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Top 25 Solo Games

The Board Meeting
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Going through and talking about my top 25 favorite solo games of all time.

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  1. I see you're into heavier games, so I would definitively recommend Nemesis in solo. Extremely difficult, also a bit luck dependent but very thematic. This game is not about winning, but about fighting and trying to survive against all odds… And believe me, the odds are against you 🙂 Forever the nr1 in my collection.

  2. Pavlov's House is a good solo game that recreates a real historic battle. It's my only "war game", but it plays like most other mainstream games, not too complicated. Also a little pricey, and the 2 and 3 player variants are not worth playing, but I like the solo experience.

  3. Wow..great to the hobby , but have 4 or 5 of these and live them also..will def check out others..also appreciate that you didnt pick a bunch of expensive games thatbi will never buy

  4. I watched the whole thing and realized it was board games not PC games lmao

  5. I would add Aeon's End and Sub Terra I to your list!thx for the vid!

  6. I love Marvel Champions! Two-handed plays offer more variety but take a bit more time. Can get pricey with all the expansions though, but I want all the cards. Any favorite heroes?

  7. great list! i’ll be checking out a few.

    Meantime, I’m enjoying Woodcraft solo quite a lot, and Architects of the West Kingdom with the Works of Wonder expansion.

  8. Across your video online and noticed you were covering 25 games but you were doing it in Andrew half an hour so I said I can watch that it's not taken up. Part of my day is some other games like dice tower. You watch a dice tower game. You're giving away an hour of your time but you know we just skip ahead on that then skip ahead. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for covering so much territory in in such a little time

  9. Have you played the Hadrian’s Wall campaign? If so I’d be curious to hear how far you are. It’s my most played game of the year and I’m still on Fort 7 or 8 😅

  10. Another great game that has a good solo mode is Set A Watch, should check it out.

  11. Couldn't agree more on Marvel Champions. Prefer it to Akham & LOTR becuase of the superior deck cycling and lack of a chaos bag. I would put Scythe / Fenris, Too Many Bones, Robinson Crusoe, Warhammer Quest in top 10. Also Viticulture with Tuscany is a top 10. Thanks

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