. Green Ghost was a fun scary game for me as a kid…was re-released about 15 years ago,that’s how popular it was…also Shenanigans was a fun board game too…keep up the good work,and don’t worry about the idiots,it’s not worth your time…

  23. I had no idea Axis & Allies 1914 was that valuable. Thank you for sparking my interest. The Anniversary, Guadalcanal and Battle of the Bulge editions are valuable, as well. But then there's versions of Axis & Allies that are worth about as much as the shipping cost.

  24. So glad i kept my hero quest board game. didn't know it was worth as much as it was

  25. I'm confident that all these games have shot up in price because of James Rolfe

  26. Another great video. Your videos are always so informative and I learn more from your videos than anywhere else. Thank You, for your time and hard work. Keep it up!

  27. LOL at the Avalon Hill Star Wars game claiming to be vintage from 1992 with characters from the prequel trilogy…..SMH at whoever got swindled bt that listing.

  28. That it from the pit commercial has got to be the most 90s commercial ever love it

  29. i watched this video last night, went to the thrift store this morning and found 2 springbok puzzles👏🏼 thank you!

  30. That Star Wars board game was listed as 1992, but the prequel movies didn't come out until 1999. I think the game came out around 1999 or 2000.

  31. I didn't have a single damn one of these…😒 But I'll most definitely keep a lookout for'em while out hunting…👌🏼💯✔

  32. Great info! I want to get axis and allies. I got two obscure ones for ya. Maybe not worth much but some good old vintage fun. They are called Park and Shop and the other is called Manhunt. Park n shop was where u had a list of errands to run and the gameboard was a city. You drew cards and had to maneuver your piece around town and finish your errands before the other players. Sometimes you got dinged and had to lose a turn from a "flat tire" or had another errand added to your list. Simple but alot of fun bc you chose what route u would take. Manhunt was a detective game almost like clue but u had to actually collect evidence and process it in a crime lab. Whole lotta fun! And of course dont forget the war games that were sold in the back of comic books! I ordered and still have mine 30 yrs later! They were made by a company called Helen of Toy. They were small bookshelf games with alot of pieces like planes, ships, tanks, subs. They were so fun. Look those up on ebay! I think i paid about 7 or 8 bucks for mine. Ive seen em listed in the hundreds on ebay!🤯. Great post again. Thanks for the memories!

  33. This is going to make me RICH!🤑

  34. Link not working for the other video that you listed to watch below this video ?

  35. I’m about to make a tough decision…

    We own the Catan 10 years edition. I bought it at Goodwill a couple of years ago. I gave it to my 17 year old son and we play as a family frequently. I think I’ll let him decide.

    My brother had Dark Tower when I was young. Never figured it out … I just pressed buttons. Haha.

  36. How much do you think an old Monopoly set that has wooden houses and wooden hotels are worth look forward to any comment you might have thank you

  37. Do any of the individual pieces that are mixed with other big pieces like Legos or different things like that have value even than not one set

  38. I found a game called 36 Fits at my parent's home. Can't find much about it. Any info on this one?

  39. I have gijoe monopoly should I sell it or keep it

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